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Mastering Multitasking with Standing Desk Converters

02 June 2021

The Concept of Multitasking:

In these busy modern times, people are tryings simultaneously. Working on their papers while answering phone calls of the clients, filling out a form for work, making sure that all deadlines are met, and so on. This is a very challenging thing to do because you need to focus well on the task and do them all at the same time. As a result, people feel different kinds of body pain that subsequently result in severe pain and serious illnesses such as: 

● severe lumbar pain 

● spine-related injury

● pain around the shoulders and forearms

This may be recurring despite the remedy being applied to it. So, the best thing to solve this kind of problem is to nip things in the bud and prevent mild injury that may:

● affect the performance of the worker

● divert the attention of the office worker 

● affect the pacing of the worker when finishing a task in the office

When there is a tendency of having an injury at work, it's wise to use alternatives so the worker may protect himself. One of the ways is to use pieces of equipment that were made with ergonomics solutions. The best ergonomic equipment is offered by Flexispot. From ergo chairs to standing desks, you may choose different ergonomic products that suit your lifestyle and your office needs. Now, one of the innovations of the company that could aid a person who does multitasking in the office is the standing desk converters. Now, let's take a closer look at the factors that you may consider in choosing the best standing desk converter for an office worker like you. In the next part of the discussion, we will talk about:

How to Choose the Best Standing Desk Converter:

Standing desk converters are built to maximize your workspace and optimize your pacing and operation with the space-spacing function of these converters. With the use of these converters, you may be able to work in a more spacious area and you may do different tasks with ease because of this. Now, when looking for the most ideal product for you, you must check the following:

● The best standing desk converter is sturdy

Although standing desk converters are not as big as the standing desks they should have a metal base that could carry a load of around 12 kg. This may help a worker put his laptop on the surface and work with ease while standing. 

● The best desk converter should offer a smooth sit-stand transition:

This is also another thing that we must consider when buying a desk converter. It should offer a mechanism that is flexible enough to satisfy your need for a desk converter. 

● The best desk converter should be fully motorized:

When looking for a desk converter, it should have a motor or a system that would help a worker lessen the burden of multitasking. Multitasking becomes chaotic when you have to do a lot of lifting, adjustments, and nuisances that cause the delay of a certain work. Hence, a piece of equipment that is easy to manage could make the work of an employee lighter and faster; this further optimizes the operation. 

● It should have a sturdy brace system

So, for one to optimize the lifting and height adjustments, the brace system of a desk converter should be sturdy so however fast the lifting and transitions would be, it would not damage the equipment and would not affect the motion of the person working, 

So, these are the things that we need to consider when we buy a desk converter. These things could help you decide on what particular desk converter could give you ample time to finish your work and could optimize your motion without the problems with the motor and brace system. Now that you have the idea of how to spot the best converter, let us have now the desk converter products from Flexispot. These are some of the best choices when it comes to desk converters: 

● Edgewater Standing Desk Converters M8MB

● Motorized AlcoveRiser 

● GoRiser Standing Desk Converters ML2

The Best Standing Desk Converters:

Edgewater Standing Desk Converters M8MB

● This desk converter is height-adjustable. It has a work surface that is 35" x 32.2". this may hold 2 large devices and other office supplies. 

● Although it could hold up to two gadgets, this desk converter is best used for the laptop because of the 34.1" wide desktop cutout that enables a 17" wide device (laptop)

● When using this desk converter, you could protect your whole body and your shoulder area even when lifting this because of its pneumatic lifting system that helps you have a smooth lifting that could protect your shoulders and forearm.

● What's amazing about this product is it has undergone fatigue testing 6,000 times. Hence, it may ensure that when you're using this, you would not feel the strain on certain areas of your body because it was made with a system that could protect against such conditions. 

Now, we are done with the first desk converter. We are about to discuss the second one that comes into two models and has an L-shaped desk. This desk converter is the: 

Motorized AlcoveRiser 

● The two known models of the Motorized AlcoveRiser are: 



● Both models are recommended for people shorter than 6'1 (for the 28" desk height) and people shorter than 6'5" (for the 31" deck height). 

● This desk converter is very convenient to use. With just a click of its buttons, it could already be lowered and risen because it is fully motorized. 

● It has a patented x-lift structure and bracing system that makes it easier to operate on by any worker who wishes to multitask in the office. 

Now, moving on with the third kind of desk converter from Flexispot, we will talk about a product that offers a vertical motion that gives the user an incredibly easy lifting. The third kind of desk converted is the: 

GoRiser Standing Desk Converters ML2

g to do thin● When being used, the Desk Converter ML2 rises and folds in a straight up-and-down motion without the desk converter getting wobbly. This could maximize the workspace because the product stays on its footprint and does not require extra space when being used. 

● It has a desktop surface of 17.7" x 23.6" which is very useful for your laptops. 

● It has a maximum load of 26.4lbs. This is good enough if you want to work while standing with your device. 

Final Thoughts:

So, we have already summed up the 3 desk converters from Flexispot. Now, with this, people who are multitasking in the office could have the idea of how to optimize their performance with products such as these. Purchasing the best desk converters could ease the burden of doing a lot of things at the same time.