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Overcoming Ergo Pain Caused by Prolonged Sitting

18 August 2021

Prolonged Sitting: The Silent Spine-Killer

This is not about a scene from a thriller movie but this is a real-life scenario. What we pertain to today is not a fictional character in the flick but a silent killer that brings pain for a long time. You might have encountered this before but you might have ignored it because you might have thought it's just another numbness caused by sitting for a long time. If it's your case, then you must be doing a prolonged sitting in the office. 

This might be part of your daily routine; you work for more than seven hours a day without alternating some activities in the office. With that, you might experience severe spine strain. The spine pain that you are encountering might put you at grave risk. Hence, the term silent killer. This is because the spine strain that you feel might escalate to something very risky for your health. In general, some individuals experience illnesses after a long time such as osteoporosis. 

So, these things are very worrisome because with just a simple pain around the waist, you might fall very ill because of improper ergonomics.

Now, how could you combat the effects of prolonged sitting?

How could you make sure that you are keeping an active lifestyle even when you are sitting on the office chair? In this next part of the article, we will talk about the ways to make your movement on the office chair flexible and how you can make your sitting free of ergonomic pain. 

Ergonomic Check at Work

You work the 9-5 job but within the 8-hour workday, you are not able to do different things. In actuality, one of the secrets of proper ergonomics is to have:

  • Periodic rest breaks

These are in-between breaks in the office like the coffee break. This activity could help you refresh and relax even for a couple of minutes say 5 to 10 minutes. Aside from the power nap, you may take these breaks to regenerate your system. 

  • Alternating activities in the office

Doing the same routine over and over would make you stagnant in the long run. For example, you are photocopying lots of paper for 1 hour, that would make you waste energy because your power is focused on one activity. Therefore, you need to make sure that in 30 minutes, you could do 2-3 different activities so you may have a diversion. Your thoughts and body could be doing different actions and your energy would be directed in different things within less than an hour; it could accelerate your brain function. 

  • Equipment that won't cause you harm

This is an effective way to know if your chair or desk is prone to damages or injuries. There are different ways to know if you are safe sitting on these pieces of equipment. Some of these quick checkups are knowing if the distance between your lower torso and the backrest of the chair is narrow. You may also check if you could freely push yourself back on the spot where you want to rest your hips and buttocks. When it comes to the desk that you are using, you could check if this piece of equipment makes the height level of the keyboard and elbow the same. Then, you need to make sure you can relax your elbows when you start typing on the keyboard. By doing these checkups, you can ensure that your work area would be accident-free. 

The ergonomic check mentioned above is a way for you to safeguard yourself when you are working for long hours. What's dangerous about ergonomic problems is they could affect the quality of your work. If you experienced a throbbing pain around your neck while typing for long hours, that was already ergonomic pain. Think of the first reaction that you have and try to remember the output that you have come up with. If it was superb then it means you have a high tolerance to pain but if you look closely at it, it could have made tiny damage in your nerve or muscle. So, if the same thing happens in the future, then the little damages might accumulate and become a severe injury. Hence, that is important to have an ergonomic check; to ensure that you would be protected against severe ergonomic injury. 

Moving forward now, we will discuss the line of products that could assist you in your ergo check. These products are above and beyond in the competition hence a lot of people trust this brand most. In the next part of the discussion, we will know more about the Flexispot ergo products. 

Flexispot: The Game Changer in the Corporate Field

There are different catalogs from various companies that sell office equipment but one company stands out. That is Flexispot- the game-changer that revolutionizes the sitting experience of all workers. When you try the pieces of ergonomics from Flexispot, you can ensure that you would feel the absolute comfort and ergonomic security that you deserve to have. This is because, at Flexispot, your piece of equipment is made with the finest and sturdiest materials that ensure the durability of the ergo chair. Try to look at each side of the ergo chairs, you would see how tightly screwed each panel is. You would also notice how thick the cushions are padded on the chair frame. You would also notice that the backrest and armrest of these pieces of equipment fully cover your back and allow you to widen up your arms at a 90-degree angle. With all these features, you can ensure that you would feel comfortable while sitting. 

Final Thoughts

Being healthy is being wealthy. Thus, you have the freedom to enhance your body system with the help of the most sought-after ergonomic equipment in the market. With these in your office, you can ensure that you are always protected as you achieve all your work goals.