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On Keeping Your Custom Jewelry

31 May 2021

Most women like to wear jewelry of different kinds to match and accentuate their outfits for the day. They say it is part of a woman’s vanity. I think I agree with that because it is seldom that you see women even with simple dresses who do wear any jewelry on her neck or ears, and arms. Even in the olden days, people wear jewelry to accentuate their clothes and also symbolize status in the society. Jewelry is made of different materials that are really pricey and gems too that are made into brooches, rings, and earrings. 

However, many people today do not wear such elegant and genuine pieces of jewelry for safety and protection. Instead, they wear custom-made jewelry that is not as expensive as the genuine ones but still really brilliant, beautiful, and stunning according to its design.

On the other hand, custom jewelry is made to highlight it's being uncommon and to promote a certain personality. So it is created and designed according to the user’s style, material, and design needs. There are four types of custom jewelry namely:

● Custom necklaces - there are also different designs depending on the user; sometimes names are engraved or etched on the pendant or locket. The materials for the necklace could also be in variety. There are custom necklaces that have cheaper material but unique in style

● Custom-made earrings- there are a lot of designs for custom-made earrings and the popularity sometimes depends on the design and style more than the material. Some celebrities wear custom-made earrings that look really stunning in style even when materials are not that pricey

● Custom-made rings - they are created usually for special kinds of customers. The design could vary according to the user’s needs such as weddings, birthdays, graduation that they are customised by a jeweler as requested by the customer

● Customized bracelets - they can sometimes be a little bit pricey, but the design is more given emphasis and also the style. Bracelets could be worn on different occasions in different designs to match the outfit and color to complement the style

Many women today go for custom-made jewelry 

This is bcause they can be worn any time at any place. They also look gorgeous when matched with a nice dress with a color combination.

I helped in customizing some pieces of jewelry when my daughter decided to apply her skill in fashion design. We traveled several miles to buy some materials and we really looked for stores with the lowest prices so we could complete all the materials needed for earrings. They are really cheap but when they were designed, they really looked fantastic. Hard work is necessary to build one pair of earrings but it's worth it. They were elegant-looking but the cost of materials was very cheap. We tried offering them to department stores in the city, however, we could not catch up with the volume of orders. So we stopped for a while.

After a few months, we were able to deliver the orders for one branch of the department store. My daughter and I cannot afford to sit all the time to design and finish the products for the target date of delivery. It was such a good experience for a budding jewelry designer like my daughter.

I was able to talk to a Japanese woman based in New York because her husband’s job was in Manhattan. We talked lengthily about jewelry design which she was also interested in while being a full-pledge housekeeper for the meantime.

She said her customized pieces of jewelry were sold out in New York City because of the unique design. She was making a lot of money but she said she was always exhausted. It was just her passion for jewelry design that kept her doing it.

My daughter was also able to sell some of the earrings she made. They love the design and the price is affordable and reasonable. We did not make the price higher although the labor cost is really high. We just termed it as a labor of love.

With so many pieces of jewelry to keep, I thought that they must be stored in a nice place where they could be easily found in times we needed them. So we converted a monitor stand’s drawer into a jewelry organizer. It was a good idea because the pieces of jewelry were nicely organized and stored in the storage organizer.

At FlexiSpot, there is one that has this unique converter wherein the drawer could be converted as jewelry storage. The product is called Monitor Stand workstation with Storage Organizer DIY Drawer S1W which is a creative idea and doing this is also like shooting 2 (two birds at one time. Having the monitor stand while the storage drawer becomes a jewelry keeper. What a nice combination. This monitor stand also has other features such as no-worry installation because it is completely assembled upon delivery. 

It also helps to make the workstation clean and clutter-free all the time. The materials used are durable as they are made of premium quality materials. The price is affordable and reasonable, too. If you do not need a new table or desk as a workstation at home or in the office, you can opt to buy this Monitor Stand workstation with an organizer to fulfill your needs at work without spending an extra desk for your computer monitor.

I am really amazed at how it is so versatile with the drawers for storage and for keeping the workspace neat and tidy. When you have such a clean and spacious work area, you can be more efficient at work and more productive. A clear desk promotes a clear mind. When your mind is clear, you can also think clearly and positively. So, this is really a great find for us. 

If you want to see more FlexiSpot products, then please visit its website. There is a wide range of ergonomic products for home and office that are ideal for you with unique and functional designs. Why not do it now!