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Pet Grooming

29 April 2021

Today, we are talking to Stela from California. She recently put up a pet grooming shop near her home. Let’s see how she was able to do it using ergonomic furniture and standing desks. 

The Dream

I’ve been working as a groomer for more than five years when I thought about setting up my own shop. I love dogs. From when I was very young, I have always been a lover of dogs. Being from a poor family, we weren’t allowed to have pets. So, when I got my own place, the first thing I bought was a puppy. I was in the caring industry for ten years before I applied for a job as an assistant groomer. They trained me well. They sent me to New York to learn how to groom like a pro. Although I ended up paying for my own training program, it was worth it.

After years of working as a groomer, I was able to establish a fan base. People would even wait for hours just so they can entrust their fur babies to me.

When the owner decided to sell the place, a man from the neighboring town bought it. The place was never the same. And unfortunately, because of his lack of genuine interest in the shop, the quality of service declined.

I was able to save up a little bit of money, so I decided to leave and put up my own pet grooming shop next door.

It was the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life. The preparation was a nightmare, but it all paid off. The space was not that big, so it was a challenge to fit everything we needed. It took a lot of planning to make everything work together.

And after only six months, I was able to open my own shop. My loyal customers came and new ones are gained everyday.

It makes me cry sometimes, if I am being honest. It makes me cry that someone like me, given my background, now have a shop of her own. The very definition of the American Dream.

Let me share how I organized and decorated the place. 

Interior Design

I want a grooming shop that doesn’t feel like a hospital. The all-white interior many shops are opting for may look clean, but they also look distant and cold. So, when it was time for me to put up my own, I decided to make the whole place look like a playhouse. I want customers to come and feel uplifted by the many dog toys lying around, the many fun drawings on the wall. I want dogs to come in and not feel threatened by the bare walls and industrial-looking shelves, light fixtures, and furniture.

I bought ambient lights to make the place feel warm and inviting. A spa place for pets and their owners alike.

Dogs love smelling things, so I made sure to buy scents that would make dogs hungry instead of feel scared and out of place.

It worked! The general atmosphere made everyone feel at ease—which means less restless dogs, less aggressive behaviors, and, of course, happy groomer.

Ergonomic Furniture for Clients

Most of the time, dog parents are forced to wait for hours. I’ve seen that a thousand times. So, I made sure to make the waiting area look and feel like a coffee shop—but, instead of restaurant chairs, I put in ergonomic office chairs. The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair from a company called Flexispot is perfect! It may seem silly for many, but believe me, dog parents are more comfortable sitting on ergonomic chairs. As a result,  they are more patient and more willing to hang out and buy more supplies. Since everyone is in a good mood, I feel less stressed out at the end of the day. 

Grooming Room

Instead of having several chairs for different uses, I bought 2 Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk from Flexispot. We were able to not only save money but save space as well. Initially we thought we needed 4 tables inside the grooming room. Luckily, our standing desks can do what two desks could. Our 2-in-1 desks. Miracle! We can use the desk while sitting on a chair like a traditional table. But then, when it’s time to stand up, we don’t have to transfer to another table. With just a click of a button, we can transform the traditional-looking desk into a standing desk. This means less stress for both the groomer and the dog.

The best thing about the standing desk we bought from Flexispot is that it has a minimalist design so we were able to incorporate it with our interior decoration. The natural wood finish of the table top doesn’t make it look threatening to dogs. Yes, we asked someone from a local shop to apply a thin coat of liquid resin on the table top to protect the surface from scratches and moisture.

Small Office

The other standing desk we placed inside my own private office. We painted the legs to match the color of the bare red brick design of my walls. It looks perfect! I potted several plants from my garden and placed them inside my office. These plants remind me of home. They remind me to stay humble. Very important quality to have if you are the owner of a business.

A small sofa inside my office is placed so that any staff can pop in and take a quick nap. Not many people know, but being a groomer can be really tiring.

The standing desk inside my office is secretly a backup grooming table in case we need an extra table. So, thank’s to Flexispot! We were able to save a lot by buying only a few pieces of furniture from them. The build quality of their product is just amazing. I can imagine us using their products for many years. Such a great investment!