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Military Workouts that You Can Do at Home

02 June 2021

We do not like to be involved in a war or even hear about it. But there is something that is good to talk about those who are usually involved in it - the soldiers. It is their duty to defend our country even if it will cause their lives. In times of peace, the soldiers are also involved in many activities such as saving lives and property during natural calamities such as floods, strong typhoons, earthquakes, and the like.

The soldiers are also sometimes tasked to peacekeeping activities when social disobedience such as violent strikes and rallies occur in any part of the country. They see to it that the usual course of everyday lives of ordinary citizens are not hampered nor injured due to some violent causes.

With many involvements to take part in, in war and in peace, they are required to be physically and mentally healthy at all times. So you can see these soldiers displaying good posture and good body build. They do physical exercises as part of their everyday activity inside the military camp. They sleep early and get up early too for the first physical exercise. Some of these military exercises are: 

● Push-ups are for the upper body such as the chest, upper abdomen, and muscles of the shoulder. This they do to enforce discipline and flexibility

● The squat - this is an exercise for the lower part of the body to make it firm and fit. This exercise is similar to a sitting movement that makes your thighs and hamstrings stronger. Make sure you keep a straight back as you do this exercise

● Running- soldiers take this exercise very seriously running several miles carrying backpacks on their shoulders. YOU can do this exercises for 20 to 30 minutes every day

● Sitting against the wall- this is a common exercise for soldiers, sitting with your back against the with your feet placed straight on the ground. Your arms must be placed forward and thighs alongside on the floor. doing this position for ten to sixty seconds will make your calves and back muscles firm

● Chin-ups - a popular military exercise, chit-ups make your biceps, triceps, and upper pectoral muscles stronger; giving your shoulders a firm and toned condition. Although this is somewhat difficult to do at home, if it is possible that you can have a steel bar where you can grip your palms around, you can do this exercise without a doubt. 

While holding the bar firmly, you can pull yourself with up and down movements each up and down as one repetition. This exercise enables you to have strong muscles and a leaner body

● Calf raise - is also an exercise for military personnel to make the calves stronger. To do this, stand in an elevated area with the front foot standing and back of it "hanging beyond the edge. After that, lift your other foot off the ground and push your body up and down with the foot that is on the stair." ( This flexes your calf muscle and promotes its strength 

● Crunches - this is also another name for sit-ups. This is very effective to strengthen your abdominal muscles. You can do this by lying on the floor and lifting and lowering your upper body on the floor for a number of repetitions

These military workouts are usually intense but for your individual workout, you may start with a few repetitions for each exercise with less intensity at the start. You may also do some warm-up exercises before you begin the workouts. For example bending, jumping jack, lunges, leg swings, and squats, among others.

To complement your workouts at home or in the office, you may have some workout equipment and machines to make your physical fitness regimen more effective and successful. There are several equipments in the market that you can buy that are durable and affordable. 

One of the best companies that offer workout machines is FlexiSpot. It is one of the leading manufacturers of ergonomic home office furniture, workout machines and equipment, and other accessories that promote physical health and well-being. 

For toning and firming your upper torso, you may opt to purchase the  Adjustable Dumbbell LCLThis compact and handy fitness equipment look small but big in features. 

The dumbbell system lets you change the 5 sets of weights according to your workout intensity. It is safe to use with its textured handles that are non-slip and ergonomic. The material used is cast iron with a black paint finish to prevent rust and corrosion. It also ensures the durability of the equipment that will last for a long time.

The smart weight selector only requires one swing of the handle. This minimizes interruptions during high-intensity workouts, allowing you to move easily in-between exercises with different resistance levels.

It also has a built-in safety lock that secures selected weight plates a second time which ensures your training safety. 

I think this dumbbell is all you need to make your physical fitness regimen as successful and as effective as the military workouts. Health is wealth that is why everyone needs to be healthy in one way or another. Being healthy is a sure way to make our ideas come true. 

Being sick can deprive us of one in a lifetime opportunities that may come our way. So it is the best thing to do physical exercises regularly at home or even at work. The Adjustable Dumbbell LCL is a great workout buddy because you can bring it wherever and whenever physical exercise is possible.

You do not need to enlist in the military to do intensive military workouts to keep yourself physically healthy and in the pink of health. Just make sure that you also eat a well-balanced healthy diet to complement your physical fitness regimen. This will really help you to be physically fit and will keep your immune system stronger to overcome any challenge that will come your way at home or in the office.