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On-Trend Ideas to Design Your Office Space

11 January 2023

With the pandemic finally behind us and the workforce returning to the office once again, the world of office design has seen some of the biggest shifts yet. People are no longer satisfied with working in small cubicles with limited interaction with their colleagues or the outdoor environment.

Working from home showed employees and employers alike just how much room for flexibility there is within our workplaces. It has resulted in the need to revamp traditional offices into more collaborative and productive spaces.

On-trend office designs that we're slowly starting to catch on a few years ago are now enjoying accelerated acceptance, with more and more offices adopting them on a priority basis. They are bringing on complete transformations of office spaces, turning them into more productive and inclusive areas that cater to a highly-skilled workforce.

Today, we'll take a deep dive into the latest design trends and determine how you can transform your office space in 2022. From creating more dynamic spaces to making the best use of advanced technology and incorporating specialized designs, we cover it all in this blog to offer valuable insights and interior inspiration for your workspace.

Develop a Dynamic Office Space

First things first, you need to accept the fact that the days of working in cubicles are gone. Offices with rigid partitions, walls dividing employees, and cubicle farms are deemed some of the poorest environments for employee productivity. They block creativity, lead to burnout faster, and cause your employees to feel imprisoned within the office space.

The traditional office cubicles are also responsible for diminishing a sense of teamwork and collaboration. They limit the opportunities for colleagues to interact and come up with valuable solutions together, which can be quite a loss for your business.

That is why modern, on-trend office designs now feature more dynamic spaces that are flexible and adaptable. This adaptability allows the office environment to fit the needs of your ever-changing and transformative workforce, offering them an ideal space to work more efficiently and productively.

While designing a dynamic workspace, you should keep in mind that most of your workforce has spent a good part of the last two years in social isolation. So, they are eager to get out, socialize, and rekindle their work relationships. Your office design should allow plenty of space for this in order to foster a collaborative work culture that promotes teamwork and versatile interactions.

Incorporate Advanced Technology

After successfully fighting off a deadly pandemic, offices are finally realizing just how important it is to incorporate advanced technology within their work environments. Even if your company isn't tech-related, you still need technological support to create a safer, more effective workspace for your employees.

This stands especially true for companies that now offer remote or hybrid work models for their workforce. By adopting new technological trends, you can encourage higher productivity levels and create a safer work environment while also letting employees feel more at ease with returning to the office.

For starters, you should consider investing in contactless technology. This includes automated switches, taps, and other daily-use elements around your office. The lesser the physical interaction your employees have with these elements, the safer and more hygienic the work environment can be.

You can also opt for voice recognition technology to reduce physical contact in the office. This can be used for the simplest of tasks like asking Alexa to plan a meeting or send out an email, or even more advanced security protocols like automated scheduling or booking conference rooms with no overlaps.

Tell Your Brand Story with the Interiors

With the current explosion of new businesses and startups arising every month, companies now need to find more creative ways of acquiring and retaining clients. Simply providing a high-quality product at a good price isn't enough anymore, not with hundreds of competitors offering the same thing. Businesses now need to establish themselves as unique entities with a recognizable USP and an engaging brand story that connects with their target audience.

One of the best ways to do this is by transforming your office space by creating a brand theme and incorporating it into various elements of your interiors. Since the story behind every business is different, it can easily be used as your Unique Selling Point to connect with your clients. It makes them feel like they're a part of something bigger with your business than just gaining access to certain products or services.

You should keep in mind that office trends are ever-changing, like the weather. They come and go, and not all of them would work for your company. The best way to transform your office with a modern touch is by mixing in the old. This would make your office space continue to look familiar to your clients while also offering a modern touch to represent growth.

Bring in Ergonomic Work Solutions

Ergonomic work solutions are some of the most on-trend office designs nowadays. They align perfectly with the increasing emphasis on the working conditions of employees and offer your business an effective means of improving the well-being of your workforce.

It is important for businesses around the world to prioritize employee comfort and health. Ergonomic work solutions allow you to do this by aiding and allowing free movement, ensuring that your employees maintain a proper posture while working long hours, and reducing strain on their bodies. Ergonomic office products are designed specifically to target the health concerns of your employees so they can perform better and not experience work-related injuries.

One of the best ergonomic products to bring into your modern office design is the ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converter. It converts your desk from an ordinary surface to a multi-purpose solution that can accommodate your desktop system and all other work essentials in a highly organized fashion. The desk converter is built to fit most people's heights, accommodating users that are over 6'1" to 6'5" tall. It takes little effort to transition the converter from a sitting to a standing position, allowing your employees to break out of their sedentary lifestyles by switching to work while standing.

The extra-wide removable keyboard tray and space-saving vertical adjustments further add to the usability of this product. All of these features come together to improve employee posture and reduce the strain on their backs, shoulders, wrists, and eyes for improved health.

Focus on Biophilic Designs

Biophilic design is a type of office design that features different aspects of the outdoors inside your workspace. It requires you to specifically bring the outdoors inside for a more comfortable and refreshing work environment.

People often think that a biophilic design simply means you add a few pots of plants around the office. This couldn't be further from the truth. When you are designing your office space with a biophilic touch, you should think of the best ways to create a truly green and eco-friendly environment within your office. It creates a space where creativity flows, and your employees genuinely enjoy working.

A major part of a biophilic office design is nature. You should include natural textures and perspectives in your office by installing stone walls and wooden doors. Green-themed office concepts are a huge trend this year, with fresh greenery having proven to boost employee morale.

Another great way to bring in a biophilic design is by creating a sunlight effect within the workspace. Having ambient sunlight in your office enhances employee happiness and helps them feel revitalized. It shuns away the dreary and dull office look to create a bright and dynamic environment.

You can add sunlight by simply installing a few large windows around the office. If that isn't possible, you can also invest in artificial lighting that mimics natural light.

Consider an Open-Concept Workplace

Perhaps one of the most significant ways to transform your office space is by changing your current office plans. While closed-door offices were largely popular in the past, today's modern workplace no longer holds them in high regard. This is the age of inclusive workspaces that are built for collaboration and supplemented with open-door policies for the employees.

An excellent way to do this is by furnishing your office with adjustable furniture. Standing desks are a great way to cater to people of different heights and special abilities. You can also create private spaces within the open-concept environment by having a breakout room with frosted glass panes or partition walls where employees can have meetings and important phone calls.

Opt for Noise Reduction Techniques

Speaking of open-concept workplaces, noise is often one of the most deterring factors. Employers tend to gravitate away from open-concept offices because it creates unnecessary clangor and commotion in the office environment, making it look messy and unprofessional. It can also become incredibly difficult to focus on work in such a space.

However, instead of crossing open-concept workplaces off your list, you can always look for ways to manage the noise better. Starting from the ground up, you can look at noise-canceling initiatives like carpets and curtains that absorb sound. Soundproofed floors and furnishing also help in managing the acoustics of your workplace.