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Moving Your Home Office

15 April 2024

Are you looking to move your home office and are stressed thinking about all the work? Here are some easy steps to move your home office to a new location.

Working From Home

A concept that was pretty much unheard of for many 9 to 5 office-goers and companies had to be implemented worldwide when the unfortunate period of the COVID-19 pandemic plagued the world. Everyone was advised to stay at home and maintain a distance of 5 feet from each other.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was a new disease and much was not known about it except that it was highly contagious and unpredictable, there was no saying how long people would have to stay out of work. As a result, many businesses suffered, many closed down, millions of people lost their jobs, and thousands became homeless.

Eventually, schools and businesses began opening up with a new hybrid system in place. This was a way to maintain the continuity of everyday life by being online. Schools shifted to an online program, and companies devised a system to start working from home. This was how many people made make-shift home offices out of their living rooms, dining rooms, and even their bedrooms. Coffee tables, dining tables, and beds became work desks. While this was okay to work temporarily, it was not a long-term sustainable solution. Soon, many people started suffering from postural health problems, back and shoulder aches, lack of privacy, and non-productivity due to being distracted at home.

How To Move Your Home Office In 5 Simple Steps

Since working from home is not always the most convenient and effective way of working, most people who had been forced to work from home eventually decided to move on from their home offices. While working from home offers flexibility, saves time, and doesn't have to leave your home to go to work, at the same time, it can be distracting, inefficient, and can make you feel lazy and unmotivated. You need a proper work environment to motivate you and perform well in the workplace.

If you have to set up your home office in your new home or a new location, here are 5 simple steps that you can follow to move your home office easily:

Step 1: Devise A Plan

First and foremost, you need a plan.

How big is your new office space?

Is there enough daylight?

Is there privacy?

Is it airy and spacious?

Check for the conditions mentioned above in your new office space. It is important to make sure there is plenty of daylight in the room. Natural light is ideal in the work environment; you should choose a room with large windows and plenty of daylight. This prevents eye strain from working in dim light conditions, wakes you up, boosts your mood, and saves on electricity as well.

Step 2: Back All Your Files Up

This is a very important step. Moving can be stressful; if you do everything in a rushed and haphazard manner, things are bound to get lost and misplaced. All important documents and files should be backed up. It is a good idea to photograph all where you have kept the physical copies of your files and documents and make folders on your phone so that you remember which box you have placed everything in. You should not attempt to move out in a day. It is best to take your time and organize your move according to the steps. By trying to move everything in one day, something is bound to get misplaced, and you can suffer big losses.

Step 3: Organize And Pack

Everything should be well organized and packed correctly. Get appropriate packing material. Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and packing paper can be extremely useful in packing. If you have fragile equipment such as computer screens, keyboards, laptops, and other equipment that needs to be handled with care must be packed with bubble wrap in boxed cartons to ensure they remain protected during the move.

If you plan to move your furniture, make sure to handle it with care and pack it as well

Step 4: Pack Up Your Furniture Or Order A New Set

If you plan to take your furniture along, dismantle or fold it according to the furniture requirement and pack it into boxes. Suppose you plan on ordering a new set of office furniture for your new space. Make sure to order according to the space. You will need a good office desk, chair, shelves, and computer equipment if needed. Make sure to order the right size according to the room and get good quality light furniture that is not too bulky or heavy.

Step5: Set Up The New Space

Once everything is packed up and moved from the old space, you may begin setting up the new space. Make sure to choose a spot to place your work desk and computer screen away from the direct light glare. This can cause eye strain and make it difficult to view the screen. To reduce the glare, you can also add a screen on the windows, frost them, or place plants just outside the window to diffuse the sunlight and reduce glare.

Depending on where you live and how hot it gets, you may need to get an air conditioner. It would be impossible to work in an environment that is too hot or too cold.

Best Ergonomic Furniture For Your Office

Ergonomic furniture refers to the kind of furniture that is ideal for the workplace. It puts the least amount of pressure and strain on your body. It minimizes the risk of injuries, postural problems, backaches, neck and shoulder pain, and eye strain. If you plan on investing in new furniture for your home office, here are some of the best ergonomic furniture options:

The Best Ergonomic Office Chair

The best ergonomic office chair is one the most important pieces of furniture in the office. This is where the worker spends the most duration of their day. This should ideally be extremely comfortable so that maximum work can be done. The best ergonomic office chair has the following features:

It should have an adjustable height

The seat should be wide enough to accommodate people of all sizes

The seat should be big enough to support the hips and the thighs

The seat material should be breathable and pure quality rather than synthetic material

The seat arms should be removable and comfortable; they should allow the forearms and elbows to rest at right angles to the body

The seat should have a swivel option

It should be movable so that the user does not have to leave their seat to grab something from other parts of their desk

The seat should have adequate lumbar support and back support to prevent misalignment of the spine and other upper and lower back problems.

The seat may have a headrest and a footrest for added support and comfort

The office chair should have the above-mentioned features to ensure that the user can assume and maintain a comfortable and ideal sitting posture while working in the office. Since office workers must sit on their seats for more than eight hours daily, their sitting posture is of utmost importance.

The Best Ergonomic Office Desk

The work desk is another important piece of furniture, also known as the individual's workstation. Depending on the nature of the user's work, the desk has a computer, a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, and other essential documents and files placed on the work desk. The work desk should ideally have the following features:

The desk should be wide and long enough to accommodate everything on it. a small desk would be too cramped, and items might be difficult to reach.

The desk should be of the correct height so that the user's arms and elbows rest comfortably on the desk at right angles to the body.

The height of the desks should be adjustable and should have the option to become elevated when a standing desk is required.

What Is A Standing Desk?

Since prolonged sitting has been seen to be associated with numerous health problems, it was recommended to take frequent standing breaks. Standing desks have been invented to allow the person to work in a standing position to break the monotony of sitting for extended periods, reduce back-related issues, and minimize stress and strain on the back.

The Final Word

If you are planning to move your home office because you are moving houses, or moving your office into a bigger space, follow these easy steps mentioned above to successfully move your home office to a new location smoothly and easily without any mishaps occurring. It is a good idea to invest in good quality ergonomic furniture and strive to work in the best ergonomic conditions in the workplace to increase productivity and reduce any risk of injuries and physical health problems. FlexiSpot has you covered and has options for the best home office set with a range of furniture, equipment, and accessories.