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Save Your Posture and also Save Your Money with Flexispot’s Summer Sale

07 July 2021

Have fun under the sun, work hard in front of your computer.

Everyone knows that summer is here and sales are springing up left and right! While there may be a lot of cool stuff on sale that may have caught your attention, this is the right time to pay attention to your overall posture. When was the last time that you were worried about your office’s ergonomics? When was the last time that you promised to get a chair that would support your back while you work? When was the last time that you have given yourself a treat that you can use for years to come? Never remember anything? Then head on to FlexiSpot to find the greatest summer deals that would answer all of your posture woes!

For those who want to make the change for their posture but want to start small, you may try the:


Extend out your extra-large tabletop with plenty of room for your desktop computer, official documents, and office necessities. The multiple configuration alternatives, such as a 17-inch netbook or a huge gamepad, are also accommodated by a convertible cutout atop an enormous tray. With the versatile, step-less, and fully adjustable workstation converter, you can set the desk to a comfortable height for you. It's also quick and simple to operate with only one hand, especially for those with lumbar, arm, or forearm discomfort, thanks to the singular grip instead of double handles.

Although similar standing desk converters stretch out when elevated, occupying areas and running the risk of tipping upfront, FlexiSpot risers move up and down precisely and vertically, conserving room and ensuring quality and stability.

“My expectation for the Flexispot was surpassed. On the ground level, I have a cordless mouse and keyboard. On the upper level, I have my computer and a 20" Flat-screen monitor, giving me the most flexibility: Monitor just, pc only, and expanded view utilizing the laptop and monitor combined. The display is at eye level when the riser is down and I am seated, reducing visual fatigue.” - Cynthia S.

“I seriously encourage you to get this workstation for the aforementioned purposes...

1) The directions were extremely clear, and I was able to put up the desk riser in approximately 10 minutes.

2)The packaging was extremely attractive and well-made! Everything came nicely wrapped, and removing and assembling all of the components was a breeze.

3) It is quite robust and does not scratch your desk. I have a marble desk, and installing the desk riser atop of it was a breeze.

4) The desk extender allows users to work while seated and standing, which I find really useful at work and school.

It is really worth the money, and I strongly advise you to get it!” - Rick D.

“Every day, I am using this desk converter. My spouse prefers to sit at the computer, but I spend much more time there and choose to stand up since I believe it is better to sit less. This desk converter is very easy to raise and lower depending on who of us is using it. It's also quite durable, and I anticipate getting a lot of usage out of it. My workstation isn't very huge, so I had to be cautious to select a riser that didn't take up all of it; I still need to place a printer and light on the desk, and this riser gives me enough room to do so. This purchase has exceeded my expectations!” - Terry M.

“I bought this for my partner, who has been instructing virtually from home due to COVID-19 and has developed back and leg problems as a result of sitting for so long.

The machine was ready to use right out of the box, with the only "assembly" required being the placement of the metal frame in the latching grippers. The unit's operating handle is on the right side, and it may be locked in place at any place along the transit line.

My only regret was that the keyboard tray appeared to articulate in such a manner in the photos that it would lay at the same level as the main office desk and then descend to a lesser rate when the desk was elevated. In actuality, the tray is anchored beneath the desk area, at the level of the table on which the unit is mounted, at the front of the lift hardware.

In some ways, I guess this is a positive thing because it allows you to rest your arms on the table/desk while sitting. This also means I'll need to purchase a new size box/stand to rest the monitor on, as the one we had before was too high.

The desk comes with a hole in the back and mounting hardware for a monitor arm; however, I'm not sure if you have to purchase a monitor arm from the same manufacturer for it to fit, or if it's a typical arrangement. In any case, I'm not sure I'd want to put a monitor arm to the device because it doesn't appear to be that robust.” Ryan L.

For the office workers who want to remain active despite sitting, one can have the:


The desk bike will assist you in being active. Despite performing ordinarily inactive tasks, you can stay healthy, energetic, and burn more calories. You can simply change the chair to your preferred height with the pneumatic adjustment lever. The training duration, calories burnt, and speed are all displayed on the integrated digital display. Don't be concerned about low resistance movements since the eight resistance levels allow you to transition from mild exercise to a more vigorous workout with a snap of a finger.

“The cushioning is not really my cup of tea as it can be softer but for its price and purpose, I can look past it. When the bike is not in use, I also hope the tabletop was easy to fold down or uninstall. But it really is fantastic, and I'd strongly suggest it to others. It's something I use practically every time I have the chance!” - Henry G.

FlexiSpot’s summer sale is a great way to score the best ergonomic deals for your posture. As you save your posture, you also save your money. So, go ahead and find the best FlexiSpot product for your lifestyle.