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Qualities of the Best Drafting Chair for Standing Desk

23 April 2021

Drafting chairs are primarily made for architects, engineers, laboratory workers, draftsmen, and other people that need durable chairs, resistant to wear and staining. They designed also to allow people to perch and lean forward by having convenient foot supports. These characteristics, along with the adjustable height, allow the chairs to work well in any office setting. 

The drafting chairs are used to work at higher heights, like counters and drafting. 

Characteristics of a drafting chair

A drafting chair is an essential piece of equipment for architecture or design firms. These are specially designed to give a high and comfortable seating medium to its users. 

Here are the major components of a drafting chair:

  • A circular footrest situated right about the foot of the chair.

  • The chair may or may not have a hand rest.

  • The drafting chairs are mostly equipped with a little extra padding.

  • These chairs can easily rotate about their central axis.

  •  A drafting chair may or may not have wheels. (I personally prefer wheels.)

What is a draughtsman chair?

A draughtsman chair is a wheel-less swivel chair that is higher than a convention chair. It’s designed to be used along with the tall drafting tables.

What is the seat height of a drafting chair?

The seating height of a normal chair is around 30” (inches) while the seating height of the drafting chair varies between 37” – 55”. It can adjust the seat height using the pneumatic liver situated right under the seat.

The importance of using drafting chairs

Draftsmen are known to spend long hours sitting on an uncomfortable drafting stool. These drafting chairs evolved to solve the bad design ergonomics of the traditional drafting stools. It has also alleviated the back problems of the professionals which are caused by bad seating posture.

These tall chairs are made to be used along with tall drafting tables, elevated workbenches, etc. It has to be taller in order to allow the users to operate at a comfortable height working on their desks.

The new designs of standing workstations increased the demand for drafting chairs. Back experts recommend users divide their sitting and standing time for these workstations. Thus, users need tall chairs to work on the standing workstations.

A person spends more than 50% of his adult life sitting in his/her chair. Office space should be all about providing the employees a comfortable working environment. Standing desks are becoming more popular not only in the office but also at home for workers forced by the pandemic.

Also, people are becoming more aware of their health and wellness at work. Its influence can be detected in furniture designs.

Drafting Chairs and stools are created for a number of applications. Aside from architects and laboratory workers, they are also used for receptionists, cashiers, and ticket-sellers. For any job that requires the employee to meet at the eye level of the customer; a drafting chair is essential. 

Various benefits can be avail of from the drafting chair such as unmatched comfort and less pressure on your legs, complete posture support, and able to adjust its height according to preferences. They can be used to strengthen the core muscles.

Drafting desks are now designed to be taller than they were twenty years back. The reason is that many health experts advocate the advantages of using standing desks compared that to sitting chairs. As the size of the desk is changing, so too are the chairs that accompany the new desk designs.

There are a number of options for the best drafting chairs for standing desks available in the market. Our website,, allows you to easily select the one that is appropriate for your requirements. 

However, due to the sheer volume of variety, it is difficult for a person to select the best chair. In order to help in deciding the best drafting chairs for your standing desk, here are some characteristics to look for:

  1. Adjustable Seat Height

A good drafting chair must have an adjustable seat height. High-end office chairs have pneumatic or hydraulic adjustments so the seat height can adjust according to their preferences. Once adjustments are set, the user’s feet should rest on the floor or on the footrests, and the user’s arm can easily reach the table. If the feet are dangling, pressure builds up in the upper leg, and difficult to balance or move in the chair.

  1. Adequate Depth and Width

Having an adequate seat depth and width is important to feel comfortable even when sitting for a long period of time. The standard office chair measures about 17 by 20 inches, making the chair comfortable without experiencing back pain. Some drafting chairs are narrower, so if you are very particular in selecting chairs, be sure to try out the chair before buying it.

  1. Armrest Preferences

For drafting chairs there are other types that come with optional, adjustable, or no armrests. Before buying, settle which style suits you. Some buyers do not like drafting chairs with armrests. Others like to have the support where their arms can rest on.

  1. Lumbar or Posture Support

The drafting chair should support the lumbar region of the back, or at least gives good posture. Or the backless stools should not promote poor posture. It could cause strain to the muscles of the back and the neck. Other seats are contoured in a saddle shape fitted to the user’s hips in a better, more ergonomic position. 

Important Advice for using Drafting Chairs

When using drafting chairs, it is important to know the importance of casters. The stock casters are rollerblade-style wheels to avoid any damage done to the floor while using them. It provides better maneuverability in a smoother and quiet manner.

Today, drafting chairs are not only used by architects and artists but for anyone who prefers them at their workplace. People like drafting chairs for standing desks for their ability to be maneuverable and comfortable.  

And a final note, due to the height factor, drafting chairs shouldn’t be used with normal desks. The height of normal desks is not compatible with drafting chairs. In addition, these chairs provide maximum value at an affordable price while providing you with complete comfort and customizations.