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Real Vibe of the Desk Bike Music: Mozart or Nicki

16 April 2021

You’re reshuffling your playlist on Spotify. It’s the start of a busy work day and you’re really looking for something that could fuel you up. You pick up your tumbler of lemonade and think of the best concept to create for the next Wedding Expo project that you’re about to spearhead. In the midst of your contemplation, you still could not decide whether to put on the music of Nicki or be classy with Mozart. You want to be fueled up because the second thing in your mind is you got to get on the desk bike and pump iron while working on with the best concept for your project. Hold up for a second then before you turn the playlist on again. Read this first before you begin your day.

In this today’s blog, we will understand the concept of two different music; the former being known as classic and a great stimulant to the brain while the latter helps you increase your workout endurance and makes the muscle lean. Next, we’ll also talk about the best music especially when working out on a desk bike. So, let’s begin.

Mozart Music:  

Mozart or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born during the regime of the Holy Roman Empire  His contribution to the music world had really been known not just in Europe but in all parts of the globe. In fact, one of his successors, Ludwig Van Beethoven was greatly influenced by his work. He has been thought to be part of Mozart’s opera while he played at the orchestra at Bonn. Some other facts about his music style focused on clarity, balance, and transparency. As his music influenced the globe, experts even proved that his music has also been considered a brain booster. In a book entitled: Minds Myths authored by the psychologist, Sergio Della Salla , he noted a remarkable observation during a visit at a mozzarella farm in Italy. According to him, the buffaloes produce much more milk in the entire day because they got to listen to Mozart’s music. Another fact that proves his music is really a brain booster was the study which was started in 1991 but was published in the medical journal two years after and birthed to the term “Mozart effect”. This indeed paved the way to further research on his music. It was also theorized that his music has patterns that cause the cortical firing or the stimulation of the neurons surrounding the cerebrum or the dominant part of the human brain. The patterns mentioned were also associated to activities such as solving spatial puzzles. Lastly, it was found out that Mozart Effect doesn’t automatically make one listener smart but what it does is it stimulates the brain function through the calming effect that helps a person focus more on a given task. This lessens anxiety and decreases heart rate which may send more signals to the brain. Despite all these facts, there are other types of music which experts claim to be better brain stimulants such as pop music and country music. On the other hand, these types of music are considered conventional and are really considered to be more acceptable. The next type of music that we’re going to tackle is less popular for some people whose views are more conservative but taking a closer check on the rhythm and beat, is somehow has a vibe that can make you decide which is the best desk bike music. Imagine using Flexispot’s Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9 or the Under Desk Bike V9U -- Best Standing Desk Mate while you listen to the music of your choice. It really is a great combination.

Nicki Minaj Music

Now let’s get to the next type of music: Hip Hop which is the main genre of Nicki Minaj songs. Some people find them very explicit- from the lyrics to the music videos yet before we raise brows on this let’s try to consider the benefits of listening to Hip Hop music. Why not go beyond the words but listen through the heart and not through the ears while dive into the deeper part of this blog. In an article ( posted by Case Kenny, years ago, author enumerated some benefits of listening to Hip-Hop music. First among the six was the effect of Hip Hop music to your self- development. Behind the lyrics of Nicki Minaj songs is the authenticity and the positive outlook despite all the hardships and rejections that one person encounters. She is also empowering others through the stories she tells in her lyrics; it’s like the acceptance of your true self that will let you develop self-love and become bold and attractive in the eyes of other people. The second thing mentioned by Kenny was hip-hop music can help a person build an imagery that can help him seek success and greatness. In most narratives of the hip hop music, the stories of people who experienced the lowest point in their lives. These people are the ones who strived harder and didn’t let themselves get affected but improved their talents. Nicki Minaj herself experienced hardship after being fired from 15 different jobs (as she mentioned in interviews) because of discourtesy to customers yet she managed to make herself better and now she’s a professional model and rapper. Now how could a person benefit from listening to Hip Hop music and how could he improve his well-being with this genre? Once a person starts seeing his value, his mind thinks of positive thoughts it transcends all over his body and makes him choose what’s healthy and positive such as maintaining a very healthy and active lifestyle while choosing the best products such as the Flexispot’s Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9 which would make the downtime an uptime even during work hours. This proves the work and life balance for every person.


The choice will always be up to you whether you choose to be more sophisticated and classic with Mozart or be bold and feisty with Nicki Minaj for your next ride on the Desk Bike as you slay a busy work day. The most important thing is how you can stay authentically in shape. Then that’s the real vibe, indeed.