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Regaining Knee Strength with Ergo Chairs + Footrest

20 July 2021

Knee Pain Caused by Prolonged Sitting

Harvard Medical School once stated in a blog that when you are sitting for 6-8 hours, you become at risk of an untimely death. However, this is not to say that after you sit for like about 8 hours, you would simply pass out and die. What this statement means is that this kind of practice is linked to premature deaths caused by conditions or complications because of obesity, heart disease, and spine-related injuries. If left untreated, this may lead to fatal death. 

In addition to that, experts prove that when you sit for long hours, you create a higher probability of putting injury to the back, hips, and knees that often do not have an immediate symptom but would rather have numbness or shallow pain at first. 

This bad ergonomic practice tremendously affects the knees. being the bearer of the weight from the upper body. This practice could cause the severity of some conditions such as:

  • Gout
  • Rheumatism
  • Tendonitis
  • Injuries incurred around the knees because of accidents in playing sports

These are just some of the injuries that you might incur if you are a sports enthusiast or an office worker who spends most of the time sitting in the office. Your knees are the parts of your body that are severely strained because of too much weight that it bears. Your sedentary lifestyle causes health conditions that trigger pain around the knees. Hence, it is advisable to treat your knees properly alongside your doctor's prescription. There are also helpful ways to relieve pain around the knees. When you do these things, you'd surely regain the knee strength that you need. Simple remedies that could help you whenever you feel the pressure or inflammation around your knees. In this case, there are ways to alleviate the pain and avoid the possibility of injuries that would harm your spine for a long time.

Ways to Regain Your Knee Strength

There are moments when you feel like the overall weight from your upper body falls down your knees to your ankles. If you are having a sedentary lifestyle, this could worsen your situation because there would be poor blood circulation. 

When you have a sedentary lifestyle, you would not be able to sweat and move your muscles. The more you move your body, the bigger your chances are to lose weight. Obesity starts with stagnation. So, if you spend more time sitting and you do not practice sit-stand movements, you might have the risk of gaining weight because the excess fat in the body is being stored too much instead of being expelled through sweating. 

However, it does not necessarily sweat a lot to a point that your body heat would increase. What we mean here is the chance to let your muscles work and release the toxins in your body, especially the excess fat. You may achieve these things even at your workstation. Let's say you work for 9 hours every day you may try doing the following things: 

  • Alternate your stance; you may sit-stand in front of your standing desk for example. Make sure that your movements would be different within an hour. The aim is not to get stuck in a routine and do the same thing over and over. This is because when you do the same task over and over, your muscles might get strained and some joints would get numbed. So, if you're using a stand-up desk then it would be better because it could help you keep up with a more active lifestyle. 
  • Try to switch your movements or positions when working in the office. It's best done in an ergo chair too because it has the fascinating gas lifting mechanism that allows you to do the sit-stand movement easily. The ergo chair and sit-stand desk are the best pair to have at the workstation. What's good about these pieces of equipment is you would not resort to forcing yourself when you stand up from the chair because you could observe proper sitting and standing with the ergonomic chair and these motions are easier because of the standing desk. So, choosing these pieces of equipment could help you regain your knee strength. 
  • When you feel like there is much pressure from the upper body and your knees feel so strained, try to do the RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation). Oftentimes, when you have certain conditions like rheumatism, you'd feel the swelling around your knees. It's better to take a rest first, dab it with some ice inside a bag or cloth, wrap a compression cloth around the knees, and don't forget to keep the knees elevated. This would help restore circulation and eliminate the swelling around your knees. The best way to do this is through an ergonomic chair with a footrest that is offered by the most sought-after brand in the market-Flexispot. 

Why Choose Flexispot for Your Knees

When you experience these ergonomic problems, choosing the most trusted brand in the market can help you alleviate the pain and regain the strength of your knees. Hence, Flexispot is here. At Flexispot, you can find the best standing desks that could adjust to the height of your ergonomic chair. The company has the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk for one of the sit-stand desks from Flexispot. You can choose between the up and down movements when you use this stand-up desk. So, this is best used with the Big and Tall Reclining Executive Office Chair with Footrest 290 that has sturdy adjustors and has a cushion that has amazing lumbar support. The most fascinating thing about this chair is it also has a footrest. With this, it could help you elevate your knees with ease. 

At times, when you experience knee pain, there might also be a possibility that your hips, back, and neck would get strained. Hence, it's also recommendable to use the Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1500F 1W that has the breathable mesh backrest. This could give your hips, back, and neck protection as you elevate your knees with the help of its footrest. This would be great because it could help you relax after a long day at work. 

With all these features, you may benefit a lot from the Flexispot ergo chairs if you choose to purchase them. 

Final Thoughts

Your knees are one of the most delicate parts of the body because they serve as a connector between the legs and the feet. If you get injured, you might end up either failing to function well at work, undergoing a lifetime treatment, or lose the ability to walk. Thus, you need to take care of your knees by keeping yourself active even when you are in the office and do not ignore the threat of weight problems. That way, you may be able to protect yourself from ergonomic problems.