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On Power Strips and Surge Protectors

31 May 2021

Power strips are useful to get our computers and other electrical appliances working when we do not have enough outlets to plug them in. However, there are times that a power strip can pose dangers to our home and office. It is reported that more than 3,000 home fires happened in the past years. So it is necessary that we inspect our electrical wiring and installation at home with the help of an electrical engineer or the home inspector if we have our electric wiring in the right place or it needs replacement because of wear and tear.

Sometimes electrical wiring at home is the one most neglected or used and abused. And the consequences of doing these are abominable. We can lose our property, lives, and limbs. As such, we do not only have the electrical installation on the first time when we move into our new home. It should be inspected yearly to be safe and protected from any injury or grave harm.

The government home inspector could also give some tips on how to take care of our electrical wiring and use of electrical extension cord and power strips. They are in authority to do so and I think they know much about it. We have experienced wildfires in recent years that are really catastrophic. However, this does not always happen. We have to see to it that safety begins at our home. We can begin with the safety of our homes with our power strips and extension cords.

What is a power strip? A power strip is a bar of outlets that distributes power to devices, for example, computers, appliances, tools, and lighting and audio/video equipment. Sometimes the permanent outlets at home are not sufficient to get power supply from several electrical appliances and electronic devices we have at home. There are times that we really need extra power strips for our equipment. However, buying one is a responsibility that we have to carry out to make sure our house is safe from electrical hazards. 

There are things that we should not do with our power strips such as the following:

1. Curling iron and hair dryers should have their own outlets. They should not be plugged in on a power strip because these tools need a different level of electrical power

2. Check if your power strip does not look worn or damaged. It can pose risk at anytime we use it because an old power strip or socket is a fire hazard.

3. Be sure that your power strip does not get wet. Otherwise, it will be horrendous for everyone, for your house and property

4. Safeguard your children with power strips or electrical cord. You can place the power strip under the table or a location which can not be easily reached by  children.

5. Always keep in mind that a pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure.

6. Purchase your power strips or extension cords from the authorized stores and  sellers. Be sure that they have the mark of authenticity and brand name on them

Meanwhile, to promote more safety from electrical fires and other fire-related risks, you can buy a power strip with a built-in surge protector to ensure that all electrical appliances and other electrical-related equipment at home are safe when a power outage happens that could result in a power surge. When a power outage happens and it lasts for several minutes, it can cause a power surge when the power is back and when we try to switch on our electrical appliances and computer. A sudden surge may cause damage and fire at an instant.

So the next time you have to buy your power strip, be sure to ask the sales clerk if it comes with a built-in power surge. If you have already bought a good kind of power strip, you may opt to purchase only the power surge to serve as double protection and safety at home from electrical fires.

There are a lot of good brands in the market if you have the time to check on the web and look for the best and suited for your electrical needs. 

Surge protectors are available in the market under good brands and we have to know some things about buying them for our homes. The has some reminders for us to make the best buy, namely:

● Be sure to decide on how many ports you will need for your power strip. Your final decision will make a good choice for your power surge needs. 

● Buy the surge protector ideal for your equipment. If you need a surge protector for your beauty tools, then they must be compatible. The surge protector for your computer or electrical appliances may be different. Check on the appropriate one with the salesperson to make a hassle-free purchase.

● Be sure that the surge protector you're buying has the UL seal certified by the Underwriter's Laboratories meeting their UL 1449 standards. Doing so will ensure protection for the equipment you're going to plug into the surge protector

● Checking the surge protector's energy absorption rating and its "clamping voltage" is necessary. The surge protection energy absorption rating should be higher while the clamping voltage should be lower. Also, look for the response time that should be listed in the product details. it should be lower.

● Be sure to check the warranty of the surge protector you are buying. This is essential to know the warranty coverage and how to file for any damage, if any, in the future.

I know that as a reader, you have read a lot of information about power strips and surge protectors. However, we sometimes forget about them. We have so much information to think about and sometimes we suffer information overload. So, I think recalling these important reminders is worth the reading.

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