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Standing Desks for the Professional Employee

19 July 2021

Being a professional takes a lot of hard work and grit to achieve your current state of life. While the road to getting ahead is full of obstacles and challenges that can beat your spirits down.

However, with the right desk, you can climb up the corporate ladder in just a matter of time! And what better brand to help you achieve your best work than FlexiSpot, right? Here are FlexiSpot’s Pro-Series standing desks that can help you achieve your goals!

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

Let us start with the first product that truly embodies the professional career-driven person. The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series features a dual motor for smoother movements and greater stability as you shift from sitting down to standing up! All of your office equipment is in great hands, or rather, table as the powerful dual motors enable a great lifting speed that can carry any weight that you put on it.!

“I really like it. I purchased a 48x30 table. It was simple to make a purchase. The product handling was superb, as the work surface arrived well-protected along both sides and corners. The entire procedure was straightforward. The automatic saving capability is fantastic, as I've customized it for my standing and seated positions. It's quite smooth as it moves up and lowers. Additionally, I bought a cable spine for the wayward cables (very encouraged) to coordinate with the white legs, as well as a display mount to ensure complete ergonomics. Because I am 6ft. 3”, the display mount definitely keeps me in position ergonomically. If you are contemplating and undecided about purchasing, you will never be disappointed. I've already noticed the perks of standing versus sitting while continuing to work within a week.” – Raven H.

“My new goal is to minimize the amount of time I spend sitting as I work. I've become obsessed with standing after I purchased this table, and I've noticed great changes in my overall form. Three configurable settings are rather efficient in my experience! It permits me to quickly change the elevation of my table for multiple configurations. My abdomen appears significantly firmer as a result of the increased opportunities to exercise appropriate posture whenever I am upright. This intuitive workstation is quite beneficial to me. The table frame is pretty sophisticated. It demonstrates no traces of instability, despite the fact that my equipment is somewhat substantial. It's also rather stunning! I appreciate how Flexispot is not just focused on revenue, but also with the quality of life of their clients.” – Eric M.

“If you function at a workstation, this standup desk needs to be in your business. It will drastically improve your quality of life as well as how you carry yourself throughout the day! My work is made so much smoother by the storage settings. I'm not required to re-enter my actual size as it is already recorded. This was incredibly simple to assemble! I'm relieved that this standing desk is so simple to assemble, as I am not particularly adept in handiwork. Timely alerts are amazing! I use it not just for sitting up straight or standing while working, but also to maximize the performance of my daily activities. It's fantastic because I have this with me. Now that I'm working mindfully, I'm experiencing significantly fewer aches! I don’t get distracted by the pain anymore. I'm satisfied with my computer workstation!” – Sherri T.

“I obtained this workstation with regard to the rest of my family. The configurable sit/stand notification system enables me to sustain a strong workplace environment and hence be very productive in fulfilling my obligations. The all-in-one pad is fantastic since it enables me to manage the table into performing specific commands with just a touch of a button. I admire the item's reliability. My physique has suffered as a result of working at a table. My only alternative is to stand for several hours each day. It instantly made every task that I undertake better.” – Princess G.

“I'm confidently sure that I won't make a big mistake with it. This item has encouraged me to stand and move too while I am working! I work at an office job, which implies that while I set an alarm to just get up from my seat and move about hourly, I am not consistently available to do just that. Thankfully, my standing desk allows me to move out while I concentrate on any task. I believe that for somebody who is notoriously awful at putting stuff together, this didn't provide me with too many difficulties. It took a bit of time to construct, but everything else is fine.” - Kevin D.

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series EC5

Worry no more about accidents because the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series EC5 has an anti-collision feature that keeps the safety of everyone around your office and even your home. You also have ten different color options to match your office’s aesthetic. Now, you can have a great standing desk that cares for your health as you work hard to achieve your dreams.

“I explored at least four varieties of standing desks before choosing FlexiSpot. But now I'm relieved that I chose the right thing. This standing desk is helpful. The keypad is quite easier to figure out and use, and it moves up and down quickly and discreetly. When I stand and operate on my laptop, the table remains completely solid. Overall, this is a high-quality desk that is well worthwhile.” – Nancy J.

“This workstation demonstrates rapid movement. Twin motors are critical to this. I am a supporter and intend to purchase further items for my staff in the near future. FlexiSpot enables me to concentrate on any task in a healthy manner!” – Jonas W.

“I saw reviews complaining about the desk being wobbly, but it really is actually extra sturdy than the last standing computer workstation I purchased three years ago and had to leave behind because I relocated. Additionally, it was considerably simpler to install since each leg does have its own motors, obviating any need for a rotating rod between each one. I'm rather pleased with it and look forward to seeing it work with me in a few more years.” – Kristi F.

“I must say that FlexiSpot’s customer service is great. They instantly assumed total accountability and expedited the shipment of replacement components. This item is of unsurpassed quality and an incredible price/value ratio. Although no one wants to experience an item failing at an inconvenient time, the Support Team has earned our company's loyalty as long-term clients.” – Brian S.

It may be simple but a FlexiSpot standing desk will truly help you achieve all of your executive dreams! So, go ahead and purchase one for the best standing desk as you work.