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National Health Day: The Truth Behind an All-important Holiday

08 October 2021

While several dozen factors may contribute to human survival, there is no doubt that health and well-being may well be one of the most essential considerations in human life. In recent times, it’s easy to take good health for granted. After all, there’s a technology and improved medicine to our rescue. However, there is a strong need for everyone to remember just how important it is to take efforts to stay healthy. 

That’s the entire idea behind National Health Day. Many other events and concepts that are not near as valuable as health have days set aside for their celebration. As such, it’s a no-brainer that the idea of health should enjoy the same honor.  

National Health Day goes beyond a geographical holiday. It’s a worldwide day of honor held every 7th of April to remind ourselves of the great role that good health plays in our welfare and existence. Just like many other holidays with a wide-reaching impact, National Health Day is a concern of the world’s leading international organizations.

Each year, we celebrate National Health Day by focusing on different themes that are relevant to the health challenges the world may face. With the world just bouncing back from a harsh pandemic, the theme for the 2021 celebration is “Building a fairer, healthier world.”

At FlexiSpot, our focus is contributing to overall health and well-being through ergonomic and eco-friendly furniture. So, a national holiday to commemorate health is a national holiday that celebrates the focus of all our brand activities. That’s why we believe everyone shouldn’t just know about National Health Day but also join in the celebration, as much as they can. 

In this post, you’ll get to find out surprising details about Health Day, its long history, and the many reasons you should consider celebrating it. Also, if you get stuck on ideas to mark the worldwide holiday, below are awesome ideas to get you and billions of others in the right groove for National Health Day. 

The Background Story to National Health Day

The Background Story to National Health Day

Every country in the world traces National Health Day to the World Health Organization (WHO), the chief organ of the United Nations responsible for health-related matters. National Health Day has a lengthy background that dates to the end of the Second World War. 

With Germany and other belligerents surrendered, the world needed a lasting solution to the menace of World Wars. However, the United Nations wasn’t a one-off agency. It had other structures that would see to a couple of other important world concerns – health and food organizations are very relatable examples. 

The World Health Organization became established on the 7th of April in 1948. But it would only set in motion the celebration of a World Health Day during its very first World Health Day Assembly two years later. It pegged the date for the holiday on April 7, the same day as the founding of the WHO, and celebrated the first World Health Day in 1950. Since then, we all have celebrated National Health Day on this date for over seventy years. 

According to the WHO, the entire objective of the holiday is to promote the awareness of health issues which are a major concern of the organization each year. It’s also a day to promote knowledge on health topics, hygiene, and disease prevention. 

Best Ways to Celebrate National Health Day

Interesting Facts You Should Know About National Health Day

National Health Day is perhaps one of the most significant holidays in the world. And that’s because the day relates to a common phenomenon that everyone shares. For everyone who has fallen sick, used medicine, and enjoyed good health, there’s something special to celebrate about National Health Day.

However, it wouldn’t be surprising that most people know very few details about this interesting holiday. That’s because of low attention paid to the holiday. Here, you’ll get to read about amazing facts about National Health Day that only a few people are aware of.

Below are ten astonishing facts about National Health Day.

Fact 1: There are about 194 countries in the world that celebrate National Health Day on April 7. That’s because we have 194 member states of the World Health Organization and they all commemorate the holiday on the same day. 

Fact 2: For the past seventy years, every country has celebrated National Health Day each year. 

Fact 3: Health Day themes have been about different health challenges relevant in the year. In 2004, the theme was based on Road Safety while in 2000, the theme focused on safe blood transfusion. In 1995, the theme hoped to create awareness about Polio Eradication, and more recently in 2014, vector-borne diseases were the primary subject of the holiday. 

Fact 4: Several forms of events are put up each year to commemorate the holiday. These events range from demonstrations, rallies, public marches, conferences to political conversations and free medical tests at designated points in popular cities. 

Fact 5: The WHO has dozens of other global health campaigns that branched out of the Health Day. These newer holidays include disease awareness campaigns like World Malaria Day, World AIDS Day, and World Tuberculosis Day. Other holidays focus on preventing unsafe conduct or misuse of natural items. Examples are the World No Tobacco Day and World Immunization Day. 

Fact 6: About 100 million people across the world have become poor due to huge health costs. This fact goes to show the increasing need for affordable access to health care. 

Fact 7: There’s a huge gender imbalance in global health industries. If you thought more women navigated the healthcare sector, you’re probably wrong. Female top healthcare officials account for only 28% of the top staff at the WHO. 

Fact 8: There are more people with a mobile phone than people who have access to a good toilet.

Fact 9: Maternal mortality is still at a high rate with more than 800 women losing their lives to childbirth complications. 

Fact 10: Half of the world’s total population cannot access the basic health care services that they require. 

With these sobering figures, you should be keen on how to play your part every National Health Day to improve healthcare for everyone around you. Find out how you can in the next section. 

Best Ways to Celebrate National Health Day

Best Ways to Celebrate National Health Day

If you want to contribute to good health and affordable healthcare every National Health Day, here are seven tips that can help you better celebrate National Health Day. 

1. Get acquainted with information about health care, health inequality, medical innovation, and diseases around the world.

2. Maintain healthy living practices throughout the day. Ensure high personal hygiene measures, eat with a nutritional goal, and maintain a clean environment around you.

3. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, be sure to follow all COVID-19 protocols including the use of a face mask, a 2-meter distance, and proper use of hand sanitizers. You should also adhere strictly to stay home orders and get vaccinated. 

4. Share a gift that best describes what good health means to you. For some, it may be the recipe of a healthy meal and for others, it may be a first aid kit. Whatever resonates with your idea of health, sharing it with others will be a good way to make sure they also attain healthy standards. 

5. Go for a medical test or check-up. There are instances when random tests reveal hidden infections and allow for prevention or early treatment. 

6. Exercise with your family or friends. You can hit the gym or other work out without gym equipment. Hiking can be a good place to start. 

7. Posture is a very important aspect of good health. There’s no better time than on National Health Day to share the value of a proper workplace desk and chair setup. Thankfully, FlexiSpot has a long list of desks, desk converters, and chairs you can choose from. The best part is that they are all ergonomic and contribute significantly to your health. 

Beneficial Reasons to Commemorate National Health Day

Beneficial Reasons to Commemorate National Health Day 

If you still have doubts about how appropriate it is to celebrate National Health Day, here are some considerations for you.

National Health Day is important because, on such days, you get to have better knowledge about global health issues. Moreover, the holiday is a perfect time to take advantage of events to check your health status, share information about health inequality, disease prevention, and medical advancement. 

Besides, commemorating National Health Day can serve as your contribution to the good work of health practitioners all over the world. Your enthusiasm to celebrate National Health Day and even your financial contributions can go a long way to encourage health workers.

Finally, you should celebrate National Health Day because health is more than wealth. Health is your passport to an enjoyable life. That’s one thing you should never sacrifice for anything.  

Frequently Asked Questions about National Health Day

Frequently Asked Questions about National Health Day

When is National Health Day celebrated?

National Health Day is celebrated on the 7th of April every year. 

Is the National Health Day a work-free day?

No. Unlike Christmas and other related holidays, National Health Day is not celebrated with a work-free day. You will still need to go to work on National Health Day. However, this does not stop you from celebrating the holiday. 

Why does National Health Day matter?

The National Health Day is important because it creates awareness about very relevant health issues. The holiday also keeps us abreast of important medical innovations, harmful diseases, and how best to achieve good health.

Does the National Health Day commemorate every health issue?

No. There are other more specific days for specific health issues like AIDS, mental health, Tuberculosis, etc. However, National Health Day seeks to celebrate general health and well-being. 

Why does FlexiSpot celebrate National Health Day?

FlexiSpot contributes in its way to global health. So, a celebration of National Health Day is a celebration of our efforts towards good health through our ergonomic furniture products. 

Final Thoughts on National Health Day

National Health Day presents a great opportunity to appreciate everyone who works to ensure good and stable healthcare around the world. For a company like FlexiSpot, we seek to ensure good health on two grounds. First, by our high-quality products, and second, by top-class information about National Health like this. So, choose FlexiSpot, spread health, and spread longevity today.