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Reasons Your Home Office or Workplace Needs a Monitor Mount

19 December 2023

The workplace setup is changing dramatically. What was once considered traditional is now harder to find as companies and organizations start incorporating innovation in their office setups. For example, standing desks are becoming common, as are bike chairs or under-desk treadmills.

In fact, even the workplace structure has changed in terms of where employees get to work. Some come in to the office, while others may be working remotely.

Regardless of whether your workspace is in-office or at home, a monitor mount is a great and useful addition to the work station.

Let's consider some reasons your home office or workplace needs a monitor mount.

Benefits of a Monitor Mount

Adding a monitor mount to your office space will provide a number of benefits no matter how your workspace is set up. Not only does it have some major advantages in terms of workspace efficiency, but also has ergonomic benefits you may not have known about.

Saving Space

Monitors nowadays aren't very big or bulky - not like they used to be. Plenty of them are sleek and take up minimal desk space, but even then they can get in the way, especially if you don't have a lot of desk space to begin with.

Lack of desk space is not an uncommon problem; in fact, many office workers will complain that their desks are too small and they have too many things they need to keep around. A cluttered and crowded desk isn't just irritating to deal with, it also affects productivity and effectiveness. If you want to get your work done and well, you need a desk setup that is free of distractions.

A monitor mount is an excellent way to solve this problem. Many monitor mounts will be attached through grommets or clamps, which means you don't need a bulky monitor stand taking up your working desk space. Many others take it a step further by having the option to be attached to the wall, which means that you can clear it off your desk entirely.

With a monitor arm, you don't have to worry about organizing your things around your monitor, since you'll have a lot more desk space to work with. It may not seem like much when you actually have a thin monitor placed on your desk but you'd be surprised how much even that thin strip of free space can help.

Even if you don't necessarily need more desk space, a monitor mount can help make your desk look clean and tidy, and also give you extra room to liven it up a bit - such as by adding a small potted plant, or a souvenir from a trip.

Monitor Adjustments

One of the leading causes of neck, shoulder and back pain nowadays is the amount of time spent staring at the computer screen in the same position. Not to mention the eye strain.

While standard monitor stands do come with adjustment options, these are extremely limited and only allow for so much movement. Since the computer screen is stuck in one place, so are you. Staring at that one spot for the whole day can cause aches and pains, and musculoskeletal disorders as a result of the bad posture.

In fact, when working at your desk, you don't necessarily notice the fact that your posture is deteriorating either. You may be sitting completely straight when you start off, and as you get engrossed in your work over time, you'll realize you're hunched over the desk. This is fine if it happens once or twice, but can cause some major health problems if it persists.

A monitor mount removes these troubles by allowing for more adjustment. With a monitor mount set up, you can adjust the height, depth, angle and tilt of the screen without any trouble, which allows you to view your computer screen as well from different positions as you could have if you were actually hunched over the desk.

Monitor adjustments in this way also allows for better ergonomics, not only because your posture is correct, but also because it allows you to stand up and work. Besides neck strain and back or shoulder aches, a common problem for computer users is the way they have to stay seated all day at work. If you were to stand, you'd have trouble seeing the display because of the strange angle, and this could cause you even more neck strain.

But the adjustability that comes with a monitor mount makes it possible for you to stand and work while also keeping the screen at an appropriate height, thereby improving your health and productivity.


Leading in from monitor adjustments, a monitor mount will also allow for better display. Not only is this because of the fact that you can move your monitor around to find a spot that works for it best, but also because the adjustability lets you get the right angle on it as well. With a standard monitor stand, you can only really use the monitor in one way.

Sure, you can maybe move it left to right, and maybe even up and down if the stand comes with that option, but for the most part, your options are limited. With a monitor mount, the monitor screen is suspended in the air, rather than stuck on the surface of the desk.

This means that you get a wider range of angles to work with. You can tilt it back and forth until it's horizontal, or you can turn it all the way around. You can even tilt it so you can view portrait documents and graphics better, which you wouldn't be able to do with a regular monitor stand.

Another aspect of better display is that you can reduce eye strain and fatigue by finding a good angle. If you sit near a window, for example, you may have a problem with light falling on your screen and making it harder to see. Glare and contrast are two major contributors to eye fatigue in office spaces.

When you can move your screen around, you can avoid this problem by finding the right spot to work in without having to put up with the light from the environment making it difficult for you to work.


When we have to work, we want our workspaces to look nice - a place to work in, rather than a space to put up with a mess. A monitor mount is an easy way to make your workspace look professional - firstly because of the lack of clutter, but also because of the minimalist aesthetic.

Not just that, but a monitor mount also comes with the additional benefit of giving you a good angle on video calls, which can make you look a lot more professional in virtual meetings.

FlexiSpot Single Monitor Mount

If you're looking for a good monitor mount for your workspace, FlexiSpot's Single Monitor Mount is your best bet.

This monitor mount comes with a fully adjustable arm that lets you rotate, extend, tilt or swivel the monitor with as much as a light touch, so you don't have to do anything special to get your screen to where you want it to be. All you have to do is push it in the right direction and it'll get there.

This monitor mount comes with a 360 degree rotation, which is useful when you have to work with things that look better with different orientations. It can also help with collaborative work, such as showing a colleague what you're working on for team input. It can also help with fixing the angle to be able to see the screen better depending on your sitting position.

The Flexispot Single Monitor Mount also comes with a cordless desktop option by incorporating a cable management system which makes it easier to keep your wires and cords under your control and make your workspace look less messy and cluttered. This way you get to work a lot more productively than you would otherwise.

This monitor mount is also very easy to install. You can use the C-clamp option, or the grommet option, depending on whichever works for you. All it takes is a few minutes to set up your monitor mount so you can start using it for work pretty much immediately.

The mount also has a fairly high loading capacity. It can hold up larger monitors with heavier weights, which helps in workspaces where larger monitors allow you to work productively and ergonomically. The screen size range is fairly wide, and so is the weight capacity.

The frame of the mount is made of aircraft-grade material, so you don't have to worry about your equipment falling over in the middle of your work and possibly destroying your desk with it.

All-in-all, a monitor mount is an excellent investment for any home or office workspace, and is definitely one you should consider getting if you're looking to enhance your workspace productivity.