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Poor Lighting: A Safety Hazard

18 April 2024

Whether you work in an office or from home, it is essential to ensure that you work in the best possible lighting conditions. Some offices are designed to incorporate plenty of daylight in the early hours but aren't well equipped with the correct lighting as it begins to get dark. Those who tend to work late need proper lighting during work hours; otherwise, this could significantly negatively impact their quality of work and their health.

What Is Ergonomic Lighting?

Ergonomic lighting is defined as the type of lighting ideal for the body and the task it is required for. Ergonomics is the study of the human body while it performs tasks and works to provide the best possible designs to conform to the requirements of the human body. There is great emphasis on ergonomics in the workplace to reduce work-related discomfort and fatigue of the body and enhance performance and quality of work.

The ideal ergonomic lighting in the workplace is as follows:

Natural Light

The natural light that comes from the sun is the best form of lighting in the workplace. It provides the ideal environment for office workers as it puts the least amount of strain on the eyes and has the ability to charge office employees, wake them up, and make them feel energized and refreshed. Anyone who is looking to build an office or design office space in their home should strongly consider the following ways to incorporate the maximum amount of daylight into their space.

Floor To Ceiling Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows in the office space are the best way to bring the most amount of daylight into your office space. However, sometimes too much direct sunlight can also create a glare that reduces visual acuity; therefore, screens are important to diffuse the light, or you may even place plants outside the window to diffuse the direct light.


Skylights can be cut out into ceilings, bringing more light into a room with insufficient windows. The more natural light there is in space, the more you save on electricity bills. Natural light is also great for health as it regulates our natural sleep cycle, which improves our health.

Slope Ceilings

Sloped ceilings are a great way to reflect light within a space and can be used effectively to brighten up a workspace.

White Washed Walls

Choose white or neutral-colored paint for the walls and ceilings as they can reflect light and keep it within a space. Light-colored walls make spaces look more open and brighter to allow for the ideal lighting and ergonomics for a workspace.

Light Colored Flooring

Light-colored tiles and shiny white marbled floors are ideal for use when you want to make a space look more open and bright. When light falls on these floors, it tends to reflect off them and enter our eyes, making the space brighter. Dark colors tend to absorb light and make rooms appear gloomier and dimmer.

Task Lamps

Task lamps should be at the top of your list when buying office accessories. Anyone who works a desk job, whether it is on a computer or requires doing projects or reading, must invest in a task lamp. Task lamps are lamps that shine directly above your work desk and provide the ideal lighting for your task. It is flexible, so it can be adjusted to point in any direction that you wish and can be focused directly above your workspace. Without ideal lighting, it can be very difficult for you to use your keyboard or focus on your work. Working under dim light can also put excessive strain on your eyes and cause headaches and eye discomfort.

Flexispot has some of the best task lamp options that you can order for your office desk and even for your home office. There are some fantastic reading lamp options that you can place on your bedside table In your bedroom as well.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are an efficient way to light up a room and are also space-saving. They can be placed in corners in rooms and can effectively brighten up a room without producing a direct glare. Flexispot has some great floor lamp options that can be placed in an office setting or your living room at home.

Ceiling Lights

Use LED lights in your ceiling lights as they have many benefits over fluorescent lights. They are brighter and are more energy-saving. They resemble natural light the most and provide the best lighting for office use.

How Light Affects Our Sleep Cycle

Our natural sleep cycle, or our body's circadian rhythm, is a self-regulatory mechanism that our body has to tell us when it should sleep and when it should wake up. Sleep is essential for our bodies as it allows our bodies to rest at the end of a long day. Without proper sleep, it would be impossible for our bodies to function efficiently, and we would always feel too tired.

Our brain has a smart way of telling our bodies to shut down with the help of a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone that is only released in the absence of light. As the sun sets and it gets dark, melatonin is released in the body, which triggers our brain to slip into sleep mode. This effect can be reversed in the presence of bright lights. Melatonin is sensitive to light; as soon as there are bright lights, our body responds by waking up and feeling more alert. This is why it is so important to work in brightly lit places, as this has a natural waking up and energy-boosting effect on our bodies and helps us focus on our work and improve our performance.

What Happens If You Work In Poor Light Conditions

Working in poor light conditions has many effects that can impact our health in a negative way. Dark and gloomy rooms are also unaesthetic to the eye. Imagine walking into a room that is gloomy and dimly lit. It makes you uncomfortable; for some people, it may even get claustrophobic. Bright and open rooms look inviting and welcoming and are ideal for proceeding with your daily routine. Here are the ways that poor light conditions can impact our health:

Eye Strain And Discomfort

Working in poor light conditions can cause eye strain in workers as they have to put more effort into trying to focus on what they are doing. Working in dim light for extended periods can result in decreased vision and the following eye symptoms:

Pain in eyes

Burning eyes

Watery eyes

Pain when moving the eyeball


Working in poorly lit conditions for a long time can result in headaches. These can be extremely uncomfortable during work and result in the inability to focus on screens or any other tasks at work. To avoid that, it is important to ensure sufficient lighting in the workplace, especially overhead.

Risk Of Accidents

The inability to see properly can result in the frequency of accidents in the workplace. Proper lighting is important so everyone can get around quickly and prevent accidents. Serious injuries may also result from inadequate lighting; therefore, the need for proper lighting must not be ignored.

Poor Posture

Inadequate lighting may cause office workers to extend their necks or strain their backs trying to get a better view. This can result in misalignment of the spine or back injuries as well. It can be prevented by getting rid of the dim light problem and brightening up the office environment or at least your own workstation.

Low Productivity

Straining eyes, headaches, and a tense neck and back can decrease work performance. If you are suffering from pain and fatigue, it can often be very distracting, which results in an inability to perform efficiently at work. Therefore it is very important to make sure that there is adequate lighting in the workplace. Dark and gloomy spaces can also make you drowsy and lethargic. This results in decreased quality of work and low overall performance. It is important not to ignore lighting in a workplace and ensure that it is a well-lit space.

The Final Word

All offices should be designed to incorporate ergonomics. Not only does that minimize the risk of health problems in office workers but it also results in improved performance and productivity in the workplace. An office that is brightly lit and looks open and spacious is sure to look more inviting than one that looks gloomy and dingy. FlexiSpot has some great ergonomic light solutions to brighten up your office space and increase your productivity in the workplace. Task lamps can be placed on your work desk easily as they take up very little space. Order yours today and experience the difference that it makes.