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Peer Pressure and Stress

05 July 2021

I was surfing the net for some news about young people all over the world and one thing that struck me was the news about a young Japanese university student who died of too much-drinking alcohol with his friends during a party. The young student who died was only in his 20’s, came from a good family and with a shy personality and good character.

His father described him as a good and obedient son and he was never a problem in the family. In fact, he did not go out often and concentrated only on his studies. However, he does not have many friends and this led him to try to join a certain group of students in the university where he was studying.

It was through his close friend that he joined this group. His close friend prodded him to join the group so that he could win more friends. The student was convinced and he was successful in joining the group of students that was similar to being a member of brotherhood but not really a fraternity.

One day, he was invited to attend a party with this new group that was held in one of the group member’s houses where they celebrated an event with him. I forgot the name of the student and I just named him Yoshi. He went to the party but his close friend did not attend the occasion.  

Yoshi was a little bit shy and a little uncomfortable for it was his first time to meet the group members and was worried he might not be able to adjust to the group’s personality but eventually he was slowly getting acquainted with them. The party went on and everybody was having fun. Until one of the group members asked Yoshi to drink alcohol as others were doing at that moment.

Yoshi was first hesitant to drink because he was not used to it and alcohol drinking was not his cup of tea. For the sake of camaraderie and togetherness, he tried to take a shot for once and subsequently took another shot for the pleasure of his newfound friends. The group members were happy and pressured him to drink more than he could until he passed out.

The group members continued drinking and did mind Yoshi who suddenly fell on the floor unconscious and seemed to be lifeless. Nobody dared to check on him to see how he was. They thought that he was just drunk and fell asleep. Until they found out that he was not breathing anymore. He was lifeless.  

The sad part here was that no one in the group became concerned about him to tell others to bring him to the hospital and some policemen came when neighbors reported the raucous noise they heard from the young students. The police brought Yoshi to the hospital, however, it was too late because he was already declared dead on arrival. His father was notified about his son’s death and was shocked to find him lifeless. His friend who introduced him to the group was also very sad about what happened to his friend. He was remorseful and felt guilt over his friend’s death. If he had not introduced him to this group, his friend would have been alive.  

He asked forgiveness from Yoshi’s father because he had a guilty conscience about his death. Yoshi’s father did not blame him and said that his son’s death was accidental and Yoshi’s fate had to be accepted as part of life. Yoshi’s father advised that life must be lived in a way that you want it to be and not because of the influence of other people.

Peer pressure is one of the serious problems among youth today and it is reported to be one of the reasons why some young people take their lives and others resort to excessive drinking of alcohol and drug abuse.

Others become stressed out and depressed.

This story really struck me because another life was taken because of peer pressure. If only some interventions were done, this could have not happened. There are some things that you could do if you feel you are being pressured by your friends to do something that you really do not like in the first place.

You can learn how to say "no" when your friends tell you to do something against your will.

Do not be afraid of being left out or being ostracized by a few people around you. There are other good people who can become your real friends who think about good things and who are open to real good friendships and good relationships.

Peer pressure brings stress and this could lead to more serious emotional problems that could affect your mental health. I think I would go by the rule of “choose your friends” as you try to be in a group for social acceptance.  

When you are in a peer pressure situation, try to suggest another activity that is more wholesome and positive such as doing physical activities, for example, doing exercises to be physically fit instead of joining alcohol drinking or drug use.

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You can always outwit those who initiate peer pressure among your friends with something that is more worthwhile to do and more interesting for your life.