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Redecorate Your Living Area Under $500

14 January 2022

The living area is the most important part of the house. Not because it's the first part of your house that the visitors will see when they enter but because the living area takes on numerous roles – it's the place where the family gets together to talk, watch movies, share a laugh or simply get cozy with hot chocolate at night. The living area has to be comfortable, cozy and should feel alive. Because the living room holds such immense importance, it's usually the first room that homeowners consider when redecorating.

If redecorating your living area is on your to-do list for 2022, you might be all geared up and excited. While there are endless possibilities with what you can do around your living area, you might find yourself short of ideas if you have a limited budget. Just because you can't spare a huge chunk from your savings to redecorate your living area doesn't mean you can't do it at all.

This blog post will take you through some of the best ways to redecorate your living area under $500. What more could you possibly ask for?

Why Redecorate Your Living Area

Why Redecorate Your Living Area

If you're someone who wants to be absolutely sure about something before they spend any of their hard-earned money, you've landed yourself at the right place. The idea of redecorating the living area might have crossed your mind several times, but now, we'll help you to leap towards doing it finally.

An All-New Look

Who doesn't like the feel of a new home? Redecorating the living area will give your house that new and fresh look that'll automatically make you feel refreshed too!

Improved Aesthetics

Redecorating the living area right can improve the aesthetic appeal altogether. Replacing the upholstery, changing the curtains, redoing the color theme, and changing the light fixtures; all of this can make your living room look like a vision!

Upgrade the Living Area

Another reason why you should consider redecorating your living area is that it can be an opportunity for you to upgrade it and make it more functional. Your furniture may be worn out, and the curtains may have lost their luster. By getting your furniture polished or replaced (if your budget allows), replacing the curtains, installing new lights can transform your living area and make it look modern. You can even add more seating to accommodate the growing family. The options are endless.

Boosts the Value of Your Home

Redecorating your living can boost the value of your home, which is one of the biggest reasons you should most definitely consider doing it. Since the living area is the first part of your house, potential buyers will see when they come to inspect your property, a well-decorated living area will leave a great first impression, and they'll be sold then and there!

Redecorate Your Living Area Under $500

Redecorate Your Living Area Under $500

The first thing that would occur to you when the idea of redecorating your living area pops into your mind is the budget. Most people assume that redecorating the living room is an expensive home improvement project. While there's no limit to how much you can spend, you can most definitely pull it off even if you've got a low budget!

Below are some of the coolest ways in which you can revamp your living area without having to spend a fortune:

Redo Your Shelves

Most living rooms have shelves of one form or the other. It could be a TV console, bookshelf, floating shelves, or a showcase. If you wish to redecorate your living area on a budget, you should start with what you already have. Most homeowners fill the shelves in their living room with books, DVDs, fancy dinnerware, etc. While it's okay to want the shelves to be functional, aesthetics are important too. It's on you how you want to style your shelves. For starters, you can decorate the shelves with decorative accessories like vases, photo frames, crystal accessories, plants, and artwork. Don't make the shelves appear too cluttered. The neater the shelves are, the more attractive they'll look.

Update the Upholstery

Update the Upholstery

The upholstery of the living room furniture is exposed to extensive wear and tear due to rough usage. Dull and worn-out upholstery can turn the whole vibe of your living area down. You can update the upholstery of your living room furniture if your budget doesn't allow you to replace the furniture. Choose upholstery that's bright and vibrant so that your living room feels alive and electrified. The colors of your living room will affect the mood, so make sure you don't choose dull and gloomy colors when redoing the living room upholstery.

Replace the Rug

Another way you can change the way your living area looks and feels is by replacing the rug. A rug can make your living area look complete, more sophisticated, and a lot more attractive. If your living area doesn't have a rug, now's the time to get one! Make sure you're buying a rug that's the right size. It shouldn't be too big or too small.

Most importantly, the rug's color should sit well with the overall color scheme of your living area. If your furniture is of a light color, let's say light brown, beige, or white, you can add a colorful rug to add a pop of color to your living area. However, if your furniture is bold and loud, like black or dark brown, or the upholstery is printed and vibrantly colored, choose a rug that's more subtle and lighter in color.

FlexiSpot Scalloped Accent Chair 1049

Add Accent Furniture

Adding accent furniture to your living room can make a difference. You can replace the side tables, media console, or shelf with more modern accent varieties in your living room. Accent furniture like the FlexiSpot Scalloped Accent Chair 1049 looks elegant, attractive, and every bit classy!

Replace Curtains

We can't stress enough how much interest and depth curtains can add to your living area. Not only that, if you install the right curtains the right way, you can even make your living room look bigger. If you've got small windows in your living area, hanging the curtain wide and high can make the windows look larger, and the ceiling appear higher, thereby making your living area more open and spacious. The best part is – replacing the draperies won't cost too much!

Mount Your TV on the Wall

Mount Your TV on the Wall

If your LED TV is sitting on a console, invest in a TV wall mount and see the massive difference it makes! You'll be amazed to see how much modern your living room will look by simply mounting the TV on the wall. It'll also clear the console and make it look less messy. In fact, you can use this newly-freed space to add decorative elements such as plants, photo frames, and vases.

Add Wallpaper

Another way you can redecorate your living area for under $500 is by adding wallpaper. Wallpaper comes in a massive variety of designs and colors. You can find wallpaper in any price range. While you can always paint the walls of your living area in unique colors, the charm and elegance of wallpapers is unmatched!

Add Artwork to the Walls

Add Artwork to the Walls

Plain walls look dull. If your living area is gloomy, you'll feel the same too. One of the most budget-friendly ways of redecorating and upgrading your living area is by adding attractive artwork to the walls. You don't have to invest in designer paintings. There's plenty of affordable artwork available that you can choose from. Artwork will add character to your living area and make it look classy and attractive.

Replace Lighting

You'll be amazed to see the impact of changing the lighting in your living room. You can make your living area look warm and welcoming or bright and lively by adding the right lighting. A huge variety of lighting is available. Choose the lighting that will bring about the vibe you want in your living area!

Add Plants

Add Plants

Plants can make any space look fresh and alive. If there are no plants in your living area, now is the time to add some! You don't have to put plants in the unsightly pots. You'll find planters in so many sizes, colors, and designs. From wall planters to overhanging varieties, planters come in a huge variety! Also, make sure you include some seasonal flowering plants. A little pop of color and a burst of fragrance will only make your living area feel better!

Redecorating your living area under $500 is possible! You don't have to break the bank to revamp the heart of your house. The living area is a very important part of your house, and you should make sure it reflects your personality. And for doing that, all you need is a budget of $500 and plenty of budget-friendly ideas like the ones we listed above!