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The Time for a Home Office Furniture Upgrade is Now

16 July 2021

We are in the middle of the year and soon Christmas is coming. These days many department stores are offering discounts and many items are on sale and are up for grabs. Even online shopping networks and stores are giving big discounts for everyone to take advantage of. The shopaholics are excited to go shopping and preparing for the forthcoming holiday season.

One of the giants in the manufacturing of ergonomically designed home office furniture is Flexispot. If you’re not yet familiar with this brand, you can check it out on its website, Actually, Flexispot is the most loved and trusted brand when it comes to ergonomic home office furniture.

This is the time to invest in home office furniture that is guaranteed to be sturdy and multipurpose so that you do not have to buy more furniture for your home. Even tiny homes will look more stylish and elegant when a piece of an accent chair is placed in one of the corners of the small living room you have in a tiny home.

An accent chair for example, as the name implies gives emphasis and aesthetic delight to anyone who will see one in your living room. Not only are they attractive and beautiful to furnish a home, but accent chairs also are multipurpose and functional for many activities you can do while you are enjoying the cozy feeling of sitting on one of them. Different hues or colors of accent chairs attract a refreshing and positive feeling.

Although there are many accent chairs available in the market, Flexispot’s accent chairs are not created for beauty but also for their functionality. It will be the smartest move you can do when you purchase an accent chair at Flexispot.

As a backgrounder, accent chairs were already used thousands of years ago and they were first meant for the royalty, the King and Queen in Europe and other parts of the world. Accent chairs in those days were intricately designed and usually made of study kind of wood that could last years or even a lifetime. As such, old accent chairs used by royalties when auctioned had staggering prices that cost thousands or even millions of dollars.

The materials used for old or vintage accent chairs were also of premium quality as they were designed for the monarchs and the rich and famous as well. They were usually made of first-class leather or cloth with attractive colors and intricate designs.

Accent chairs could be lounge chairs specially placed on an empty corner of a living room or any room of one’s choice to add beauty to the room furnishing and are usually used for certain activities such as reading, writing, or checking on your emails on your smartphones, and others.

There are new accent chairs up for grabs at Flexispot. They are the Accent Chair 1049, accent chair 005, and accent chair 008 They are different from each other in style, materials, colors, features, and functionality.

Scalloped Accent Chair 1049

The Scalloped accent chair 1049 comes in pink, blue, and gray colors. It has scalloped seashell edges and vertical channel tufting that adds beauty and chic style for any part of your home. It is easy to place it with some of the other pieces of furniture to complement the mood and atmosphere inside the room. 

The headrest of this new accent chair has been thickened and widened for more comfortable and cozy seating. The seat cushion is curved to increase the contact area between the cushion and the hip. As such, the pressure is released from the hip to eliminate sedentary pain.

The backrest is made similar to the human spine design for scientific decompression which lightens the burden of the waist. This accent chair is also upholstered in soft stain-resistant velvet material with densely padded round seats. The spring coil system allows utmost comfort and coziness. The wooden and stable legs are durable as they underwent 100,000 times fatigue test. 

Accent Chair 005

Accent Chair 005 comes in black, pink, and gray colors that can be easily blended and accented with other pieces of furniture in the living room or in any part of the house where it could be ideally and conspicuously placed.

It has an ergonomic backrest, that is, sitting will be more comfortable without any worry for lower back or neck pains. Thickened headrest and widened seat to ensure relaxing seating and reclining. The curved cushion, similarly designed as the Accent Chair 1049, increases the contact area between the cushion and hip with no worry discomfort even for excessive sitting. 

It is made of metallic materials and durability is guaranteed as the chair underwent 100,000 times fatigue test. There is no doubt that this accent chair will be a great addition to your living area adding more aesthetics to space while being functional at the same time. 

Accent Chair 008

This wonderful accent chair comes in green, pink, blue, gray, and beige colors. It is a swivel accent chair that also underwent 100,000 fatigue tests to guarantee its durability. Similar to Accent chairs 005 and scalloped accent chairs, it also has thickened headrest and widened seat for a pleasurable sitting experience. It is ideal not only for relaxing activities such as reading but also it is perfect for computing or doing your workload at home. 

Ribbed Low Back Armless Swivel Desk Chair 1391L11

This chair is a different kind of chair that is worth adding to your collection of functional and lovely furniture for your home. It has a 360 -degree swivel feature that makes mobility easier and faster. It is also ergonomically designed with a leather bucket seat that makes your sitting space bigger and more comfortable. The back of the chair has enough support to the waist, so you won't feel tired even if you work long hours.

The armless design allows this chair to be slid under your make-up table, computer desk, writing desk, office desk without any difficulty. The versatility of this chair is its functionality for aesthetics and performance of work and durability that is worth your penny.