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Perks of Using a Laptop Riser's Ergonomic

24 August 2022

Even though the speed and portability of laptops may have improved over the years, their form has not changed much over time. This means that the same ergonomic issues people experienced when the first laptop came into existence are not very different from the issues faced today. In fact, it is easy to feel frustrated, especially since working on laptops has become normal in homes as well as workspaces. Moreover, research is recognizing the health risks that come with working on a laptop for longer periods of time.

Fortunately, the market has come up with a solution to the problem. Research on laptop ergonomics shows that the best accessory to own is a laptop riser. Your neck, spine, and wrists will be forever grateful, and you will learn to see the benefits in the long run.

If you, like many other people, spend approximately 10 hours in front of the laptop each day, this article is for you. We will cover the perks of using a laptop riser's ergonomic and why everyone should definitely have a laptop riser at their homes and workplaces.

Perks of Using a Laptop Riser’s Ergonomic

A laptop riser is an integral piece of equipment that you should use when using your laptop for longer periods of time. The riser helps keep the laptop positioned so that it is upright and stable and so that you can continue using it in a comfortable position.

Here are some of the ergonomic benefits of a laptop riser:

Increases the Height of the Laptop So That it is on Eye Level

Increases the Height of the Laptop So That it is on Eye Level

If you have spent hours at a stretch on your laptop, you have probably experienced some kind of pain or stiffness, whether in your back or neck. This discomfort may have gotten in the way of your work or disrupted your sleep routine as well. This usually happens when the laptop screen is kept at a low height, causing you to look down to see the contents of the screen.

According to studies, when the neck is in a forward bending position, loads of stress is placed on it. When the neck is at a slight 15-degree angle, the weight of the head increases. This means that the neck now has to support 27 pounds of weight rather than 12 pounds. Similarly, when the head is at a 30-degree angle, which is usually the angle at which we look down at our laptop screen, the neck weighs a staggering 40-pounds. This is a huge amount of weight for your neck to hold up every single day.

A laptop riser helps solve this problem by raising your laptop to a height so that you can view it at eye level. The height of the laptop will automatically help your upper body, causing it to stay in an ergonomic position. You will notice that your neck will be straight, and you will not be hunching while working on your laptop.

Helps Make Typing Ergonomics Better

The keyboard that is present on most laptops is not usually ergonomic. Even though an external keyboard can fix this problem, many people feel that the laptop screen has been pushed too far away, making it difficult to work and concentrate.

A laptop riser helps solve this problem. It allows you to connect the laptop to an exterior keyboard without moving the screen too far away from eye level. You will also find many dual-rise laptop risers in the market that will allow you to push the external keyboard underneath the laptop. This will allow you to pull the laptop screen as close to yourself as you want.

Moreover, the ergonomic design of a laptop riser allows the natural movement of your wrist and arm. This makes it a wonderful solution for individuals who spend multiple hours on their laptops during the day. The laptop riser will allow you to adjust the height and angle of your laptop, all the while allowing your wrists to stay in a comfortable, neutral position.

Ensures that the Laptop Does Not Overheat and Boosts Laptop Performance

Ensures that the Laptop Does Not Overheat and Boosts Laptop Performance

Did you know that as compared to desktops, laptops are more likely to overheat? It’s true. This is because the hardware components of the laptop are fitted closely together, reducing the amount of space required for the circulation of air.

When a laptop overheats, you will notice that it slows down. In fact, it may even have a hard time performing simple tasks, and the processor will start to run in a less efficient manner. The battery may even drain quicker, even though you may not even be using the laptop for extended periods. Overheating could damage the internal components of the laptop, too, leading to permanent data loss.

One of the perks of a laptop riser's ergonomics is that it keeps the laptop cool so that it can run at the best performance longer. Moreover, the riser helps prolong the overall life of your laptop.

You may find some laptops in the market equipped with USB-powered fan vents and cooling fans to ensure that the device is kept well-ventilated. However, keep in mind that even these laptops can cause the device to overheat.

Makeshift Standing Desks

If you are stuck in the shackles of a sedentary lifestyle, the best way to remain healthy is to alternate between standing and sitting for long periods. This will help reduce the risk of heart disease by 147 percent and may even reduce the likelihood of some cancers by 66 percent.

Another advantage of laptop risers is that they can be used as standing desks. It doesn’t matter whether you have a tight budget or work outdoors often. A laptop riser is portable enough to be carried everywhere. You can use the laptop riser to carry your laptop to different rooms of the house when you cannot concentrate in one room for too long. All you have to do is raise it high enough so that you can work on it while standing. Moreover, you can also store it in your closet or drawers without worrying about it taking up too much space.

Taking a break from sitting will help encourage better posture. It will also result in lesser body pains and will keep you healthy, even if you have a desk job. You may have experienced back pain when using your laptop for long hours every single day. This usually happens because the spine is curved to an abnormal degree when using your laptop. Over time, this becomes a serious issue. When the laptop is kept at eye level, you do not have to worry about arching your back to view the contents on the screen.

Moreover, sitting for long periods of time results in strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Alternating between sitting and standing keeps all these injuries at bay.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the pressure on the carpal tunnel increases. The carpal tunnel can be found between the wrist and the hand, and can experience pain because of repetitive motion, excessive typing, and emailing.

Prevents Spills and Slips

Prevents Spills and Slips

Let's admit it- the worst thing that could happen is if your laptop falls on the concrete flooring and breaks. This can happen to anyone. However, the best way to avoid being in such a situation is to get a study tabletop for your laptop. Of course, if the desk does not protect your laptop, it is close to useless. This is when a laptop riser can help.

Laptop risers provide extra cushioning for your laptop so that you do not have to stress about spoiling it by mistake. You may take your laptop for granted, but you will never know how valuable it is till something goes wrong.

Since laptop risers will provide some additional height, you can also prevent any hand slips or spills when using them. Many people are clumsy enough to drop their morning coffee or glass of water on their laptop, resulting in liquid seeming into the interior parts. With the laptop kept at a height, these accidents can easily be prevented.

Lowers Glare from the Laptop Screen

There is no denying that modern laptops are made in a way that the display produces loads of light. It is no wonder that a 30-minute exposure to these bright lights can result in your eyes stinging and head pounding.

With the help of a laptop riser, you can adjust the angle of the screen, along with the position of the laptop. This will help you lower the glare you might have previously been experiencing. While reducing eye strain, this will also prevent any irritation you feel in your eyes, especially for those who have weak eyesight.

Now that you are aware of the perks of using a laptop riser's ergonomics, what is stopping you from ordering one from Flexispot? Get your hands on it soon before it runs out!