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Mindfulness and Meditation on an Ergonomic Chair: A Crash or a Click

15 April 2021

Mindfulness and Meditation on an Ergonomic Chair: A Crash or a Click


“Find your inner Zen; ground yourself and field your auric shield with light”.


Every day, we wake up with the desire to fill our centers with love and light. We chant that affirmation.  We wake up in the morning feeling hopeful that Gaia would bless us with all the abundance and all our spirit guides will be on our favor, showering us with the first phone call from a high school crush or an inbox with a message of the 80% off for all the watches from your favorite watch store. Yet, the moment the phone rings, you’d just realize that the call from your high school crush would be his wedding invitation for you (after so many years of liking, putting a heart on all his posts, and for being up until late at night to see his latest uploaded vlog on the social media) and the watch you’re really desiring has already been out of stock. We would just end up asking ourselves: what else could go wrong? This thought is something that needs to be acknowledged and release. As what spiritual teachers say “acknowledge and release”. Every emotion should be known and one should let go of the negative feelings that weaken our spirit. At times, they all fall unto one spectrum. In most worse cases, it’s on our spectrum that these negative vibes fall. A lot of blog posts and tutorials online may help us how to do the right meditation. There are some teachers who say that the perfect way to do the meditation is to ground yourself on the floor with pillows around. Light some incense, center yourself and empty your mind. That’s pretty challenging, right? A lot of blogsites will teach us that the mindfulness habit that we need to observe and practice are the following: mindfulness, meditation, scripting (a manifestation practice wherein you’ll need to write down the great things or positive things about yourself or you may write the opposite qualities that you would like to change), acknowledging feelings and transmuting negative thoughts into the positive ones. As the thoughts process, so should you. On the other hand, some spiritual teachers just give one technique that is practiced by most healers and yogis. And that is the power of sitting on a comfortable chair with your palm facing downward for what we call “grounding”; a practice best done with a product that is above and beyond the usual office chairs with cushions and rollers.

Flexispot’s Ergonomic office chairs such as Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B which is built with 3-position lifting armrest that can support a person under meditation when he gets numb and sore which are the common things that happen during a mindfulness activity. The company also offers  the Soutien Ergonomic Offic which has a 3D lumber support which is ideal especially during a grounding activity where a meditator sits and lets his sole be flat on the floor. The weight of the person will be really supported through this product without him losing his balance during a meditation post.

Another mindfulness activity is what we call scripting. It is an activity that requires a person to write down all his affirmations on paper. This requires an amount of time sitting. With this, the use of Flexispot’s High Back Office task Chair Jair is highly recommended because of its widened lumbar support. During the scripting, one individual could simply rest his head while putting his thoughts on paper. A lot of meditators find it very challenging to sustain a 30-minute mindfulness activity even just the scripting because it requires a certain amount of endurance and focus. Thus, sitting on an uncomfortable chair will put more pressure on him and the activity wouldn’t be a success at all.

In actuality, an article posted in, the first thing mentioned was the importance of a sturdy and wobble-proof chair. Despite the Flexispots having wheels, the product is tested to be sturdy and wouldn’t simply roll on the floor and make the person meditating tumble down. On the same article it was mentioned that the height of the seat that should be adjustable and with Flexispot’s Ergonomic chair, a meditator can find comfort while feeling mindful during the meditation. The design and style of this product suits every body shape as well as the weight limit of the chairs. For example, the High Back office Task Chair Jair can support up to 275lb weight without damages being incurred in the chair itself because this is proven to be really sturdy. Even the scalloped accent chair could be chosen by a meditator who wishes to do such an activity. With the stylish comfort that it could give, one could enjoy meditation without the worry of losing balance. With a wide sitting area, one doesn’t need to be afraid of doing the Lotus pose or when simply grounding.

In this modern time, it is surprising to know that more people are resorting to a holistic approach such as mindfulness activities because healing should start within thus using the right tools and equipment will be very beneficial for one person who wishes to attract positive vibes and heal trauma within himself. As what Master Sri Akarshana said that the person’s abundance starts from within and it is for him to self-heal and manifest greatness. Hence, it is important that a person is physically prepared and in synch with his environment because he is thriving to transmute the negative energy to a positive one by making sure that the place he’s meditating on will be free of the clutters that bring imprints and may affect his being. Most of us all, he must seek tools and equipment that are right for his manifestation. Hence, Ergonomic chair products from Flexispot would be the best choice. With its superb quality and the combination of practicality and sophistication, a person who is gearing towards his higher purpose could be able to attain his goals.