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Pros, Cons, and Ideas: Corner Desks

17 June 2021

Corner desks are a regular sight in workspaces, whether at home and work. They can accommodate the junction of two walls due to their triangular design.

It's time to say goodbye to that makeshift workstation, the hand-me-down that pains your knee caps every time you sit. It's time to replace that crooked desk with a broken foot for the desk you've always coveted. Finally, it's time for an upgrade to a height-adjustable L-shaped desk. L-shaped workstations not only help to maximize space but also help to increase productivity. 


Since corner workstations seem synonymous with L-shaped desks, let's go through the advantages of these whether in our home office or at the workplace:


Whether you've scheduled a study session with a buddy or have also had to set up a temporary home office while working at home with a partner, you may share your corner desk with someone else if need be. A corner workstation's distinctive form allows two people to work from the same desk without sacrificing tabletop space. An L-shaped desk allows two people to spread out and work efficiently.


Refreshments are on the left, the controller is on the right, and the screen is straight up. You're all set to go. It's the ideal setup. Consider buying a monitor mount to improve your gaming experience and to boost your arrangement. And besides, it's tough to win when your body is in agony. Indulge in an ergonomic desk and workstation setup to avoid muscular tension.

Within Reach

It's pointless to have a large traditional desk if you can't even reach for everything on it without extending your body - or having to walk around to the other end. The L-shape desk is ergonomic, and everything on its surface within arm's reach.

Level Out

One of the advantages of an L-shaped desk is that this has ample room for your laptop and other items. Other office essentials are close to the PC while also being far enough to be out of the way while not in use. Minimize eye strain by balancing the items on your workstation. 


An L-desk makes the most use of available space in the room by nestling precisely in the corner, leaving plenty of other office decor areas. Even if you have two or three monitors, the extra desktop space provided by the corner desk means having surface space for other items such as notebooks or even your favorite feline boss. L-shape layouts are natural space delimiters for those who share office space or require additional room in the workspace, with the L-part establishing the boundary of your domain.

Elbow Support

The L section of the desk provides superb elbow rest while using your mouse—ideal for helping you in correcting poor sitting posture and achieving the best ergonomic position.



The most significant disadvantage of corner desks is that others cannot sit across from you. Instead, they must be situated on your side, which frequently places you in an awkward physical state to interact with them. Because of this constraint, corner desks are generally seen as tables for persons who do not regularly entertain visitors.

Feeling Trapped

These workstations can generate a confined feeling.

Not for Everyone

Corner workstations are not suitable for all types of workers. Some see them as strangely designed sitting arrangements that influence productivity and efficiency.

Limited Movements

They restrict sideways movement. You can't simply maneuver your moving chair.


Here are some corner desk ideas to maybe inspire you to turn a small underused space into a fashionable working space:

Floating Desk by the Window

A window nook is a beautiful addition to any home. The angles of this form of niche, on the other hand, produce an unsightly amount of wasted space. Adding a floating desk to this area is the ideal way to make use of this space. As you face the window, you are provided a working space with a beautiful view.

Vintage + Reconditioned

Using an antique desk is one of several terrific little corner desk ideas for creating a workspace that doesn't take up too much room. These repurposed desks are famous for adding a lot of charm to the room. You can find these desks in antique stores and internet marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist. In addition, you can DIY it to meet your style, such as repainting the desk a different color to match and stand out from the rest of the room.

Kitchen Nook

Filling a little empty section in your kitchen with a corner work desk is a fantastic method to create a workspace with little room. If no one uses the desk as a workstation, it might be specially constructed to add more space in the kitchen for individuals to dine, like a breakfast corner.


It might be challenging to make every inch of space count in a modest apartment. However, you might be able to make use of an alcove. If the width of the wall allows for the size of a desk, you might fit a corner desk into this compact space.

Floating Drawer

You might have a little vacant area directly next to a door or around a corner that has to be filled. A floating desk allows you to work on the drawer surface while storing all of your gear inside. Even if you have a full desk and chair, it might be a little stressful at times. You can bring up a stool and work with a floating desk, then remove the chair when finished, so it doesn't have to seem like a workstation.

In the Closet

You might not have much space in your home or apartment, but you might have an extra closet. This, combined with a wall-mounted storage shelf, is all you need. When you shut the closet door, your workstation disappears in a jiffy.

Floating Bar Table

All you'll need for this layout are some brackets and some planks. Bringing the desk to bar level allows people to work while sitting on a barstool or standing.

Height-adjustable L-shaped standing desk

Listening to consumer requests, FlexiSpot's home office furniture designers produced the standing desk EF1L. With the Seiffen Laminated Spliced L-shaped Standing Desk, you are ready to go with the feature of less than 40-minute assembly, thanks to its unique structural design. The desk structure is made of powder-coated steel tubing, which resists scratches and stains and ensures stability even at the maximum setting. You can now sit and/or stand and work without worrying about spine health issues. If a nook of intersecting walls is occupied, you may position this in the middle corner of the room, which may even serve as a divider in an open space.

Cleaning and redesigning your workstation might help you get your work week started on the right foot. Rearrange, declutter, and invest in an ergonomic workstation to increase productivity and work wisely. L-shaped workstations not only help to maximize space but also help to improve performance. Make the transition today to get the most out of your workplace and desktop space.