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Pre-Holiday Workouts at Home

16 December 2021

Preparing for the Christmas festivities?

While they are already ongoing, proven by the continuous honking of cars on streets and the hurried steps inside and out of stores, don’t panic if you haven’t fully prepared yet. Relax, take a deep breath, and make a to-do list. Buy gifts for your loved ones? Half-check. Buy groceries for tomorrow’s dinner? Almost done. Pick a dress for Christmas eve dinner? Done.

The list goes on and on until it gets done one by one. But in the chaos that is the holiday season, you must have forgotten your fitness goals. Yes, you might be feeling it’s your time to rest and you lack the motivation to workout. You just want to take it easy and go back to your routine once the holiday season is over.

While we don’t want to be a buzzkill, it’s going to be really harder for you to return to a strict workout routine if you give it all up during the holiday season. Don’t let all your work for the whole year go down the drain just because you’re feeling lazy this Christmas. If you want to fit in your Christmas dress or tux like a glove, then we don’t recommend letting your guard down completely this holiday season.

We understand the full schedule and the low motivation so why not continue with low to moderate fitness activities? It doesn’t have to be intense for you to see results. There might not even be noticeable changes but what you’re building here is a habit, the routine. Sticking to at least a five-minute workout every day would make a habit out of it and help you ease back to more intense workouts once the holiday season is over.

Lucky for you, FlexiSpot has the best products to make sure your fitness activity won’t be downgraded to zero this holiday season. What’s great about these products is that they help adjust the intensity of the exercise anytime you please or tap out.

Adjustable Dumbbell

Adjustable Dumbbell

Price: $99.99

For under $100, you may get the Flexispot Lionscool 5-In-1 Adjustable dumbbell system. This has three weight options available: 25 pounds, two 12.5 pounds, and 55 pounds. You just have to swing the handle once to change the weight of the dumbbell. It has a textured handle that is both non-slip and ergonomic so you don’t have to worry about protection. There’s also a built-in safety lock that secures weight plates are locked the second time around. And this adjustable dumbbell is made to last for years with ultra-durable and anti-rust weight plates.

AB Foldable Rowing Machine

AB Foldable Rowing Machine

Price: $169.99

A game-changer, this 2-in1 Rowing, and Ab machine promise to revolutionize your workout and become an overall powerful workout machine. You may shift from Abdominal Mode to Rowing mode and vice versa. It comes with a large LCD monitor that displays time, count, calories, total count, and scan. It makes use of non-slip foot pedals with large velcro straps. Rowing mode can be changed from Level 1 to level 2, depending on your desired resistance. The pulley set can also be used for double dynamic handles and more exercises.

As an ab machine, it will have a comfortable knee, back-to-back cushion. The armrest has soft rubber and the pulley set is much quieter and smoother.

V9U (Under Desk Bike)

V9U (Under Desk Bike)

Price: $299.99

Your best standing desk mate is the Under desk Bike V9U. Whether you are a beginner or a very active person, anyone can pick this bike up to break some sweat while working. It can be used with a height-adjustable standing desk. With easy-rolling caster wheels, the V9U can be moved around any room without a glitch. The package arrives fully assembled when it reaches your doorstep so there won’t be any need to install it.

Another remarkable feature of this bike is its height-adjustable seat. With no more than a gentle press, the user-friendly pneumatic adjustment level moves the seat up or down to give you a comfortable sitting position. It has a whisper-quiet pedaling system with eight resistance levels for healthy movement. An LCDs time, distance, and calories burned.

VB1 (Vibration Plate Exercise Machine)

VB1 (Vibration Plate Exercise Machine)

Price: $149.99

All you have to do is stand up on top of this vibration plate exercise machine VB1 and you’re ready to shed some pounds, build muscles, or maintain weight. This machine works by creating a full-body variation that stimulates extra muscle contraction and increased activation at all stages of your workout. You may set the speed settings, ranging from 1 to 99, which could assure that you meet your goals for every sweat session. The VB1 also comes with loop bands that you can use to build upper and lower body strength. Its maximum user weight is 330 lbs. During the exercise, it’s easy to change the program and speed using the VB1’s LED Touch Screen and remote control.

Final Thoughts

With these items, you don’t need to hit the gym or wake up early in the morning for a run. Of course, these also serve their function to keep you healthy but if you want to lie low this holiday season, then all you need are adjustable equipment so that you could adjust it to a level that best suits your goals.

Since what we want is to maintain your commitment to a workout routine, you could settle for now with simple exercises that keep you moving while you finish your work at home. For instance, the under desk bike can be used anytime you want to pedal while working. Or stand up in the vibration plate exercise when you’re taking a break.

Now when all these are done, we hope you continue following along these simple workouts while you begin to gear for more strenuous activities again.