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Product Review: AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters

08 February 2022

Sitting for too long is a frequent issue throughout the globe, with many of us engaging in a sedentary lifestyle via binge-watching television, sitting in automobiles, and working at computers. When you combine this way of life with a 9 to 5 desk job, you have a formula for a catastrophe.

Let's take a closer look at the AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters that can solve the problem easily for you.

AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters

AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters

Getting a sustainable tabletop can be a great idea for offices and work-from-home spaces. We will talk more about the benefits that it will have for your health and productivity later on, but this desk really can be a life-changing decision for you.

The AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters has a stable and strong design, so you can be reassured that it is indeed a reliable product.

It has a quick-release keyboard tray that ensures efficient work when you need it. It protects the keyboard from spills and wear-and-tear too. This is a one-step process, so you can use the desk riser converter with or without the keyboard tray, according to your preferences.

If you spend hours at work every day sitting on a chair, it can be really bad for your back, shoulders, and neck. For workaholics, it is important to incorporate ergonomic products into their workstations. This bamboo desk is what every office worker should be looking into if they want to have better health.

The bamboo finish is a gorgeous, natural color that looks stunning in any office or home. It automatically makes you feel relaxed since the natural wooden tones are great for work environments.

The desk offers the flexible height adjustment you need to make sure that it perfectly suits your height. It has versatile adjustment settings that can accommodate people of any height. Plus, you want to be able to switch between standing and sitting with ease, and this product offers just that! The easily adjustable settings take no more than a few seconds to convert from a sitting to a standing desk – and back!

If the lifting mechanism on the desk is unbraced, it can be quite unreliable. They tend to drop or crash suddenly back into position, especially when they are carrying a large load. The FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters have a specially-engineered bracing system. This can ensure that the operation is quite smooth, preventing drops even when you have a full load on them. This safety feature is necessary to prevent damage to your belongings and yourself.

The tabletop has a carbonized 2H lacquer coating, which is resistant to insects, water, and scratches. This can ensure that the table will last you for a very long time. The durability of the table is further reinforced, too; it has a steel tubing coated with a powder that protects the frame from stains or scratches.

The desk also works well with laptops. It has a wide U-shaped desktop cutout of 34.1 inches over the keyboard tray. This can easily fit a 17-inch laptop to ensure that it is securely in place and doesn't fall. The design has a quick-release function that can be removed easily whenever you need it to.

Benefits of Bamboo Standing Desk Converters

Benefits of Bamboo Standing Desk Converters

Investing in bamboo-based office products is a great idea for offices and work-from-home stations.

Bamboo Is Associated with High-End Items

Bamboo has a lot going for it, starting with the fact that it's aesthetically pleasing. It has a unique grain that is beautiful and natural in appearance. While aesthetics is crucial for any high-quality product, bamboo's advantages grow from there.


Bamboo is more durable than wood. Bamboo has a tensile strength of 28,000 pounds per sq. in. In comparison, mild steel has a tensile strength of 23,000 pounds per sq. in.

It Holds Up Nicely

In comparison to most other timbers, bamboo is harder to break down and resistant to warping related to dampness. You'll still need to look after your bamboo items, but you'll be beginning with superior material. Bamboo is also UV resistant by nature. This makes it ideal for a wide range of items, from flooring to apparel.

Bamboo Is More Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo is now being recognized as a very environmentally friendly material. It stands out from other elements in a variety of ways.

The Earth Will Benefit from More Oxygen

When compared to a similar-sized stand of hardwood trees, bamboo takes 35 percent more co2 from the atmosphere and releases 35 percent more oxygen into the environment. Consider this: your chopping board was cleansing the air that we breathe when it was grown.

There Are No Chemicals Required

Bamboo does not need any chemicals or fertilizers to produce because it is such an abundant plant. Bugs aren't very fond of bamboo, despite the fact that panda bears love it. Pesticides aren't needed to keep damaging pests away from a bamboo grove. As a consequence, no chemicals will be released into the soil or groundwater as a consequence of bamboo growing.

It Consumes Less Water

Growing bamboo does not need a lot of water. Although bamboo thrives in wetland environments, it may also thrive in areas where other crops would need more moisture to live. Freshwater is a precious resource on our earth, yet bamboo is not a thirsty plant.

Grows Quickly and Can Keep Up with Demand

Bamboo may grow up to three feet every day in certain species. A hardwood tree may take up to 50 years to reach harvestable age, but most bamboo plants mature in 3 - 4 years.
Bamboo's speed is really not fiction. This fast-growing grass is even included in the Guinness Book of World Records under the quickest plant growth on the planet.
Bamboo produces 25 times more than a similar tree stand. While doing so, this marvel plant adds to the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.
Given that our need for high-quality goods does not appear to be waning, why not fulfill it with a source that can maintain our pace? Bamboo's rapid growth rate equates to its long-term viability.

Better for the Soil

Each culm of bamboo is simply chopped at ground level when collected. The root system stays in the soil and generates new bamboo shoots fast. Between harvestings, the root structure that stays in the ground helps the soil withstand erosion. Bamboo is grown along riverbanks in certain regions to avoid soil erosion.

Bamboo also scatters its leaves and stems over the soil where it grows. This organic matter decomposes into mulch and serves as a fertilizer.

If a bamboo item is abandoned, it is heartening to note that it is completely biodegradable.

Why Get a Standing Desk Converter?

Why Get a Standing Desk Converter?

You've probably heard about the many health advantages of standing when working. In research, sitting for long periods has been linked to these and other health problems. Even those who exercise regularly risk developing health issues if they spend too much time at their desk. Standing desks raise your computer to a level where you can work while standing. This allows you to stay on your feet for extended periods of time. This can help you reduce calories and decreases your risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and body pains.

But, of course, you can't bear standing all day. When utilizing a standing desk, you must alternate between sitting and standing from time to time.

With this in mind, you begin your search for standing desks. You concentrate on height-adjustable devices since you need to change postures from time to time. While browsing internet retailers, you notice that there are numerous models to pick from. Their various features and pricing provide you with more alternatives.

You can't help but question, however, whether obtaining one is truly worth it. You also have a robust conventional desk, so you don't need to get an entirely new desk to have a standing desk.

Your desk, unlike standing desks, is only suitable for sitting and has a defined height. You may, however, rise while using at any time with the standing desk converter.

In Conclusion

Getting a standing desk converter can be incredibly valuable since you don't need to get a whole new desk at all. We recommend the AlcoveRiser bamboo desk converter because it is better for the environment and has a high standard of construction.