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My Minimalist Lifestyle

16 July 2021

“Less is more.” This principle, inspired by a poem by Robert Browning has influenced many people from different walks of life. It started with the religious influence of simple living, that is, doing away with extravagance and luxury and having only the essentials in life. Realizing the beauty of simplicity, even fashion designers made this principle as a guide in their creations and design in the fashion world.

Having less means simplicity in all aspects of your life from clothing to how you adorn your home with furniture that is just what you need with no extra for self-aggrandizement. Some people say being simple in style has its own aesthetic appeal. And I believe in this principle because I can see that being simple is less costly in terms of economics and has its own aesthetic appeal and attractiveness.

I also believe that we can appreciate the beauty of simplicity. So, having that in mind, I started to make my lifestyle simpler by buying only what I needed for my personal use and also for the things I have in my home. For example, I started to check on my books old books that I have already read and I have found out that I still have the books I bought many years ago,

I collected those books that I felt I no longer needed and started to donate some of them to the local high school, especially my grammar books that could still be used by the students. I donated them through the school principal who was very appreciative of my gesture telling me that it will be a big help not only to the students but to the teachers as well.

Next, I opened my closet to see some extra clothes that I no longer needed as I can live with only a few t-shirts, trousers, and dresses as I am now working from home. I think it is no longer necessary to have these clothes inside my closet as they will be standing there uselessly. Simplicity for me is not only thinking about ourselves but also others, especially those who are more in need than I do.

I started collecting my extra clothes for donation to the local church as it usually initiates giving old clothes and food to the needy or people who are homeless. You see, when you do this for charity, it makes you feel happier and the action itself is self-fulfilling. Giving away things to simplify your life has more advantages than you could imagine. Maybe it also relates to the saying “less is more.” You live less and attain more.

This style of simple living, frankly speaking, had a great impact on me when I watched a video on Youtube. It was about a Japanese man who has led a simple life after realizing that he had accumulated so many things in his home and had bought them that were mostly left untouched. He was buying many things during payday starting from books to more personal things that made his home more cluttered and messy because he almost had no more space to store things that he purchased years ago. Realizing that it was difficult for him to tidy up his home, he began to pack those extra burdens up and dispose of them little by little until his house became more spacious and roomy than before. He also discarded some extra furniture in the house as he was just living alone and those extras were no longer needed.

To completely realize his goal of a simple and minimalist living style, he moved to the suburbs and bought a house that is just right for him and had it furnished with all those that were essential for him to live by. He showed the viewers what the house looked like. It was more spacious and tidy with less furnishings to start with his minimalist lifestyle.

After watching the video, I came to realize that it is logical to do that and also change my lifestyle. Simple living or minimalism makes you spend less and more stress-free when it comes to arranging and cleaning your abode. When everything is neatly arranged in the house, your mind is clearer and you think and decide more judiciously about other things.

Minimalism may not be applicable for some as we have our individual differences in ideas and personality, but trying something that you have not ventured into is like a real challenge. Then when you have done it, you can easily determine if what you did is good for you. Being a minimalist should not be looked at as an abrupt change in your lifestyle. It can be done slowly while thinking about it every step of the way if it's right for you.

When you already realize that you spend less by applying minimalism in your life, then you will see that your move was right and justified because it is also a money-saving strategy. When you are working from home, you do not need a new desk to be able to do your work efficiently.

I suggest that you just need to buy a desk converter from Flexispot which is less expensive than buying a home office table or desk. Try to check on the  GoRiser Standing Desk Converters ML2. It will cost you less than you think. It is a space saver so you do not have to worry about the location where to place it. It only needs a small space ideal for your old table at home.

It is also height adjustable with its six (6) height settings that it rises and folds in a straight up and down motion. The ultra-sleek design is a great advantage for having it even in small spaces. It is also lightweight and compact which makes it easier for you to manage and move it in your desired location. 

It also holds any size of laptop, mouse, and more – up to 26.4lbs. Its skid-resistant base keeps the desk riser from sliding or shifting. Durability shows in its steel frame structure ready for any tasks at hand with safety and convenience.