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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for that Work-At-Home Mom

16 April 2021

Is there a work-at-home mom or other maternal figures in your life who could use some extra love this Mother's Day? Most moms have their hands full all year round, and it's always nice to make them feel their efforts are appreciated. One of the most common challenges these moms have to deal with is balancing mom or wife roles and work. 

I'm at least a mom to my cat, but I am one of the many who made a significant change of working from home. While it was just a bump initially and now is pretty steady, I've learned a lot about working from home during this period, mainly what products and resources can make your workday go more smoothly and enjoyable.

Work-at-home moms will feel supported and accomplished at work and in life with the gift ideas suggested below:


Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa are probably their go-to drinks as a work-at-home mom. Whatever beverage they prefer, a reliable coffee mug would be a must. The mug should do more than carry their favorite beverage; it should also shield you from spills and keep your beverage hot or cold. 


Working from home has many advantages, but it also has its share of shortcomings. That's why getting coordinated is so vital for working-at-home moms. Using a calendar is probably the simplest way to keep on top of a mom's responsibilities. Meetings, kids' sports games, dinners, and everything that a working mom has to do can all be mapped out in a planner. 

Planners simplify a lot more than just day-to-day tasks by allowing you to focus on specific aspects of your goal such as job quest, online business, or blog to make real progress.


Working from home, they may encounter unusual noises such as a crying baby or a screaming kid, neighbors mowing their lawn, cats knocking things off the counter or dogs barking, and other household sounds. Investing in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones will help keep these interruptions at bay.

Moms aren't going to buy them for themselves because she spends so much money on the kids and the household. The thoughtful gift of a noise-canceling headphone or earbud will save her from dealing with the noise inside her house or neighborhood.


Working from home has the advantage of not requiring you to spend the whole day in one place. It becomes even difficult when you don't have a flat surface to work on; this is convenient when you have a lap desk. 

Experts on ergonomics will advise us to avoid working from the sofa and either sit upright or stand.  A lap desk is ideal for getting work done while giving moms a fresh workspace, whether they're working on the couch, in your bed, or even outdoors. Lap desks usually have room for a mouse, a laptop, and a phone, making work much more effective.


When the pandemic moved moms indoors to work from home, they no longer needed high heels, which are now accumulating dust in their closets. They need shoes that are both practical and comfortable for their job. Give the working-at-home mom a pair of comfy slippers so that at least her feet can relax while the rest of her body works overtime to get everything finished.


While being stationary feels okay for a while, it is not desirable for our health. Meet the standing desk! A standing desk might be the most ultimate gift you could ever get a mom who works from home. It's not entirely like running, but standing for some time during the day rather than sitting for most hours is much healthier. 

The Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W is ideal for those who work from home. This innovative workstation is a flexible and functional standing desk that not only lets you stay productive by keeping you from sitting for long periods, but it's also charged with features and has a stylish design that sets it apart.

Tempered Glass Table Top

Working from home and in style is can be easily achieved by any mom with its sleek tempered glass desktop with rounded edges for added protection, comfort, sturdiness, and class.

Stable Movement with a Robust Construction

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48"'s desk frame is made of powder-coated steel tubing that blocks scratches and stains while ensuring balance even at the highest setting. If desk legs are uneven, resulting in a slanted table, use the leveling glides along the desk's bottom to secure and level it.

Wider Adjustable Height Range

Comhar was created with any mom's whole family in mind, and it has a wide adjustment range of 28.3” - 47.6” that makes it ideal for children's height.

Programmable Height Presets

The Comhar is ideal for multiple users to save their desired height setting in a family or workshare environment, thanks to its four programmable height presets. With a single click of a button, everyone at home can quickly and seamlessly move from sitting to standing.

Convenient USB Charging

Three convenient USB charging ports (2x USB Type-A, 1x USB Type-C) are embedded in the desk for wide electronic device connectivity. This feature saves moms the mess and hassle of tangled cords in their under-desk room and keeping their devices charged during the day.

Spacious Embedded Drawer

A comfortable pull-out drawer embedded in the desktop offers seamless, integrated storage space for home office supplies. The sleek architecture matches seamlessly with the rest of the frame while keeping belongings hidden and organized!

As a work-at-home cat mom or lady, I'd be grateful for all of the items on this list. On the other hand, moms are among the most selfless and most precious people we ever know in our lives. Consider what will make the life of the work-from-home mom in your life more manageable and more fun, and it shouldn't be too hard to figure out what they would make them melt and feel a little extra special on Mother's Day and throughout the year. After all, it's always the thought that matters!