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Reasons Why You Can't Find a Standing Desk with Drawers

01 July 2020

You've finally decided to upgrade your old office desk and you're on to search for a standing desk. After all the articles you've read about the cons of sitting too much and guide before getting a height-adjustable desk, you made the leap and decided to get one.

However, you seem to find out that most of the standing desk you see online has no drawers on it, and you started to think why. Is your decision to swap your old desk with a drawer wise move in the first place?

In this article, we'll be discussing why most standing desks in the market don't include any drawers and how is this considered an advantage.

Added Weight

Since most electric standing desk already carries a lot of weight, first, from the tabletop which weighs depending on the thickness, and other that are made with hard wood tops, this seems to be already a lot of weight if you could imagine it.

Also, before manufacturing these desks, they have set a specific amount of weight to be loaded on it. They have kept in mind other users who mount their monitors on edge-clamped monitor arms, others with three or four monitors and their heavy-duty monitor arms.

The Strain in the Lifting Legs

Additional wood weight can greatly affect the overall performance of a height-adjustable standing desk. Take note that these types of desks have specification of the lifting power of its legs, meaning it can no longer bear more weight for it to work smoothly. With no built-in desk drawers in sight, the weight on top of the frame is perfectly centered along the crossbars that connect the two legs, and is perfectly leveled.

For a Minimalist Appeal

These height adjustable desks are created for a reason – it's either for convenience, practicality, and aesthetic too – perfect for young professionals who want to have a productive workspace at home and at work. Good thing, there's an available under desk drawer at FlexiSpot which adds storage space to your standing desk with the convenience of a Sliding Under-Desk Drawer.

It's an ideal drawer made from a durable, high-quality steel frame with two rolling tracks for super-smooth rolling. Its spacious drawer can hold up to a 22 lbs. load, which is comparable to holding up 20 magazines! All you have to do is mount the drawer under the desktop with the included hardware.

If you still haven't decided yet whether to get a height-adjustable desk for your workstation upgrade, then you should know more about its advantages. It may be hard transitioning from sitting to alternating standing while working but you'll reap off the benefits in the long run.