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Our Favorite FlexiSpot Gaming Chairs – Upgrade Your Setup

29 April 2022

It may be tempting to play video games while relaxing on a couch, especially if you’re playing a console. However, it’s not an ideal sitting position if you plan on spending several hours gaming. On the other hand, if you’re playing on a PC, then you will need to sit at a desk to use the mouse and keyboard. When sitting at a desk, it’s best to get an ergonomic chair for gaming to sit upright and comfortably. With a well-made, ergonomic chair, you can limit fatigue, reduce the risk of injury, and stay more focused on your games, which is crucial when playing competitively.

This article, therefore, discusses various gaming chairs by FlexiSpot to offer you different options that are best suited to you. Let’s get into it.

Options for an Ergonomic Chair for Gaming

An ergonomic chair may be a bit of an investment, so it’s a good idea to look at a variety of options before you settle on one. You could keep your height, desk height, and other factors in mind when making your decision. This way, you can buy a chair that has all the comforts you need without going out of budget.

For those of you who don’t know, FlexiSpot is an ergonomic furniture manufacturer. It specializes in a variety of different office equipment, gaming gear, and more. Thus, we’ve outlined options from this company as listed below.

8521 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

8521 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The 8521 model is the best ergonomic chair for gaming if you’re on a budget. Despite its relatively affordable price, it’s made with comfortable and durable materials, includes a variety of adjustment features, and has a warranty of three years.

High-Quality Materials for Great Comfort

The chair is made of bonded leather, meaning there’s a mix of real leather and PU leather. It has a PU leather cover that’s soft, breathable, and easy on the skin. Therefore, you can sit long hours on your gaming chair without worrying about damaging your skin or causing any rashes. That said, it’s always a good idea to take breaks and get off your seat every 20 to 30 minutes to improve blood circulation. The PU leather is also clean. If you tend to eat a lot of snacks or have drinks when gaming, you can keep your setup spotless even when some food or drink spills.

Comfortable Design

In addition to the premium material, it has high-density foam for the padding on the seat, backrest, and armrests. The armrests are also curved to offer maximum comfort even during long and tough gaming sessions. Moreover, the seat cushion size is relatively larger than many other gaming chairs available in the market, giving you more room and better comfort than those.

Excellent Flexibility for the Price

Even though this model is a budget gaming chair, it has various adjustment options to make it a great fit for all gamers. One of the most useful features is the height adjustment to ensure your feet are always flat on the ground. In addition to that, it allows you to recline your seat with a rocking function if you want to be able to move it along with your back. Also, the 360 degrees rotating casters allow you to move your chair easily in your room, which is helpful when you want to clean or tidy your gaming setup.

Long Warranty

This ergonomic gaming chair has a warranty of 3 years, which is also an indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in the build quality. Therefore, this chair is a great long-term investment, provided that you take care of it. Also, you should note that you will need to assemble the chair yourself. You can call FlexiSpot if you have any queries, and a representative will guide you.

Big & Tall Massage Gaming Chair

Big & Tall Massage Gaming Chair

This ergonomic chair for gaming is perhaps the best for comfort, with several features to minimize strain on your body, allowing you to play pain-free for hours. It is specifically designed as a racing chair. There’s something remarkable about the design of a racing seat. They’re comfortable, look fantastic, and offer a lot of options (at least that’s the case with the Big & Tall model).

A Racing Chair with Unparalleled Comfort

This model has detachable lumbar support and headrest cushions. The purpose of these cushions is to help you maintain your posture so that you never have to hunch or bend forward even when you’re in an intense moment during a match.

Moreover, the seat cushion has a padding of memory foam over it to provide superior comfort. One characteristic of racing chairs that’s perhaps a reason why people choose them is that the seat and backrest hug the curves of your body when you’re in them. Thus, it helps you fit snuggly into the chair for exceptional comfort. Also, as the name suggests, it has a long backrest, which is designed for both tall and short people.

What’s great about this premium gaming chair is that it includes a USB massage feature on the lumbar support cushion. So, you can turn it on when you feel some pain in your lower back.

Adjustability for Everything

What makes the Big & Tall model one of the best gaming chairs out there is its adjustability features for everything. For example, if you’re playing a narrative-based game casually, you don’t have to upright and enjoy your game. It allows you to recline the seat between 90 degrees and 135 degrees so that you can sit back and play. It also includes a rocking function, or you can look it in place at 90 degrees, 105 degrees, or 135 degrees. In addition to that, it also includes a retractable footrest if you want to lie down and play your game without letting your feet dangle. All of these adjustments are also easy to control and quick to change, so you can find your most comfortable setting in no time. Moreover, the chair’s adjustment options mean that a chair is a great option for gamers of all heights and sizes.

Excellent Durability

When buying a premium ergonomic chair for gaming, you want it to last. The Big & Tall model is designed for that, with an integrated metal frame, a heavy-duty metal base, an explosion-proof gas spring, and smooth casters. Thus, all of that allows it to withstand a total weight of 350 Lbs.

Ergonomic Chair for Gaming GC02

Ergonomic Chair for Gaming GC02

The GC02 model is a new ergonomic gaming chair by FlexiSpot that’s made for comfort and performance. The price may be higher than the other two options mentioned, but it offers premium quality through and through. Like the Big & Tall, it has detachable lumbar and headrest pillows and a reclining backrest (90 degrees to 135 degrees). That said, it has additional features such as a 2D armrest, 4.3 inches of thick seat cushioning, and more.

2D Armrests for Better Wrist Comfort

A standout feature of this ergonomic chair for gaming is its 2D armrests. Therefore, you can adjust the armrests in 2 dimensions, allowing you to rotate the armrests around their axes and adjust the height. This feature is essential for maintaining an ergonomic wrist and elbow position. Using the mouse and keyboard in a bad position can result in wrist injury or conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

So, you can use the adjustments to ensure that your elbow is approximately parallel to the floor and your wrists are straight. Sitting in this position puts putting minimal stress on both wrists, keeping them away from injury. Also, when you’re seated in an ideal position, you’re more likely to perform well at your game.

Various Comfort Features

In addition to armrest adjustments, it also has reclining seats, as mentioned above. Reclining seats are great if you want to take a break from gaming to watching a movie or TV show. Other than that, they’re great for playing on consoles or using a controller on your PC. In addition to that, this gaming chair includes detachable lumbar support and headrest pillows to keep back pain and neck pain to a minimum. Also, the seat has a 4.3 inches seat cushion to keep you in comfort for long sessions. The entire chair is upholstered with PU leather for durability and comfort.

Last Few Words

When you’re getting an ergonomic chair for gaming, it’s important to think about how much time you typically spend at your gaming desk. If you don’t spend much time or play competitively, then perhaps a budget option is best for you. On the other hand, if gaming is serious to you, and you actively take part in esports events, then getting the best chair out there is the way to go. What you should also note is that you can always use these chairs for office work as well because they’re designed to help you sit upright comfortably.

For more options on ergonomic gaming chairs, desks, and office furniture and accessories, visit FlexiSpot today! There are currently some fantastic discounts on these amazing products.