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One-on-One Q&A with a FlexiSpot Desk Bike User

30 September 2021

Everyone loves the FlexiSpot Bike Workstation V9, and with good reason. 

A quick check on the site and you’ll see a perfect five-star rating with a total of 270 reviews. It truly has changed the way the users of this bike work. From just wanting to shed some pounds or be more efficient at work, these employees were able to find a desk bike that was perfect for their work grind and outside of it. Not to be biased and probably we are, we love it equally in the headquarters as much as the market does. It just looks like a simple addition to a person’s workstation but it’s really a major upgrade to one’s work performance. 

The FlexiSpot Bike Workstation V9 Up Close

The FlexiSpot Bike Workstation V9 Up Close

The Bike Workstation V9 comes in black and white, depending on what color you prefer to add to your workstation. Both are very classic that can surely fit any workstation aesthetic without becoming an eyesore. It is also very neutral and can work for both men and women. 

This particular design was a 2018 Honoree in the CES Innovation Awards, and we’re very much proud of it! It helps you stay productive at work and overall healthy and active in life. Even if you are performing a sedentary task, you’ll be able to burn a significant number of calories—well, that still depends on your fitness goal and how hard you work for it! 

The seat is easily adjustable to your height because of the pneumatic adjustment lever. It has an integrated digital display that shows readouts for workout time, calories burned, and speed. It has eight resistance levels to choose from, whether you want something light or robust. According to some reviews, 1 is hardly any resistance felt and 8 is already very difficult to pedal. 

Some report adjusting to the comfortability of the seat at first but generally, it’s very comfortable and can accommodate long hours of sitting. The bike has lockable gravity casters so you don’t have to worry about it suddenly moving from your desired spot. It also has a spacious desktop where you can put your laptop and phone. It can also be removed as you please. Moreover, it gives you a quiet and smooth cycling experience because of the whisper-quiet operation. 

Deskcise Pro V9

Q&A with a Certified Flexispot desk Bike User

Because of all the great reviews we’ve been getting, we reached out to one of you for a quick chat about her experience with the Flexispot Bike Workstation V9. Here’s how our e-mail conversation went: 

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Scarlett, 26 years old, from Brooklyn, New York. I work as a freelance copywriter for magazines, advertising agencies, PR companies, and brands. Work can be very hectic especially if I’m working on a big campaign that will span for months to a year. I try to maintain exercise in my life but lately, it’s been hard juggling multiple jobs and doing personal errands. 

What made you decide to buy a FlexiSpot All-in-One Desk Bike and try it out?

What made you decide to buy a FlexiSpot All-in-One Desk Bike and try it out? 

I really value the importance of exercise in my life so when a friend recommended getting a desk bike back in 2019, I immediately checked it out even though I have no idea what it is. Apparently, I can work under my desk while cycling. It’s perfect because I love cardio, I love biking, I’ve been attending spinning classes and to get one at home that will help me incorporate movement in my sedentary lifestyle was just perfect. I immediately bought one from FlexiSpot since it was also what my friend recommended to me. 

How long have you been using it? 

I’ve been using it since August 2019 so I've been a fan of the desk bike for more than two years now. 

What makes you keep using it? 

As I’ve said, it helps me stay active. I’m able to cycle for around an hour or two every day. My mind becomes awake and alert which I need for my writing job. During the first two weeks, if I can recall correctly, it was already a breeze. The first two levels of resistance were hardly a chore and it already helped me burn some calories. Now, I usually use Resistance Level 3 or 4 when I’m working, then I switch it up to 5 or 6 when I want a strenuous exercise. 

Deskcise V9 Pro

What do you like most about it? 

I like that it’s easy to use no matter what I’m doing on my desk. It doesn’t feel like a chore, the cycling is quiet and I don’t disturb my neighbors or my partner. Oh that as well, since I live with my boyfriend, we like that we could both use this bike. I’m 5’4 and he’s 6’3 but it can perfectly accommodate both of our weights and height. The height of the seat is easy to adjust and the weight as well carries both of us just fine--separate times of course, hehe! Sometimes, he even wants to buy his own so that we could cycle at the same time. 

And I forgot to say, it’s really very portable as well. We tried moving this to a friend’s house, I don’t remember why anymore lol, but it was really easy to transport there in one whole piece. 

What did you not like, if any? 

During the first days, I was still trying to adjust to the seat. I eventually got the hang of it and find it really comfortable. There’s no pain or anything, just the resistance which I like because then I know it’s working. I was also very skeptical about it helping me lose weight but I shouldn’t have been because it has really helped me burn calories. I use it twice a week for a strenuous session and use it five times a week while I work. 

Did the desk bike meet your expectations?

Did the desk bike meet your expectations? 

Absolutely! It even exceeded my expectations and I would really recommend someone who is longing for movement in a sedentary office job to try it out.