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Perfect Corporate Gift Ideas For Valentines

23 January 2022

An organization is nothing without its workforce. Whether you lead a small team or a global enterprise, it is irrefutable how important your personnel are in attaining organizational goals – and that they deserve more than just a paycheck. Equally as important are the people that make up your supply chain.

Companies seize opportunities like holidays, anniversaries, or the achievement of targets to gift the people that help them achieve their bottom line. Any gift given to a business contact, such as a prospective or existing business associate, a distributor, a consumer, or staff, is referred to as a corporate gift.

But why are corporate gifts important? Corporate presents are centered around strengthening relationships and brand positioning. However, choosing the right one can be a tad difficult. They need to balance cost, versatility, uniqueness, and their usefulness to the recipient.

With Valentine’s literally around the corner, it’s about time for companies to send out the first round of fruit baskets, vouchers, etc., as an honor to the continued commitment to their relationships with partners and associates.

We’ve compiled a list of ideal corporate gifts for you to consider this Valentine. Read on to find out one that suits your recipients, as well as one that considers your budget.


A Drink

Part of the fun of Valentine's Day is indulging with the people you love. Your colleagues and associates are all presumably above the legal drinking age. Therefore, recognizing their dedication and hard work with a unique bottle of champagne or rare whiskey might just do the trick.

Alternatively, get packages of costly, top-of-the-line tea or coffee to cover those who don't take alcohol. Go for something they usually wouldn’t get themselves due to cost factors or availability to make it all the more special. And in the spirit of the season, customize the present by tying a red ribbon to each bottle or package and adding a personalized note.

Valentine Day Cookies

Gifting work associates on Valentine is a bit of a volatile situation. On the one hand, you do not want to cross signals or give anyone false ideas. Then again, it is impossible to get everyone in the office a gift. Also, you do not want to insult anyone by getting them something whose price tag feels belittling. If you are facing any of the above challenges, why not bake or purchase some cookies and carry them into the work for everyone to enjoy?

It is a modest effort that will undoubtedly make a subtle but sufficient impact on your colleagues. Get large heart-shaped sugar cookies baked or purchased, preferably frosted with red icing. If you have the time or the means, write each person’s name on a cookie. Distribute the cookies to each employee individually, or place them on a massive tray in the office or coffee lounge with a note saying, "I value each one of you."

Valentine Card/Gift Card

Valentine's Day cards can be purchased or made as a DIY project. Write an honest expression of gratitude for the recipients' efforts or contributions to the successful running of the business. The more personal details in the message, the more impactful- cite specific instances. Include a little gift card for a nearby coffee shop, food store, chain store, theater, or eatery inside. Spa vouchers work on every level, so try incorporating them into this gift idea.

Coffee Mug

This is a classic. Everybody needs a mug; therefore, a mug works as the most versatile gift option on this list. And sure, there are a variety of inexpensive ones available, but the self-stirring cup wouldn’t be so awful as a Valentine’s present.

You can add your corporate logo to the coffee cup. Pick an excellent high-quality mug- consider one made from break-resistant tempered glass with a leak-proof cover for safety sipping on the go.

Accompany that with a coffee kit containing coffee beans, biscuits, and a candle, maybe for your associates outside the office. For your employees or recipients with more team members, a large coffee kit can save you on cost as it allows for sharing. Just make sure to get enough mugs.

A Sit- Stand Desk Converters

A Sit- Stand Desk Converters

A sit-stand desk converter is a piece of ergonomic equipment that enables you to transform your regular desk into a standing desk and vice versa. It's a foldable device that holds your laptop or desktop and other essential components of your desk in either a sitting or standing position. The ergonomists say that too much sitting and prolonged standing are detrimental to your health and that one should strive to find a balance.

Valentine's day is a chance to express love and care. These gadgets are simple, classy, and best of all, compact enough to sit on your desk without looking too foreign. They are also relatively inexpensive; therefore, you can incorporate as many people on your gifting list for this one. Sit-stand desk converters will serve you well in a formal office setup or a home office setup. If you’re interested, check out the ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3B - 35 - one of the most highly recommended desk converters.

Ergonomic Office Chair

An ergonomic office chair is an excellent gift for your employees this Valentine's Day, primarily if they work extra hard and sit at their workstations for long periods. The main purpose of an ergonomic chair is to offer comfort to your body's primary structures, which are prone to get strained while working. Ergonomic chairs provide several advantages, including supporting your posture, lowering the danger of neck problems, lowering the risk of back pain, lowering the pressure on your hips, and making work more accessible.

However, don’t rush for just any chair. Because of the specific support needs, an excellent ergonomic chair is supposed to be customizable. Factors to consider include the chair height, seat depth, and lumbar support, cost, material, etc. The Soutein Ergonomic Office Chair is an excellent option for a chair gift. It has a 3D lumbar support system, 135° lounge tilt, and 4D adjustable armrests. Consider elevating your employee’s sitting experience this Valentine’s as a show of care.

Desk Organizer

The best kinds of gifts are those that immediately find purpose with the recipient. As an employer, you may have observed that your colleague's desk is constantly cluttered and disorganized. In this case, you can get them a desk organizer to reign in the chaos. Desk organizers are accessory units with racks positioned tactically for neat storage.

Several studies have shown that working on a neat, clutter-free desk can reduce stress and increase productivity. Therefore, that feels like enough reasons to include them in your shopping cart this Valentine's. We recommend the Mesh Desk Organizer D001 as the ideal accessory for storing all of your miscellaneous pens, pencils, and note cards.

Monitor Arm

A monitor arm is an excellent gift for those who work in graphic design, IT, trading, or if they simply need/prefer large desktop real estate. If their current arrangement is causing them strain, it's vital to purchase some adjustable monitor arms. The monitor arm’s height adjustability and flexibility allow you to achieve the most ergonomic position, resulting in better posture and reduced muscular soreness. Most monitor arms conveniently mount to the edge of any desk or table. FlexiSpot has a large selection of monitor arms, which you can consider for those whom it would serve.



We all love music. However, we can’t all blast our individual playlists in shared workspaces, public transport, etc. Nowadays, there are endless options for good headsets that you can consider gifting to your partners, associates, and employees. And in the video conferencing era, this gift will come in handy for everyone. You can brand them with your company logo or package them in some custom packaging for that extra touch.

Desk Lamp

Lighting is everything, and not just for photographers. You can acquire a spotlight lamp for desktops if the lighting in the workplace is inadequate or if the employees stay on till late. These can assist your employees to become more efficient and focused, which is essential for employee performance. Again, the lamps can mitigate headaches and eyestrain caused by poor lighting.

Desk lamps are an inexpensive means of providing adequate illumination. And, as a token of appreciation, the Modern Table Lamp would be an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your associates this year. You won’t have to break the bank for this, and we assure you that this will be the most unique gift they will receive this year.

Productivity Planner

The gift of planning is another thoughtful entry. A productivity planner is a versatile gift because we could all use some organization in our planning. A productivity planner is essential in organizing and coordinating thoughts and actions. They serve as a visual relay of a person’s plans and, therefore, can help you overcome procrastination and oversight of certain tasks. You also appear much more serious and focused as you approach clients, which could be profitable in the long run.

Power Banks or Wireless Phone Chargers

It’s the 21st century, and we’re all inescapably glued to our smart devices. Running out of battery has been compared to experiencing mini heart attacks. Our whole lives are contained in our glowing rectangular boxes, and as such, we want to remain connected.

Power Banks are tiny in profile and should be a staple in any corporate person’s carry-on. Gift your associates a high-capacity power bank to ensure they remain reachable. Alternatively, get them wireless phone chargers for a quick boost on the go. In the digital age, the last thing anyone wants to be is unplugged. Too much could go wrong if you are unreachable.

Personalized Stationery

Personalized Stationery

Stationery is a staple in any office, and as such, will never run out of style. Grab some unique pencils, a high-end corporate pen, a stationary organizer, and tie a bow to your tiny package. Insert a personalized message, and make this valentine's day a truly cheerful one for anyone that receives your package.

Laptop Bag

How about a nice, handy laptop bag? One that is both classy and one that carries and cushions your property while in transit. Pick an excellent high-quality bag with enough compartments for your associate’s electronics. You don’t have to brand this one as that limits its versatility.

Office Plant

Plants have an excellent aesthetic effect in any space. They also purify the air in the room where they are set. Look for a vendor that can deliver your colleagues' succulents since these do not need so much in terms of care.

Water Bottles

As a global community, we are in a race to eliminate plastic and plastic waste. Single-use plastics are being phased out everywhere, and a reusable water bottle will go yards in fighting this battle. This gift is thoughtful and shows commitment to environmental conservation, which continues the conversation whenever each of your gift recipients has to explain where they got the bottle. Therefore, make sure it’s captivating. Make this a staple in your gift baskets, and always remember to include a message that discourages plastic pollution.

Gift Basket

Gift Basket

You can't go wrong with a classic luxury gift basket. One common gift might not serve the purpose, but an assortment of gifts in a basket is sure to work on some level with each recipient. Load the hamper with seasonal or regional delights, as well as penned messages expressing your gratitude.

Photo Frame

Not many people print pictures these days, so this might soon be considered a vintage gift. But, there’s nothing wrong with a classic frame to store on your desk, nightstand, or TV stand.

Motivational Books

A motivational book is an ideal present for anyone looking to improve themselves or admire a great story of perseverance and unshakable determination.

A Discount off Your Product or Services

If it’s something they can consume, why not give your employees an extra discount on top of their regular employee discount. Make this offer transferable as it helps with referral marketing. It could be 10% off legal fees for a law firm or 25% off a product you manufacture, etc. The bottom line is, the people that work for you should be able to enjoy what you sell. If they don’t need it, they can transfer the gift and save on a Valentine's gift for at least one person. Chances are, their family and friends have already asked for a discount at one point or another.

In Conclusion

The ability to demonstrate your gratitude for your associates and convert that occasion into one they'll cherish is at the core of any corporate gifting plan. Selecting a suitable gift can be difficult, particularly if you want something perfect. There's a lot to consider when choosing an ideal gift, and we hope that this brief run-down helps.