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Monitor Arms Buying Guide

04 September 2023

Through correct desk ergonomics, a monitor arm is an incredible gear that provides relief to the eyes and allows us to sit in a more comfortable position. Since it promotes movement and is an integral aspect of healthy office ergonomics, it boosts wellness and productivity in ways other than just guaranteeing physical comfort.

Additionally, having a monitor arm is crucial if you work from home to keep the correct balance. You'll need a designated area where you can focus when you need to and have meetings when it's necessary.

Once you've set up your workstation, you'll want to apply the most modern ergonomic accessories to set up your environment for maximum support, comfort, and productivity. You may greatly enhance your setup on each of those three counts by using monitor arms for your workstation.

What is the Purpose of a Monitor Arm?

A monitor arm allows you to set your monitor up so that it is exactly the perfect distance, angle, and height away from you. This can help you avoid eye strain and poor posture, which are common problems for individuals who work at desks.

Ideally, you should have a display that is equal to or level with your eyes to prevent neck and eye discomfort when you're seated normally, and you should be able to reach the desk and the screen without restraints. This is the key to preventing bad posture and eye strain.

With so many versions of monitor arms available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. There are several things to take into account, including the workplace environment, adjustable features, and how many computers you work on.

Monitor Arms – A Complete Guide

A monitor arm mounts to the back of your desk and provides far more versatility than a simple monitor stand. Your laptop or computer monitor is raised to an ergonomically correct height with the help of a monitor arm. It allows users to adjust the screen according to their height and eye level. For instance, you may route the screen into portrait mode, tilt it, or even move it backward or forward in addition to changing its height.

Being able to adjust the screen of your computer is an important aspect of office ergonomics and the overall productivity and wellbeing of an employee. You should think about how you'll use it and the setup of your workspace before selecting the appropriate one.

Reasons to Invest In Monitor Arms

Comfortable and Ergonomic Position

Different seating positions are needed for various tasks. You might want to take a seat when you read, and you might want to lean in when you write. These are common workplace activities that almost every employee has to perform at some point during the day. No matter what task you're working on, it's simple to alter the screen to eye level and maintain it at arm's length with a monitor arm.

To find your most relaxed working posture, you must raise your monitor to an ergonomically correct height. A good posture eliminates any tension that was previously put on the lower back and upper body from slouching or uncomfortably bending back to look at your screen. To discover the configuration that is ideal for your body and workflow, you can also alter the angle, depth, and height of your monitor using a monitor arm.

Less Eye Strain

Digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome are other names for computer eye strain. If you've been using a computer for a long time, you probably already know that staring at a digital screen all day may wear your eyes out.

Without the right maintenance and ergonomic changes, strain, exhaustion, dryness, and even visual blur might happen, which can cause a lot of distraction and irritation.

Here are some of the common signs and symptoms of digital eye strain symptoms:

Itchiness, burning, or dry eyes

Increased squinting and eye twitching

Double or blurry vision

Heightened sensitivity to the sun

Headaches and a reduction in focus

Your neck muscles will start to ache and tighten if you are squinting to look at the screen, which will only make the issue worse. Your office workstation can be improved with the help of a monitor arm to lessen the affects and provide relief from neck and shoulder problems.

Organized Workspace

Monitor arms hoist your monitor up and out of the way, leaving a large empty space beneath the area where it was previously located. They do this by leaving almost no footprint because they are attached to the back of the workstation, the ceiling above, or the wall behind it. This is a huge win-win situation! For individuals who prefer to have a flat surface write on or just broad, open space, having this extra workspace is a complete game changer.

There are certain models that come with various compartments and drawers for additional storage if you prefer to start out with a basic monitor arm. In addition, premium monitor arms have a system that hides unsightly connections. Consider the Intelligent Monitor Arm with Docking Station by Flexispot, which holds cables within the arm itself to keep them neat and orderly.

Multi-Purpose Solution

You can select a solution that fits your surroundings. A monitor arm is the ideal accessory for an active, standing, or adjustable-height workstation. It is the ideal addition to your ergonomic desk if you switch between riding, walking, standing, or sitting postures over the course of the day. It can quickly adjust to each position as you move.

A gas or spring lift mechanism that supports one-touch height changes is the essential feature to seek for in this case to get the ease of adjustability.

Additionally, you have the option of using monitor arms with twin mounts if you wish to use two screens at a time. This enables you to manage a lot of information while positioning both screens in a comfortable and stable manner.

How to select a monitor stand or arm

Computer displays come in a wide range of sizes and designs, and each has special features that enable it to work with a variety of monitor shelves, laptop supports, monitor stands, and monitor arms. To appropriately support healthier working, manufacturers have created a number of adaptable monitor accessories.

With the help of a monitor arm, you can effortlessly elevate and lower your desktop to a comfortable eye level and tilt them to the best viewing angle. Additionally, you'll gain crucial desk space if you raise your monitor above the desktop.

There are three key considerations to make when selecting the ideal monitor arm for you:

Size of the monitor

Average weight of the monitor

The equipment quality

Working environment

Number of screens

What number of monitors do I intend to use?

Depending on the results, you'll know whether to look for a multipurpose, dual, or single monitor arm. Although you can put up various monitor arms for different screens, the easiest way to make the most of your desk's space is to set up one that can hold all of your screens.

Depth of the Desk

This will help you determine how long your monitor arm should be. Which monitor arm mount design is best for me? Desk clamps and grommet mounts are the most common types of monitor arm attachment, followed by wall and ceiling mounts. The best style for you will mostly rely on how stable your workspace is.

Free Standing Mount

This is the most common mount design; the arm is supported by a mount base that rests at the back of your desk and is securely weighted down by a large plate.

Desk Fix Mount

This is a more upscale design that works well for a temporary, semi-permanent fix. The device, which attaches to the back edge of your desk, is also known as an edge clip or a C-clamp.

Grommet Mount

This is a longer-lasting fix. If your desk doesn't have a grommet hole, you'll need to drill one to fit the supporting arm, which fixes the arm's base to the floor. In case the edge of your desk is very low for a C-clamp, this design provides a similarly solid substitute.

The most durable mounting options are wall or ceiling mounts, which are secured to the wall at the back the desk or the ceiling itself. A desk fix and a grommet mount are included with some items, it should be noted.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a monitor arm is an investment in both your job and your well-being because they promote greater levels of comfort, productivity, and collaboration. And determining which working style is best for you is as easy as assessing how you normally operate and choosing the product that enhances and supports your own working style.

The Intelligent Monitor Arm is ideal for applications with numerous levels of screens, such as control rooms and trading floors, and it allows complete flexibility. It allows for simple monitor removal, precise height adjustment, and positioning in either a portrait or landscape configuration.