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Managing Your Computer Cables

27 May 2021

Ever since computerization began, computer cables are always part of the working scenarios at or at work. They are the lifeblood of computers as well as workers. We cannot do away with them because without cables, we cannot use our computers. But sometimes these cables when not well - managed could pose dangers in the workplace.

Messy Cables are a Hazard

I remember when I was part of the workforce many years ago, there was an incident that I would never forget because it involved my close friend, Nick. He was a middle-aged man, married, and funny. He was always the life of the party in our department. 

Nick had been working in the company for more than 30 years. What is admirable about him was that in that 30 years of working in the company, he was never late for office and he reported for work without absences or tardiness. I looked up to him so much that I got close to him for many years.

The sad thing about Nick was when his death was some kind of freak accident that happened in the very work where he was. He was about to plug the cord of one of the computers, but he tripped into some of the cables spread out in a corner then a desk at the corner and a corner table hit his head before he fell. That happened early in the morning as he was preparing and setting his desk and computers. He was brought to the clinic. But the company doctor advised us to take him to the hospital.

Although unconscious, we saw him still breathing with some blood flowing from his forehead. He was brought to the hospital but passed away after a few weeks of being unconscious. We were devastated about what happened to him and we will never forget how he was as an employee and as a jovial and helpful co-worker.

Since then, the company changed the layout of our department and made necessary actions to check on computer cables and other peripherals and be placed in a location to avoid employee risk and injuries. 

Freak accidents could happen in the office as much as other hazards or injuries which are sometimes unthinkable to happen. This shows that employees are exposed to all dangers in the work area physically, mentally, and otherwise that company should also focus on for employee safety and job satisfaction.

Computer cables and other peripherals obviously are important as the computers but sometimes they also induce risks to the employees.

Another case about computer cables that I experienced as an employee was when a storm hit the city and was caught up in the office with heavy rains and flooding. As our office was quite old and ran down, the rains caused flooding inside the building. We saw our desks and chairs soaked in water and the water was knee-high. 

We transferred to the upper floor of the building to wait for the heavy rains to subside. We had our coffee and dinner served by the management to keep us warm during the night. As we were having some conversations with other co-workers, the light went out and there was total darkness inside the building. Everything was inundated and the computer cables submerged in water. We were afraid that this would cause a fire and thought we were in danger.

It was almost morning when the heavy rain changed into drizzles and we went down to check if the parking space was still underwater. Thank God the flood subsided and we were able to go home.

The next morning we were notified that there would be a 2-day leave of absence for us for the management to fix everything in the building before we report back to work.

When we reported back to the office, everything was spruced up and they had some engineers to install new cable for the computers to avoid further possible risks in the work area.

As employees, we could also do something to manage the computer cables and cords under our desks. We may do the following:

● We could first have to know the different cables and where they should be connected

● With the help of other co-workers, we could put together all cables and tie them to avoid tangles which may cause injury

● We may suggest to the technical department to devise ways to shorten the cables

● Unused cables should also be put together and lumped together

By doing these things, we are also helping the company to resolve cable management issues and we could also help in our own little way to reduce risks in the work area.

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Smart Features of the Monitor Stand workstation 

● It has a cable management feature that lets you place your cables and avoid tangles in one area

● It is easy to install and you only need to rotate the feet out of the base and you’re ready for action. It is already fully assembled when you put it out of the box so no worries about installing it.

● It also has a modular large partitioned drawer where you can store your office supplies and other objects you might need for your work. It makes your table uncluttered and neat. 

With this awesome accessory, you will be able to contribute to the orderliness and cleanliness of your department as well as making cables safe for you and for others with its cable management feature. Please visit the website now. Grab yours today.