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On Celebrating Mother’s Day

30 April 2021

Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated occasions every year around the world. It is observed in more than 40 countries d to honor mothers and motherhood itself. Looking back at the history of Mother's Day, it was reported that it started as an anti-war movement. It was Anna Jarvis, who was considered founder of Mother’s Day in the United States. The old tradition honors mothers with white carnations, as Mother’s Day flowers, and not roses.

The tradition of remembering mothers has remained throughout the years until the modern times. It is still popular even today and people have always made each celebration an unforgettable occasion for the family especially the children. They give flowers, gifts of all kinds, treat mothers to a special restaurant for fine dining with family members. Even without a lavish celebration, she appreciates a simple greeting “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Moms Do Matter

 May 9 of every year is generally the date for this special occasion. There are many reasons why we celebrate Mother's Day. Some reasoned out that aside from honoring mothers, that significant day is also a celebration of motherhood, the most difficult full-time profession as others see it. But it is one of the most fulfilling and the greatest expressions of love for the children. Mother’s love is said to be unconditional, no ifs not buts. Moms love their children more than they love themselves. They are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their children. This is selfless love. However, some say there are mothers who do not care for children and sometimes they abandon them. Well, they have their own reasons for doing so.

When a mother takes full responsibility for her children, being a single mother or abandoned by their husbands, she has no choice but to leave her children to look for a job. This is a sad and heartbreaking situation wherein a mother leaves her children to work to support them with their basic needs. She is not supposed to leave them, however single mothers do not have any choice but to look for ways to earn money whatever it costs. Some mothers are lucky to have their relatives around to take care of their children.

A mother sometimes abandons her child when it is a product of unwanted pregnancy. But still after long years of being away from her child, she realizes what she did and the love for her child prevails. There may be other reasons we may not understand. Generally, a mother will always be nurturing and taking care of her child until the day she can no longer do so because of old age and physical weakness to do so.

Kinds of Gifts Children Give to Their Mothers

One of the most popular gifts given on Mother’s Day is a luxury perfume or scents. Some department store owners claimed that Mother’s Day is one occasion wherein shoppers buy luxurious perfumes and scents to give as a gift to their mothers. They are usually buying designer perfumes such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Burberry, among others. Some buy a bouquet of flowers with a personalized card with it to brighten up her special day. A weekend holiday or vacation outside the city also tops the list of surprise gifts for mothers. Children also make their own personal cards with drawings and sweet words written on the card to make Mother’s Day Cards an unforgettable day ever.

FlexiSpot Cares for Mothers All Over the World

Out of the ordinary gift that you could lavish your mom is a gift from FlexiSpot. In celebration of the forthcoming Mother’s Day, why not surprise your mom with a Height Adjustable Sewing Table- Sewing Standing Desk ES9W? A great gift to make Mother's Day one she’ll always remember and cherish. She will really love this sewing machine table for its unique features. Aside from being a height adjustable table, it is ergonomically designed so that sewing will bring her joy not pains especially back pains in her body. Whether she wants to sir to stand while sewing a colorful pillow case or a dainty dress for her favorite granddaughter, it will be a smooth transition from one posture to another. 

Other Interesting Features

This adjustable sewing machine table has also other smart features that are functional and worth the wows. The sewing platform, with a turn of a knob, can go up or down in five steps to hold a sewing machine, keyboard, or documents you want to work on. An adjustable shelf is also built to match the height of the sewing machine giving utmost comfort and efficiency while sewing. The shelf partition is 1" with a weight capacity of 26.

This wonderful sewing machine table offers a lot of work space in its platform measuring 23"*10" with a detachable side table with a measurement of 9" *24." These measurements fit within a footprint of 43"*24" that is compact yet promotes efficiency.

What is even more awesome about this product is that there is a height programmable control panel with a LED display and four memory buttons to save up to four sitting and standing postures with just one touch. So, as you adjust the height of the table, you can see it on the LED display and save it up to 4 presets.

Durability at its best. This wonderful sewing table is made with high-grade steel that is resistant to stains and scratches. The frame is very stable and even with the maximum adjustment point will not wobble with its powerful motor and improved two-stage legs ensuring smooth transitions all day long.

This exciting Height Adjustable Sewing Table- Sewing Standing Desk ES9W will be a stunning addition to the family and your mother will definitely appreciate it. She can teach her daughter or granddaughter how to sew or create designs for dresses, pillow cases, and other things that could be done to develop creativity and sewing skills among her children and grandchildren as well. Sewing will be a fun and a great bonding moment for a mother and her child. Sewing skill is a great skill to hand down to the next generation.