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Pro Plus E7 vs Uplift V2: A Comparison

15 April 2022

The right standing desk can make a huge difference in your office ergonomics. A good standing desk isn’t just functional for your work, it can also help with your health by making sure your spine, neck and arms remain protected, and that you don’t spend all your working hours sitting.

There are plenty of great standing desks out there, but how do you choose the right one for yourself? A good standing desk will have everything you need from a standing desk, but a great standing desk will give you extra!

Let’s take a look at two standing desks to make a comparison: Flexispot’s Pro Plus Standing Desk E7 and Uplift Standing Desk V2.

Flexispot Pro Plus Standing Desk E7

Flexispot Pro Plus Standing Desk E7

The Pro Plus E7 is a top-choice standing desk, with a number of features that make it appealing.


The Pro Plus E7 is an excellent choice when it comes to ergonomics. Being a standing desk, allows you to work while standing or sitting, thus helping users combat the sedentary lifestyle. Since the height is adjustable, it also makes for an excellent sitting desk, which makes sure your posture and position remain suitable.

The desk comes with a dual-motor system that allows for a seamless transition. There is programmable height presets and settings that can make it easier to transition between sitting and standing – or to whatever height works out for you. It also comes with sit-stand reminders.

The desk is also adjustable for people ranging from a height of about 2’9” to 6’3” making it useful for users of all heights.


The Pro Plus E7 comes with a simple, minimalist design. It takes up minimal floor space, so you can fit it in your office space without worrying about the room looking cluttered. The holeless leg design also makes the appearance more aesthetically pleasing.

The desktop and frame are very sturdy, despite the sleek appearance. However, the tabletop is not attached to the desk frame but simply sits on top of it. This makes the desk more convenient to assemble, but can be a bit of a question mark when it comes to stability.

Standing Desk Operation

One of the things you’d want from a standing desk is the ease of operation. Since the desk has to adjust between heights, you’d want this transition to be smooth, easy, and fast, without compromising on the stability of the things you’ve placed on top of the desk.

The Pro Plus E7 has an adjustment speed of about 1.5 inches per second, which is quite fast! Despite the speed, there is no compromise on stability, and you can rest assured that your belongings will stay safe on the desk whether it is moving or stationary.

The desk is also very stable and can provide equal levels of sturdiness, even at its highest setting.

The dual-motor attached for adjustment is very quiet and has a noise output of about 50 decibels as it functions.

The desk itself is a bit heavy but can hold weights up to almost 350 pounds with ease.


The Pro Plus E7 has an adjustable height from 22.8 inches to 48.4 inches. The desktop is also available in different dimensions, from 47.2-80 inches in width, and 24-30 inches in depth. The frame can also be found in three different colors: grey, white and black.

It also comes with an embedded cable tray under the desktop to hide all the pesky wires and cables from your devices. This makes your workspace clutter-free and becomes a lot more organized and visually pleasing.


The Pro Plus E7 has to be assembled before you can use it. Since the desk is heavy and has to be handled carefully, assembling the desk is not a one-person job. The tabletop being separate does mean though, that it is more convenient to assemble. All you have to do is set up the frame and place the desktop on top of it.

Warranty & Price

The Pro Plus E7 desk comes with a 15-year warranty and can be found at a price under $600.

To Sum It Up

So, overall, the Pro Plus Standing Desk E7 is one of Flexispot’s best offers. With seamless height adjustment, a compact yet sturdy frame, and a minimalist appearance, this is one of the best standing desks available out there.

Uplift Standing Desk V2

Image Source: Uplift Desk

Uplift Standing Desk V2

There are plenty of things about the Uplift V2 that make it a useful standing desk.


The Uplift V2 is also a height-adjustable standing desk, so it allows users to work while sitting or standing and can adjust the height from 25.3 inches to 50.9 inches. The V2 Commercial version has a slightly lower height range, from 21.6 to 47.7 inches. This makes the V2 more suitable for shorter people.

It also comes with a dual motor that allows users to adjust the height with ease.


The width of the desktop for this desk comes within the range of 42-80 inches, for both the V2 and the V2 Commercial. The depth remains stagnant at 30 inches. The desk also comes with a lot of customization options, from the color and material of the desktop, frame type, and color and even to the grommet covers.

Some of these customization options have extra costs, however.

The standard frame for the Uplift V2 and V2 Commercial desks are also minimalist and take up little space, which makes them easy to fit into any kind of office space. The different color options mean that you can customize them to suit the rest of your room’s furniture.

Standing Desk Operation

The Uplift V2 and V2 Commercial come with a dual-motor system to adjust the height of the desk. The transition is seamless and easy, with a noise output of about 50 decibels as the motor is working.

The desk has a keypad, through which you can change the height of the desk easily without hassle.

The legs of the desk are 3-stage, which moves about 33% faster than 2-stage legs. Both, V2 and V2 Commercial are compliant with ANSI/BIFMA standards in terms of safety and structural performance.

The desk also comes with an anti-collision system to protect your belongings, and the desktop comes with a 355-pound lifting capacity.


The desk comes with a wire management tray to avoid the clutter of having cables strewn over the desk. It also comes with varying desktop sizes to suit users with all sorts of needs.


The Uplift V2 and V2 Commercial are also relatively heavy and will require two people to manage them. The tabletop for the Uplift V2 is attached to the frame during assembly, which makes it a little more complicated, and can be difficult when it comes to moving the desk around.

Warranty & Price

The desk comes with a warranty of 15 years and lies within the range of $600-700.

To Sum It Up

The Uplift Standing Desk V2 and V2 Commercial are great options for someone looking for a standing desk. The height adjustment and customization options make the desk perfect for someone looking to make their workspace more ergonomic.

Pro Plus E7 vs Uplift V2

Pro Plus E7 vs Uplift V2: A Summary

So, the Pro Plus E7 vs Uplift V2 - which of the two is better? Let’s go over the differences between the two really fast:

Pro Plus E7

Uplift V2

Adjustable Height Range



21.6”-47.7” for V2 Commercial

Weight Lifting Capacity



Desktop Range

Width: 47.2”-80”

Depth: 24”-30”

Width: 42”-80”

Depth: 30”

Frame Width


36.8” – 67.7”

35.4” – 66.3” for V2 Commercial

Desktop Material(s)






Adjustment Speed






Wire Management


Wire Management Tray

Noise Level



Frame Color(s)

Gray, Black, White

Gray, Black, White


15 years

15 years




$679 for V2 Commercial

Keeping these features in mind, deciding on a winner is a bit tricky. Both desks offer very similar features, in approximately the same range. The V2 is slightly faster in terms of adjustment speed, but the difference is negligible. Both desks come with a dual motor that produces minimum noise and has a keypad for ease of adjustment. They also have the same weight lifting capacity.

However, the Pro Plus E7 offers a much wider range in height adjustment and desktop range than the Uplift V2. Because height adjustment is the main feature of a standing desk, the Pro Plus E7 wins in this regard.

The Pro Plus E7 is also relatively more affordable than both variations of the Uplift V2, which lie at a slightly higher price point. At the same time, the Pro Plus E7 does not compromise on quality, and thus offers the same features and more, in a much more cost-effective option.

Therefore, our recommendation between the two would be Flexispot’s Pro Plus E7.

If you’re looking for a standing desk for your home office, Flexispot offers a wide range of high-quality products. Head over to the website to learn more!