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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Vanity in the Workstation

23 April 2021

Are you vain?  Most people claim women are vain because they will do anything to be beautiful regardless of the consequences. Vanity is simply defined by Cambridge dictionary as “the fact that you are too interested in your appearance and achievements.”  In other words, when you face the mirror several times and you spend too much for a piece of clothing or make up, it is possible that you are vain.  While vanity is identified with women, some refute the statement that only women are vain.  They claim that even men are vain especially these days.  

Today, new research found that men are vainer than women. It is also revealed that men spend more time checking on their outfit for the day as we all do for their physical appearance.  They are also into buying beauty cosmetics.  Today, the beauty industry has been conquered by men with billions of dollars' worth for male consumers.  Some cosmetics companies have created top of the line beauty products for men and products for good grooming alone.  With this new information about vanity among men, the fashion and beauty industries have taken a giant leap in this lucrative business notwithstanding the prevalence of the pandemic all over the world.

When it comes to perfumes, women are a captive consumer.  They purchase more perfumes and or scents for different reasons such as their mood.  Most women buy perfumes or scents more frequently than men (once a month) while their male counterparts purchase perfumes or scents one or two times a year.  

According to a survey women buy perfumes to accentuate their personality and to feel good. The good smell makes one feel light and promotes good mood.  Perfumes also reveal the kind of personality women have.  They also feel more confident when they wear their favorite scent thus creating a positive attitude in them.  

While men do not buy perfumes frequently, during holidays, it was claimed that they are the biggest group of buyers of luxurious perfumes and scents.  They usually buy mainly as a gift to their spouses, girlfriends, and mothers.  As for the reasons for purchase, they think that scents evoke “personality style.” 

The beauty, care, and fashion industries have obviously suffered during this time of the pandemic.  It created chaos, depression, and financial woes among those who became jobless.  While for these industries, it was a just a lull that is taken to be a little bit positive because the lockdowns gave the executives and fashion moguls the chance to think about updating styles, preparing for the change of seasons, foreseeing future fashion and beauty care trends.  So, this pandemic is an opportune time to make changes and adjustments for the sake of business. 

One of those adjustments that has been taken is doing business online.  Since all of us have to follow some health protocols such as staying more time at home as much as possible, these industries are now geared towards going online for people to purchase products at any time they want.  They can buy clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, and any products that consumers want to buy are showcased and sold on different online platforms. And this is a great move for the business to continue and to flourish.

While vanity is embedded in most of us, being busy in the workplace does not hinder employees or workers from putting a mirror on the wall for grooming before they buckle down to work.  Mirrors are usually placed in strategic places such as the entrance of a workstation but usually placed on top of the desk or table.  There are many kinds of vanity mirrors you can find inside the office, different shapes, sizes, and colors. Mirrors are also placed inside the restroom; the boss has one big mirror to check on his physical appearance before calling for a meeting. Others, even men carry a small mirror inside their pockets to see if their hair is in place, the face is clean and well made up, accessories such as earrings are also checked for completeness.

In other words, the mirror is one of those that you could find inside one’s bag for both male and female.  In the morning, we look at the mirror and what we see is our face and not the mirror itself because we love ourselves as much as we love our family.  When we arrive at the office, we can see the mirror on the desk.  We tend to look again at ourselves to assess our physical appearance before we dive into the bulk of paperwork in front of us.  When our appearance is good, it makes us more confident and self-assured.  We are in a great mood if we find ourselves pleasing to see.  So a mirror is part and parcel of our life as a worker and an ordinary person that we cannot do without.

I surmise that this is the main reason why FlexiSpot has created an accessory for the workstation called Three-Paneled Mirror With 2.3 Times Magnification and Led Light MR 01.

This vanity mirror has awesome features that will blow you away.  It has three panels so you see clearly your frontal appearance while seeing your face sideways. All sides are shown and you can put on your makeup perfectly and easily.  Lighting could also be adjusted according to your need and a just press and hold the button for the desired lighting.  With its 2.3. times magnification, your image is larger and it will be easier for you to apply makeup or for some retouching during breaks.

The Three-Paneled Mirror With 2.3 Times Magnification and Led Light MR 01 has also a storage tray where you could store your lipstick, foundation and other makeup kits. After finishing on makeup, you can fold the mirror so it is a space-saver and the thin size lets you place it in a smaller space. The other good thing about this vanity mirror is that it can be flipped 180 degrees if you want an angle adjustment.  Although the batteries are not included, you can still charge the mirror using the USB charging cable. It also comes handy with 4 AA batteries.