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Got the Runs? Exploring Various Diarrhea Treatments

01 July 2021

Did you know that diarrhea is a common illness among military personnel assigned abroad? Studies show that this common malady has caused a great loss of man-hours, decreasing the efficiency of workers in the workplace and even soldiers at war. 

Symptoms of diarrhea include watery bowel movements, nausea, stomach, vomiting, and sometimes fever. Diarrhea is associated with gastroenteritis, an infectious disease caused by viruses or bacteria from food, lactose intolerance, antibiotics, or sweeteners, among others.

Medical attention such as hospital confinement would be a great help for one suffering from diarrhea but there are still simple first-aid solutions or if not treatment available right in the comforts of our homes.

  • First, drink plenty of water. There’s no substitute for rehydrating our body other than drinking several glasses of water to replenish our body fluids. Aside from water, drinking sports drinks such as Gatorade, fruit juices, herbal tea, chamomile tea as an example, could hasten intestinal inflammation with its antispasmodic properties.
  • For diarrhea caused by oral antibiotics, eating yogurt, with its live bacteria, could replenish the good ones in the intestines. 
  • Chopped orange peel boiled and cooled will be a great remedy, too. A little sugar or honey to sweeten will be a perfect taste. 
  • Aside from tea, blueberries could be a great remedy for diarrhea. Blueberries contain tannins that fight diarrhea. 
  •  Eating Fenugreek seed, a folk remedy, could also do some help.
  • To hasten recovery from diarrhea, avoid certain foods such as cheese, milk, and other dairy products, fatty and high-fiber foods. Substitutes may do more good, for example, bananas, potatoes, cereals, cooked carrots which are easier to digest by the intestines.
  • For faster treatment of diarrhea, you may also eat bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast
  • Lastly, take a rest, sip a cup of lukewarm soup of boiled rice, a heating pad to relieve stomach pain.

Whether it be chronic diarrhea, a long-term condition, or acute diarrhea, a short-term type, there are a lot of home treatments that can be made to fight this illness. Undoubtedly, they are within our reach.

While treatment is readily available, you might want to find the causes of diarrhea in adults like us. Some of them are:

  1. Too much drinking of alcohol
  2. Some ailments such as diabetes
  3. Foods that disturb the digestive system
  4. Infections
  5. Laxatives
  6. Radiation therapy
  7. Surgery on the digestive system

When diarrhea strikes you at work, it could be uncomfortable and a disturbance to your workflow. So, it is good to always have your medicine for diarrhea in your work bag to be always ready to treat it once it happens in the office.

When it happens at work, be sure to drink plenty of water or other beverages such as tea to replenish the fluids removed from your body. As much as possible, don't eat oily food and prefer to eat bland ones.

Aside from tea and water, it is better not to drink caffeinated coffee or not drink coffee at all while you are treating diarrhea at work. As much as possible, limit your intake of food that will upset your digestive system.

Diarrhea or irritable bowel symptoms are found to be related to the day-by-day life stress and emotions of an individual. At work, this sometimes happens that a worker could suffer diarrhea because of stress they got from the work environment itself where too much physical and mental drain affects a worker.  

Stressors such as workload changes, work hours that are longer than usual, urgent changes on the work itself, co-workers as well as supervisors may affect a worker that may trigger diarrhea. In this case, you as a worker should try to control your emotions that may induce stress at any time in the workplace.  

Being always on guard for emotional outbursts and keeping your mind focused on your work will be better for you not to be stressed out with everything that is happening around you. For example, an announcement of another training for a newly-created company product may suddenly find you stressed out because you are thinking of how you can cope with the training and it may require you to be in the office for a longer time and you be coming home later than usual. 

Always think that everything will be fine and don't let your emotions and feelings overtake you. You should be thinking that any change in the office is a new adventure, a new kind of learning which are all leading to your career growth. There are people who would not accept changes because they are sometimes difficult to cope with especially when it comes to computing or learning a certain program or software.

Stress is everywhere, it is present in the office, while we are commuting to get home during traffic jams, and when family members have some problems that need to be resolved quickly. So, we have to live by these stressors and try to learn to adjust to stressful situations.

Mental health is as important as physical health and when you are under stress, your mental health could be affected. Stress and depression can cause many diseases starting from simple diarrhea to more serious illnesses such as cancer, heart diseases, or mental illnesses. We should be wary about them.

Stress may also be reduced as medical researchers found, by doing physical exercises regularly. For example, you can do workouts, exercise with stationary bikes at home or in the office, or other physical activities that could be done regularly as your time permits.

One good physical fitness machine is available at Flexispot. This product is the Under Desk Bike V9U which you can exercise by cycling smoothly and quietly while you are working at home or in the office. It has good features that you would really like and appreciate.

The seat is height adjustable and user-friendly so it also needs a gentle press while you’re seated to adjust the seat height. The LCD display allows you to track time, distance, calories burned, etc. you can change the height with a push of the lever. It also has eight resistance levels for more intense exercise.