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Perfect Tips You Should Practice as You Return to Work After Maternity Leave

30 March 2023

The moment of returning to work after maternity leave is an exciting experience because that's when the mom's guilt starts tripping in. That's when you need to make some long-term decisions for the baby and even yourself.

Going back to work can also be challenging after you've enjoyed the magical moments of bonding and staying intimate with the baby. It can even be confusing because the workplace is an environment you've left and certain changes must have occurred during your absence.

Your baby might be going back and forth as a result of anxiety and depression triggered by post-partum depression. Therefore, you need to learn the best tips that will help you easily cope with the workplace, stay focused, and deal with performance anxiety at work.

However, the good news here is that the problem of going back to work after maternity leave occurs to hundreds of women as well. You are not alone in the struggle. Hence, there are some ways to straighten this transition for every mom coming back to work.

This article will help you find some hacks to defeat the emotions of the latter part of maternity leave and re-familiarization with the workplace.

Your Objective

Ever since you were enrolled in elementary school, passed each exam with flying colors, got into an academy or varsity, and embraced your current profession, your life's ultimate goal has been etched in your mind.

This is the goal that keeps you going regardless of all the odds against you. Until you land your dream job, build your dream house, and embark on adventures, the objective will keep you strong and fit for the days ahead.

The same thing can be said of nursing mothers coming from maternity leave, this is the moment you have to consider the real reason why you chose this path, career, or job. It will also give you a full remembrance of the entire journey, how far you have come, and what lies ahead of you.

Flowing from above, there needs to be a particular reason why you chose to stay with this current job. Probably your passion. Any time you feel weary and like quitting, this motivation will remind you of how far you have come to attain this current age. That's the motivation you need as you resume work!

Draw a Boundary

Even if you're the other parent, the end of your bachelor's life will surely bring up several kinds of stress all at once. So for the mother, we can also liken the end of your maternity leave to the end of a vacation.

So as your resumption date draws nearer, you need to draw a line of distinction between your work life and personal life. You need to take the boundaries seriously. You don't have to burden yourself either at home or at work.

There should be a timeframe set aside for your partner and baby and you shouldn't let any other thing destroy that. It should be exclusively for you and the family. Also for your office tasks, you need to ensure that no thought or activity affects your concentration and productivity levels.

This tip will help you maintain a free mind and you won't be overwhelmed by the intricacies associated with the workplace and home life.

Email or Call Your HR (Human Resources) Department

If your HR manager hasn't reached out to you, there's no big deal if you contact them. Once you do, they will fill you in on the important updates such as the perfect time to resume work, where the lactation room is located, the availability of the lactation consultant, and other details on paperwork.

The HR personnel may also have some plans or packages in place for you to stay comfortable as you come back to the work routine.

Reconnect with the Office

If it's quite a while since you've thought about work or your workplace, do yourself a favor by setting some time aside to transition into workplace culture. You can also go there to check on the welfare of your folks and close buddies at work.

In a nutshell, you need to do some advanced work ahead of your first day. So you would be able to make the transition smoother and more fun-filled.

Reach Out to Your Boss

As an alternative to connecting with the HR department, you should inform your manager as to when you want to resume. This might even be a great avenue to discuss any schedule changes that may take places such as pumping or childcare.

Then the conclusions reached in the discussion with your boss would determine if you have to get back to the HR department or if it'd no longer be necessary.

Financial Independence

Have you taken your time to consider why we choose fun part-time jobs when we were much younger and now that we tilt toward high-paying boring jobs after grad? Well, the answer is to ensure that financial security and stability are built for ourselves.

And now that a baby is in play, your expenses are bound to go for the sky. Building a family and giving them all the fundamental requirements of life will also demand some money and you can only have peace of mind when you have sufficient savings in your bank account.

Therefore, you should discuss packages that will encourage and improve your state of financial independence with your boss or HR department. It will also help you live a serene and calm life even if all your work hours are spent working on office projects.

Rebuild and Resharpen Your Mindset

Sometimes, concentrating on negative thoughts can rob you of the blessings you have in your life - the blessing of the newly born baby and your partner. So you need to focus on positivity at all times.

You should also note that being a working mother is not an easy task but not everyone who aspires to be one is as an opportunity as you are. Therefore, you should rebuild and resharpen your mind that you are very fortunate to be among the lucky ones.

Going further, many working women would do everything possible to come back home to a beautiful baby. Similarly, many mothers or housewives are in dire need of leaving home daily for a peaceful and modern workplace.

Therefore, you should abstain from worrying about things that you must do to make life more comfortable for yourself and the baby.

Start the Hunt for Another Job

As much as we are trying to consider returning to work after maternity leave, you shouldn't forget that some jobs aren't just worth coming back to. Even if they are worth it, chances are that they won't be compatible with your new life.

Therefore, working-from-home options should sound great for nursing mothers. That way, you'll have the best view of the two worlds (home and workplace). Even as you earn some money, you'll also be able to focus on your career path and other opportunities that are available out there.

Furthermore, embracing a work-from-home option would also help you concentrate perfectly on your new mom's life. You also get a chance to keep your mind in check and avoid getting overwhelmed with the responsibilities of the baby.

Run a Wardrobe Check

Do a deep and quick dive into your closet and bring out your office tops, crepes, pants, and skirts. You should try them on to confirm if they still fit perfectly. After all, the stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding can change your body shape.

Set aside the clothes that are fitting and get rid of other ones. This will help you move your outfits easily and, if need be, you should also try purchasing new wear.

Get Childcare and Backup Childcare

There's no way it won't happen - you might have a very important meeting or appointment at work, maybe a presentation or deadline, and your baby is coincidentally sick. Your best shot here is to be mentally and physically ready for this day.

And this is possible by consulting your significant other since he'll be the main contact for the nanny or daycare. So he or she will be there to help you out with any unforeseen pick-up.

You should also strategize a pattern for the doctors' visits, the baby's sick days, or any other occurrence that might demand you leave work unexpectedly. It will also help you have a list of possible backup caretakers - probably someone from your in-law.

Reach Out for Help

No one is an island or custodian of all things. So you don't have to be ashamed for reaching out for help, especially if you are a new mom. We assure you that people will be ready and willing to be of help.

Even on some days that your babysitter fails to show up or there is a sudden meeting you have to attend, your office colleagues can help you take notes or even help you babysit.

Adopt More Flexible Options

From flexible working styles to remote jobs, there are many plans in place for new moms in a contemporary workplace, so you need to apply for some of these programs to help you build and sustain a full bond with your newborn.

You also need to discuss the timetable that works perfectly for your family with your boss or the HR managers. You can also share the plan with your family friend, godparents, or any other supporter you have.

After all, the act and art of parenting are not limited to the biological or registered parents alone.

Be Excited About this Milestone in Your Life

Being and staying excited about everything makes the world a more beautiful place to live in. So you need to be anxious for nothing. You don't have to take your work as a burden as you wrap up your maternity leave.

Rather, it should be seen as a source of joy and peace for you. The easiest way to achieve this is by meeting your sponsor or supervisor before or immediately after you resume to office. You can also be outspoken as to any adjustment that has been done to your team when you were away.

Most importantly, you should be able to show that you're very eager to come back to work with your productivity level peaked and ready to fire.

Final Words

You should be ready for your new morning routine. So the final tip here is to trial run alongside an alarm set to determine how fast and strong you are for what lies ahead.

Here, you also need to consider dropping the baby at the nanny's or daycare before commuting to the office. Hope you won't end up coming late to work. You need to be sincere with yourself as you answer these questions and explore this new phase of your life.