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Observing Proper Table Practices and the Role of Standing Desks

15 April 2021

"Slurp, chomp, chide, and smack."

You might have been warned by most Mukbangers in the stream of videos that you watch regularly. Most of them give you a heads up before watching the entire video, that if you're easily triggered with the sounds of slurping, chomping, and smacking you better switch to the next video. If you closely take a look at how some of them munch up the food from the bowl or plate, you'd see how they manage eating.

It is truly triggering most of the time whenever you see a person gulping the cheese sauce and smothering it all over the mouth and letting it drip down the chin then chomping the chicken meat like there's no freaking tomorrow. However, let's take a look beyond the slurping sounds created by these content creators. Do they really violate the common table etiquettes and is it really a crime to make the eating sounds which may make every person cringe their teeth while watching the Mukbangers consume their beloved food. Watching them closely, you would see that some couldn't manage to clear their spaces; food is simply scattered all over the table which is really unhygienic in some degrees. On this blog today, we will analyze the importance of table manners, the evolution of table practices and the role of standing desks in a new lifestyle and work setting. In this blog as well we will learn how to maximize the space of the standing desk when eating your food without spilling juice or water on it and avoiding the food scraps to get unto your devices. So, let's begin.

The Table Manners that Need to be Observed:

Refinement and manners will never go out of style. It is something that is classy and will never get old. To observe table manners is to give respect to people sitting with you at the table. Since childhood, we were taught not to chew food when the mouth is open. Yes, it creates a negative impression and an effect to some whose tolerance to such an act is pretty low. Some people do have conditions like Misophonia or the state of being overly-sensitive to sounds like chomping and slurping; a person with this kind of condition can't help but be irritated or dizzy (yes, most of them have migraine) and easily get agitated even with the littlest chiding of the teeth. So, if that's the case, how could one person avoid chewing food while the mouth is open or making the smacking sound as he chews his food? The best way is to take small portions per bite whether it's steak or chicken. That's why these days there are air-fryers which could tenderize the tough part of the meat in order for the person eating manage to shred or cut a little portion from the meat. If it's a chicken piece, it's also recommendable to use the fingers by pinching a small portion not the whole mouth and teeth. Observing table manners as well could help an individual tame impulsivity because the sense of self-control will be developed which is a great life skill. That unconsciously we're able to discipline ourselves by controlling a behavior.

Another is to avoid drinking or sipping drinks with the mouth full of food. One must finish eating food (especially with the chunks of meat) before gulping a tumbler of lemonade. It is because drinking while the mouth is full would make the mouth fuller and would make you end up like you're gargling in front of the table which again is not appropriate.

Next is avoiding the clanking of utensils against each other. It is merely ideal not to make sounds when cutting the meat or stirring the clam chowder but making minimal sounds is attainable. When having some seafood soup and there are clams on it, try to open the shell first and separate the meat from the shell. Hold the shell with the fork for an easy grip and slowly pull the meat out going on the side of the bowl in order to remove the shell out of the soup. Place the shell on piece of napkin or an empty saucer.

The above mentioned are just some examples of the table manners which one must observe. In the next part, we'll see how we could apply it to certain situations.

The WFH setting

In these days that most individuals work from home, it is a great opportunity to observe and maintain the proper table manners. Even when no one is watching, it's still better to practice these deeds as it could make one person feel good and more organized. There are moments that we couldn't have a full meal while working so some of us choose burgers, pizza, or pasta. So, how could one place the food items on the table properly? In the previous blog that I have created, it was mentioned that organizing the table by removing some clutters is really advisable. As much as possible, all the documents and materials should be placed in the corner as well as the ornaments or decorations; everything should just surround the whole side of the table, nothing much should be placed in the middle but just the laptop and the notebook.

On this note, it's better to choose the right standing desk for you such as Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top , a desk that has a large drawer which can carry a lot of office stuff such as desk file organizers. It is made with perfect height adjustment buttons and spacious embedded drawers which can help you organize your desk and avoid making your work station look cramped. With this, you don't have to worry eating at your work station because of its sufficient space. You just have to put on small bowls or plate of pasta, a table mattress, and a coaster for the mug or cup. Then, you can enjoy a scrumptious dish while working on with some reports.