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Prevent Gaming Disorder with a Foldable Rowing Fitness Equipment

25 May 2021

Do you play video games? I bet almost everyone plays video games or is engaged in internet games especially at home. Boredom is usually the reason why most play these games especially since the pandemic is still around us. It is reported online that there are around 164 million Americans playing video games and only 21% were below 18 years old. 

We cannot blame these players because once you start playing, and accomplish the common tasks, you feel happier and proud of yourself. And your self-esteem goes higher because you also gain friends while gaming. 

● Motivation - this was based on scientific research on motivation and was published online, (https://www.sekg.net/gamer-psychology-people-play-games/) wherein there are three components identified under motivation which are:

1. Achievement 

● the need to advance in the game

● interest in the game and system rules 

● the need to compete with others

2. Social

● the need to connect with others

● liking to chat and help[ other players

● need to be part of a group

3. Immersion

● to create a character to play in the story of the game

● to escape from reality

From the same article, more research was done to understand why gamers do not stop playing video and internet games. The reasons to continue gaming were based on the satisfaction gained from gainingf achievements and making connections with other players.

For others who do not really play games, one main reason that video and internet gaming is very popular among many is because of the financial reward they could receive once they win in the game competition or tournament. This is also a big motivational factor for gamers to join and be accepted as a challenger or player in huge competitions that are worth it.

These huge competitions that are held internationally enable a winner to win in millions of dollars. So, gaming has its serious side, too. It is now more than enjoyment and a solution to boredom but it is also a life-changing experience when you win a whopping amount of money in dollars.

Some of the video games or esports tournaments with huge prizes are Dota, Counterstrike, and League of Legends, among others.

Despite the popularity of video gaming or now popularly called eSports, it also has its own downside. Gamers are prone to suffer what is known as “gaming disorder.” The World Health Organization ( WHO). The term has been described as:

"as a pattern of "digital gaming" or "video gaming" behavior marked by defective control over gaming activity, giving it more priority over other activities, such that gaming is prioritized over other interests and activities continuously done despite the obvious negative repercussions.”

This 2018 World Health Organization Draft also reported the similarity of this gaming disorder to Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) but to diagnose a gaming disorder, WHO has some criteria to guide them for a diagnosis such as:

“there must be some behavioral patterns manifested by the gamer with enough severity and noticeable impairment must be seen such as dislocation in personal, family, social, education, occupational and other relevant areas of functioning”

Health Hazards of Video Gaming

Some of the health risks of video gaming were indicated WHO namely:

● Gaming disorders are associated with anxiety, depression, obesity

sleeping disorders and stress

● Strain injuries

● Skin disorders

● A condition named as video-game provoked seizures in patients with pre-existing epilepsy

● Eye problems - eye strain because of fixed staring at the video game screen

● Musculoskeletal problems - such as pain in the hands and wrists to back and neck

How to Prevent Gaming Disorder

● Gamers must be educated about gaming behaviors and the risks of gaming to their mental health

● Administer treatment to help gamer control the urge for video games

● Help the gamer recognize and deal with distressing thoughts

● Assist the gamer to cope without video games

● Intrapersonal and interpersonal counseling with aims at:

1. Helping gamers explore their identity

2. Assisting gamers to build self-esteem and enhance their emotional intelligence

3. Helping them learn to communicate and assert social interaction skills

● Family involvement

● Developing new lifestyles

● Exploring new activities

● Setting new goals and measurement of achievements beyond video game scores

Knowing the prevention of gaming disorder will enable us to be more conscious about our lifestyle and maybe we could have a new one and focus more on other more important things as society is inching its way to normalcy. 

Instead of leading a sedentary life with video games, you can have a more active lifestyle by engaging more in sports or other physical activities that would boost your physical and mental wellbeing. Exercising is one great physical activity that you could do at home before or going to work 

Highly recommended physical fitness equipment comes from FlexiSpot. If you have not heard yet about Flexispot, it is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of ergonomic home office furniture as well as health and fitness equipment and accessories. One of the best in its AB Foldable Rowing LCLIt is loaded with smart features perfectly fit for your new active lifestyle such as:

● It is a core and AB machine rolled into one

● Perfect for men and women with its abdominal mode and rowing mode to choose from

● The large LCD monitor displays time, count, calories, total, and scan

● the foot pedals as non-slip with large velcro straps that guarantee safe footing during intense workouts

● The rowing mode has 2 adjustable resistance levels

● It has double dynamic handles for more exercises

● It has an ergonomic handle, armrest with soft rubber

● soft and comfortable knee cushion for front and back orientation

● high-quality pulley set, quieter and smoother

● It has 2 (two) angles; regular and advanced

With these functionality and innovative features, this rowing fitness machine will definitely make you a physical fitness star in the making. Click that mouse and check FlexiSpot’s website out now!