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My Future Workspace this 2023

31 January 2023

January 2023 is almost done!

Given everything that has occurred last year and just this past month, it is now time to develop new connections and initiatives stronger for the coming year. I'm excited to start a new chapter in my life, personally. I've learned a lot from the year 2022, and I've come out of it as a stronger, more compassionate person.

I had planned to launch my vlogging channel when the year began, but life got in the way, so I ended up failing. I came to the conclusion that I should start by doing tiny things initially because setting out huge goals makes the process seem burdensome. I am very much an introvert and this is so out of my comfort zone. Maybe feeling overwhelmed was also one of the reasons why I wasn't able to push through with the creation of the channel.

But I spent this whole month planning for the content and the launch. I have set up April 5 as a tentative launch date and now have mini deadlines to accomplish everything I need for the launch.

I don't want to pressure myself but at the same time having a date set in stone will help me prioritize and really get the vlog going. Fingers crossed!

So, first things first, I'll spend the first two weeks upgrading and acclimating to my home workstation. After three years of working from home, I decided it was time to construct my ideal workspace. It might give me the drive and inspiration I need to work much harder and more effectively.

Here are some things I would want to have in my home office:


I am a very visual person so I would work on organizing the workspace first. In FlexiSpot, I saw that they now carry a pegboard, just the right size for my workspace. It comes in white and yellow, white and green, black and white and green. It's sturdy and stable and can carry accessories such as chargers, scissors, Keyes, my glasses, some plants, and photo frames. I love that the FlexiSpot offer has a fine finish and is resistant to stains and dirt. I'm planning to get the yellow and white for the pop of color my workspace needs.

Floating Shelves WSF1

Available in Maple (WSF1N) and Mahogany (WSF1M), Flexispot's floating shelves can easily blend in any room aesthetic without it becoming an eye sore or taking the center of attention. It's a versatile piece wherein you can attach two fixed hooks to the wood for more space to hang room intricacies and daily necessities.

Each shelf guarantees to hold up to 44 pounds or 20 kilograms of items. Installing is easy peasy with five steps to follow: first, mark the area where the brackets will be placed; second, drill a hole in each of the marked positions; third, align the brackets with the holes; fourth, screw them in tightly; five, insert both ends of the wooden piece into the installed brackets.

Each order of the WSF1 comes in three pieces with each shelf being 17.7" long, 0.98" thick, and 6.67" wide. This just means there's ample room for books, plants, photos, toys, kitchen essentials, and more. Below we listed the eight ways how to make use of your floating shelf from Flexispot. Of course, it'll be up to you how and where to place it. Inject some creativity and make sure it goes with the room's overall design while also serving its functional purpose.

I'm getting an under-desk drawer and a mobile cabinet too!

And then, of course, I couldn't dare call my workspace ergonomic if I don't use a standing desk. I often fall into the trap of sitting down for long hours because of my job so getting one will remind me and make it convenient for me to stand and switch positions at any point of the day.

Standard Standing Desk (E1)

Elegantly designed, it won't be an eyesore in your workspace that already follows an aesthetic. College students or office workers can enjoy using this desk in their quarters when studying or working on their desk jobs. This desk has a loading capacity of 154 pounds, meaning its single motor could carry your belongings with ease. This also comes with a basic or a standard keypad option that can be easily adjusted to your preferred height. You will surely not only feel comfortable in using this desk but will also find your work time the most meaningful and productive.

Next on the list is an ergonomic chair which is very important for me because I've been suffering from scoliosis since my university days. Back then, an ergonomic chair is unthinkable for my budget but now that I'm already working, I'll go get myself one.

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

This chair has an adjustable rising height of up to 3.1". To provide exceptional comfort, the back incorporates an S-shaped curvature and lumbar support. If your head or neck is feeling any tension, you can move and adjust the headrest. Since this chair is composed of breathable mesh, sweat and moisture won't accumulate even if you use it frequently for extended periods of time. Your hip pain may be lessened by the support in the seat cushion. Additionally, the caster wheels of this chair may be turned 360 degrees.

And I just couldn't resist getting a walking pad! I have walked a lot the last year to relieve me from anxiety so it'll be nice to have a walking pad at home to stay consistent with the routine while I work.

A1 Pro WalkingPad A1 Pro

This has a minimum height of only 2.2 inches and a length of only 32.3 inches that I can store anywhere and is easy to move around. And the speed is entirely up to me, how fast or slow you move. Moreover, the machine is designed with a tabletop of a large surface area covering 42.2" x 16.4". It's made of high-quality steel and can easily carry about 220 pounds of weight.