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Out of Workspace? Try Creating a Cloffice

12 October 2021

Last year, if your job required you to work from home, I'm sure you struggled to get by without a desk initially. However, as many of us (including myself) have discovered, working on the countertop is quite inconvenient since you must clean up your workstation every day and leave the space accessible for its intended function. It's far handier for me to be able to leave my laptop ready, notepads open, and pencils spread. A great home office environment is a must-have as work-from-home hybrid or full-time options become increasingly widespread. However, not every homeowner or renter has extra space to spare, making putting together a productive workspace challenging.

The Cloffice

The Cloffice

There are techniques to be creative while still maintaining a suitable working environment. A desk, some storage, and a chair are all that are necessary for a basic workstation, whereas a closet only demands a few racks and hooks. If there isn't enough space to separate the two, the "cloffice" may be an option. 

You may adapt any underutilized spot into a cloffice, such as a guest room closet or an empty nook in your family room. This room will be ideal for working at home, homeschooling, virtual learning, and any other task you have to complete:

  • Provides a dedicated space for online learning, freelance, side hustles, and work-from-home cultures
  • Allows you to keep all of your office materials in one space
  • Makes the most of every space in your home
  • It's simple to put up in an existing room
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Provides a workstation without a full renovation, saving money and time
  • Boosts productivity and makes morning chores easier

Cloffice Ideas

Cloffice Ideas

Here are a few typical spaces in your residence that can be converted into an office. While the possibilities for your cloffice are infinite, some ideas can make the process easier:

  • CLOSET: Among the most common places for a cloffice is a small closet. Based on your space and demands, this can be as basic or as elaborate as you want.
  • SMALL ROOM: Adding a compact desk to a quiet area in your apartment or a family room in your house may breathe new life into the space and turn it into a practical and private environment.
  • NOOK: In any area or room of your home, create a workstation in a corner. This may be within a big walk-in closet, in a living room corner, or underutilized kitchen space.

Tips and Ideas for Establishing Your Cloffice

Even though a cloffice is a functional space, it shouldn't mean you can't have fun with the design. The more care and work you put into organizing your area, the more likely you will love spending time there, resulting in increased productivity while working from home.

Choose A Location

Choose a Location

Because a cloffice doesn't require as much space as a full office, it's critical to pick a yet spacious location. Make sure it has sufficient capacity for whatever you need, whether it's a guest bedroom, a reach-in, or a walk-in cloffice. Existing areas can be adapted as well.

Add Space By Removing the Closet Header

It may appear challenging to gain additional closet space. All you need to do now is look up. By removing the header over your closet, you'll have extra vertical space to add storage and lighting, giving your workspace a more airy, breezy vibe.

Provide Privacy with a Door or Curtain

Setting yourself a private space allows you to feel like you are not at home and can focus on your work. To minimize clutter, create privacy using curtains or a door that closes off the area.

If the door to your cloffice is removed, a curtain can be added to conceal your desk instantly. Alternatively, if you have free space under your desk, place a cloth around the border to hide clutter while still allowing access to essentials. When you're done working, you'll be able to switch off for the day indeed.

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Your Office Chair

A statement office chair is a must-have for every home workspace, and it also gives you the chance to show off your particular style. Before purchasing a chair, consider a few crucial criteria regarding how you'll use it, just like you would when picking your cloffice desk. Consider whether you'll keep it inside or outside the cloffice (if it has doors), whether you choose to slip snugly under your desk, and whether you want a chair with wheels or not.

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Incorporate Storage

If there isn't enough area on the counter, make use of vertical space. Shelves, a corkboard, pegboards, bins, and buckets are all traditional techniques to increase storage and organizing. The goal is to select peripherals that are both useful and efficient. Most workspaces will necessitate a place to hold stationery, critical documentation, and electrical equipment such as chargers. Shelves aren't the only place where storage may be found. Install cabinets to store (and hide!) your office supplies.

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Install Lighting

Install Lighting

It is possible that replacing fluorescent lightbulbs with LED lightbulbs can improve the room's appearance. Desk lamps can clutter the already minimal desk space in a cloffice, but good lighting is crucial in any work. Add overhead lights in the ceiling or wall sconces instead to have the lighting you need without taking up desk space. For a modern take, you can even install lights on the undersides of bookcases above your workstation.

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Your Desk

It's critical to know precisely how you'll use the area before picking on your cloffice desk. A suitable desk is a must-have for any home office, but when you're dealing with a cramped room, it's even more critical. The best part about desks is that they can be customized to meet a variety of requirements. A floating desk is an excellent option if you don't have a lot of room. If technology is more your thing, a gadget-heavy one might be right for you. Just ensure there's enough room for other essentials like a computer, supplies, chair, and personal belongings.

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Personalize Your Cloffice

Personalize Your Cloffice

Adding finishing personal touches to your workspace makes it feel more welcoming and comfy. Regardless of your aesthetic, keep functionality in mind to create a space that is as practical as it is personal. Display cherished items, family pictures, and art in your home office to make it your own. Plants and favorite souvenirs are subtle details that will keep you motivated and inspired.

If you're working from home and have limited space, it's essential to keep things simple. Cutting back on non-essential products is an excellent strategy to save money. The cloffice has evolved into a practical alternative to a comprehensive office. People who want to streamline their living areas should start by combining their closet and workstation.