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National Be Nice Day

25 October 2021

We all know that we ought to be nice to one another but how many times do we remember? If you look at it critically, you will realize it's not entirely our fault. The demands of our fast-paced modern life often make us forget the little things that matter the most. Good thing this holiday is here to serve as a reminder.

National be nice day is celebrated in the United States annually on the 5th of October. Although the origins of this holiday are quite unclear, its purpose is very clear. It is a day designated to remind us of the little acts of kindness that oil the wheel of life.  

One act of kindness can seem insignificant but it is far from that. The "Pay it Forward" movement has shown us the ripple effect that one random act of kindness can generate. Imagine how much better the world will be if kindness becomes the norm.

I'm sure by now you're asking what do I need to do? Don't worry, you'll know exactly what to do to keep the kindness tap running by the end of this article. Keep reading.

History of National Be Nice Day

History of National Be Nice Day

The exact origins of the national be nice day are still unknown. Although we’ve not been able to discover who created this holiday, when and why it was created, there are some timelines worthy of note that have led up to this holiday.

1258 BCE – First Peace Treaty:The Treaty of Kadesh was negotiated between the Egyptians and the Hittite Empire in 1258 BCE. It is the world’s first known peace treaty.
1963 – The first smiley face:< American graphic artist Harvey Ross Ball as a way to raise employee morale for an insurance agency. He used the yellow color because it connotes warmth and cheerfulness.
1981 – International Day of Peace: The first-ever International Day of Peace also known as World Peace Day was proposed by the UN in 1981. Observed annually on 21st September, it is a day of non-violence that promotes global commitment to working towards peace and sustainable development.
October 20, 2000 – “Pay it Forward” Debut: The release of the movie “Pay it Forward” encouraged the multiplication of acts of kindness received. In 2007, Blake Beattie founded International Pay it Forward Day in Australia. It has spread to 70 countries so far.

Do I Need to be Nice to Strangers?

The simple answer is, yes you do. This is important because our attitude can make or mar a person’s day in a matter of seconds. The interesting thing is that being nice is not only beneficial to the recipient of kindness, it is also very beneficial to the dispenser. You’ll see some of the benefits of being nice in the next sections.

National Nice Day Activities

Activities for the National Nice Day celebration do not have to be anything elaborate. Kindness is most communicated in the little things that are often overlooked. Some activities you can carry out on this day include:

Do Something Nice

Do Something Nice

This is the main aim of the celebration so do not get caught up in talking about it without doing it. A random act of kindness shown to a stranger or even our friends can build lasting memories. It is an opportunity to show that you care and these things do not take so much effort. You can dispense kindness by;

Giving someone a compliment
Reading to a child
Opening the door for another person
Listening to someone who needs encouragement
Giving your waiter or waitress extra tips
Allowing someone to go before you in the line
Helping your neighbor pick up his newspaper on your walk
Allowing someone into your lane in traffic
Mowing the lawn for the old lady down your street
Helping your elderly neighbors with grocery shopping
Buying your colleague a cup of coffee
Giving a huge bear hug to that friend that needs a hug

Cook your Friends Dinner

Cook your Friends Dinner

Life can become so demanding that we sometimes forget to enjoy ourselves over dinner with friends. Organizing a dinner party for your friends on National Be Nice Day is a way of showing kindness to them. It saves them the stress of figuring what's for dinner even i30f it’s just for a day and dinner parties also make for good bonding time.

Do not just celebrate the day alone, tell your friends and neighbors about it too. Your social media page is one way to spread the word. You can use #Dosomethingnice and other National Nice Day hashtags to make your posts. This way you will be creating awareness and bringing to people’s consciousness the need to do something nice for someone. You will have further opened the “kindness tap.”

Why You Should Be Nice to People

Why You Should Be Nice to People

Did we mention earlier that being nice to people is also beneficial to you right? We’ve not forgotten. Here are some reasons why you should be nice to people.

It Gives You a Good Feeling

Studies have shown that serotonin -the hormone that makes you feel good- is released when you carry out an act of kindness. You feel a sense of satisfaction and feel more confident.

It Reduces Stress

You're surprised, right? Although you make think that going out of your way to help someone is stressful, not helping is more stressful. People who consistently show kindness have been observed to have lower stress levels than those who do not. One reason is that kindness builds relationships and healthy relationships keep stress away.

Your Heart Needs It

Kindness is good for your heart. People who consistently show kindness often do not suffer from high blood pressure. A hormone, oxytocin, that lowers blood pressure is released every time you spread happiness.

It Makes You More Attractive

You are more easily attracted to a kind person than to a cold or mean person. Nice people are generally perceived as being more attractive. Research has shown that children who are kind to fellow students enjoy a higher level of peer acceptance.

It Keeps Diseases Away

Showing kindness to people lowers inflammation and this helps reduce your chances of getting certain diseases. It's about time we all started being nice to people.

Dispensing Kindness with Flexispot

Dispensing Kindness with Flexispot

A kind word or kind gesture from an employer can significantly boost the morale of employees. However, ensuring the comfort and safety of your employees is guaranteed is the ultimate way to show that you care. 

Flexispot is a leading manufacturer of ergonomic office furniture. Their products are designed to give support and comfort, thereby increasing productivity levels, particularly the ergonomic chairs and standing desks. Employees have been shown to feel better and work better in office spaces designed with ergonomic furniture.

If you're thinking of how to celebrate the national be nice day for your employees this year, you should consider adopting ergonomic furniture into your office design. There's no better way to show your employees that you care. You will also benefit from this act of kindness because happy employees are more productive. And more productivity means your business will do better.

One challenge employers face (particularly in small organizations) when trying to adopt ergonomic furniture is the cost. Ergonomic furniture is significantly more expensive than regular furniture. This doesn't have to be a deterrent though. You can significantly save costs by making a bulk order from Flexispot.

And yes, dispensing Kindness using Flexispot is not limited to employers. You can buy a standing desk as a national nice day gift for that your friend that works from home. You will be glad you did when you see the smile and hear the great results later.

Why is National Nice Day Important to Flexispot

Why is National Nice Day Important to Flexispot

The average adult spends one-third of their lifetime working. 70% of this working population have suffered from ergonomic injuries at some point in their career life, severe backache being the most common. And oftentimes the backache is merely a symptom of a more serious illness caused by the somewhat sedentary nature of office work. 

This issue gave rise to the study of workspace ergonomics, which resulted in the invention of ergonomic furniture: ergonomic chairs and standing desks being the most popular. Increasingly, companies are beginning to remodel their office to incorporate ergonomic furniture.

The concern for the comfort and welfare of employees inspired Flexispot to go into the manufacturing of ergonomic office furniture. Employee health has shown significant improvement since this innovation came into the picture. Workspaces are now safer, employees are happier and productivity is at its peak. It is a sure reminder that no act of kindness is lost.

As you celebrate the national be nice day this year, remember that you are the first recipient of your kindness. Do something nice for yourself by buying an ergonomic chair from Flexispot if you do not already have one. You will be glad you did.


The hustle and bustle of everyday living can make us forget the importance of showing kindness to those around us. Sometimes against our will, we find ourselves pouring our frustrations by lashing out at our loved ones. National be nice day is a reminder that kindness makes our world livable. It helps us pause our fast-paced life and pay attention to the thing that matters.

Remember to do something nice for those around you and even the strangers you might meet today. And do not also forget to spread the word. Happy National Be Nice Day!