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Ordinary Fixed Height Desk vs. Flexispot Fixed Height Tables

18 June 2021

Cutting the Budget Wisely

You may be one of the people who like to cut the budget and make both ends meet by tightening the belt. This is pretty understandable because of the crisis that most people experience these days that the impact of the global recession caused last year. Now, in budgeting for the household, most people tend to depend on what is low-priced without looking closely at the quality. If you were in their situation, would you also do the same thing? Let’s say you are looking for the best ergonomic products in the market. Say, a fixed height table. Would you stick to the cheap products to save your budget or would you look for the reasonable-priced but have the most superb quality? As a consumer which would you consider?

In that case, let us check the differences between these two products and you may decide which one would best suit your ergo needs.

Ordinary Fixed Height Tables Vs. Flexispot Fixed Height Tables

So, in choosing the product that could give the most suitable ergonomic solutions, you must always look at the excellence and durability of the products. That’s actually what the Flexispot Fixed Height tables have. They may be as multi-functional as the Flexispot standing desks that could be bought either as a single-motor or dual-motor but the Flexispot Fixed Height tables can ensure you as a consumer of the sturdiness that some ordinary fixed height tables do not have. 

The ordinary products that we buy from the market do not have the even surface and legs that an ideal fixed height table should 

have. Accidents that involve uneven legs of the table and wobbliness are caused by these products. This is dangerous to most users especially the young ones. This may put them in danger and could cause severe ergonomic injuries especially around the:

  • Lumbar:

This may be possible because when a table is wobbly and uneven, the tendency is the person might strain his back and twitch some parts of the body accidentally because of the attempt to find a comfortable position and avoid the sudden falling of objects from the surface of the table. 

  • Shoulders:

The product defect of the ordinary tables may affect even the shoulder area. This is because once the person tries to move around a faulty product that may involve upper body movements, it could cause injury. Hence, the conditions like frozen shoulder. 

Ergonomic problems such as the ones mentioned are rare to happen but it is still possible especially if you would not consider buying the most trusted and reliable fixed height tables such as the ones offered by Flexispot. 

Just like the other ergo chairs from Flexispot, you may ensure that all the materials used for the fixed height tables are considered non-toxic and environment-friendly, unlike the ordinary fixed height tables. We might not know the materials used for these products. With the Flexispot Fixed height tables, you can assure that these are made from materials that are safe for everyone even the young learners. 

The Flexispot fixed height tables may not be height-adjustable but they have a fixed height of 29 inches. Hence, it could be ideal for everyone in your house even the young students who wish to use this table. 

This is also a robust table because it has a maximum capacity of 220lbs. That means it is sturdy enough to carry the weight of the laptop or books that you have in the house. You don’t have to worry about the table getting damaged because of the collision. This may not have the automatic anti-collision function like the other standing desks from Flexispot but with the screws and steels used to create this product, you may ensure absolute safety while using this table. 

The base of this product too is made of steel that is considered really sturdy because the leg frames of this product are screwed tightly to ensure the safety of the person who’s going to use the product. 

If you notice with ordinary tables, some screws easily get loose that cause the wobbliness of the table, and eventually lead to possible accidents. This is dangerous especially if you decide to buy the ordinary tables because what if you put a lot of heavy materials on the surface of that table and it gets wobbly, you might not know the severe accident that you might experience hence, choosing the Flexispot Fixed Height Table is safer and wiser. It could not break your bank and cost you hospital bills. 

With Flexispot Fixed Height Tables, you may enjoy using this in different ways. If you like to put a mini library, you do so by stacking your books on top of it because this table has a desktop size of 47 inches by 24 inches. This means that the space is wide enough to put your favorite books on top. 

You may also use this table as your office desk at home. If you are a WFH individual, you may enjoy using this sturdy desk without much hassles because of its even surface and sturdy leg frames, it may help you accomplish your tasks for the day. 

If you have a collection of perfume and make-up kits, you may use this table too. You don’t have to worry about the liquid spills because this table is water-proof, unlike the other products that absorb the moist that damages the desktop in the long run. 

If you already have a desk converter with you, then this table is the best partner for your product because of its simple design and structure you can easily put the converter on top of it and enjoy a flexible work time. 

So, looking at this product, you may ensure that despite the simple structure that it has, it can still be used for different purposes and can prevent you from the dangers of incorrect ergonomics. 

Final Thoughts:

A tight budget should not limit you from enjoying the perks of quality products such as the Flexispot Fixed Height Table because just like the others, you deserve to be well-protected against the dangers of spine injury or other ergonomic problems.