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Saving Time and Effort with the Memory Presets

02 June 2021

Memory Presets on Ergonomic Desks:

Part of a great innovation is the creation of tools and equipment that could bring comfort and much protection for the consumers. One of these is the creation of ergonomic equipment. From chairs to standing desks. This wide array of products has been developed with functions that cater to consumers with convenience. The functions of the standing desks are ranging from:

  • Height-adjustability
  • Ergonomic functions
  • Built-in charging ports

These are some of the most beneficial functions of standing desks in particular, In the market, the best choices are from Flexipot for several reasons:

  • Standing desks from Flexispot do not break the bank. 
  • Most standing desks from Flexispot are made with great ergonomic solutions and are for office workers who need to double the effort and time in fulfilling their tasks while they make sure their health is not compromised. 
  • Flexispot Standing desks offer a wider workspace.
  • These standings are made from robust materials that ensure longevity thus making it more practical for the consumer. 
  • Flexispot Standing desks are created with enhanced structures to reach optimal usage. 

With all these traits, a consumer could save up more with Flexispot products because the price is reasonable and the quality is certifiably premium. Now, when we talk about standing desks there are certain features that one consumer must consider when buying them. These features may affect the future use of the product and the effectiveness of it to the one who's going to use it. So, to be guided we have some key features that you might consider checking:

The Key Features of a Standing Desk:

  • A standing desk should have flexible height adjustability: 

Compared to the ordinary office desk, an ergonomic standing desk is more reliable when it comes to flexibility because it grows with children and it caters to your sit-stand needs. We know how busy one could get in the office that he sometimes needs to answer the phone call while writing down the memo; this could hamper his posture if he would do the tasks without a flexible companion hence a good product should be having the height-adjustable feature like the ones offered in Flexispot. 

  • A standing desk should have an absolute whisper-quiet operation:

Some individuals do not entertain the idea of buying a standing desk that has a single or dual motor system because they think that it would be creating noise in the office. Hence, if one's looking for a particular standing desk, it should consist of an absolute whisper-quiet operation. 

  • A standing desk should have integrated and advanced memory presets:

This is something astonishing about standings desk because one doesn't have to lift the desk leg which is done with ordinary office tables. With just a few clicks you may save your desired standing, sitting, and cycling heights. This is advantageous because you would save a lot of time especially when you have limited hours and you need to finish a certain task within your 9-5 job. 

As we integrate these key features to the topic that we have, we are having an idea now on how we could choose the best standing desk for us. In actuality, all these key features are contained in Flexispot's standing desks that would be discussed in the next part of the article. The following are some of their premium products that most office workers love using. These standing desks are:

So, let's start with the first standing desk that has a wooden top. This is the:

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top

  • This standing desk is known for its full feature and classic style. It also has convenient USB charging ports (2x Type-A and 1x Type-C). So, this could save up space and would make it safe for the person who's charging the phone by the table compared to an ordinary office desk that does not offer the said feature. This could save one from the dangers of wire entanglement. 
  • It also has the 110lb-lifting capacity hence you may put your office stuff on top without the fear of damaging the product itself. 
  • What's good about this is it has 4 programmable height presets that also fit the kid's height so this could be used by our young learners. 

Now. If we're looking for a product with a bigger loading capacity, the second one is recommendable. This is the:

Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra large desktop:

  • This is best known for its All-in-one keypad. It contains 3 memory preset buttons, up and down movement, desired height setup, and sit-stand reminder. This means that whenever you get preoccupied with a lot of tasks in the office a notification would buzz and would remind you to take a stand while working. 
  • Its dual motor lifting system not just makes it robust but doubles the weight lifting capacity of this product. 
  • With this standing desk, you may choose from 3 different materials for your desktop which are:
  • Bamboo desktop
  • Laminate desktop
  • Solid wood desktop

     These materials could make you enjoy while helping the environment. 

  • Its construction could assure the user of durability and maximum stability. 

This large desktop could make your work fast and efficient because of the key features especially its the all-in-one keypad. Choosing this would allow you to do different things and achieve more for your work. Now, for the last part of our topic, we will have the third kind of standing desk that has the most reliable and time-saving feature. This is the:

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

  • This is an elegantly designed standing desk that offers an effective ergonomic solution. 
  • This standing desk is categorized into Eco and Pro. The eco category is 2 stage-featured while the Pro can be 2-stage or 3 stage-featured. The eco uses a single motor while the pro uses the dual motor. Hence, their weight lifting capacities differ. 
  • When talking about the weight capacity, the Eco has the capacity of 154lbs while the Pro (2 stages) has the capacity of 220lbs; the Pro (3-stage) has the capacity of 275lbs. So, looking at this, we may choose which one is suitable for your needs; is it the Eco or Pro?
  • This standing desk too has a variety of memory keypads. These are the:
  • Basic keypad
  • Standard keypad 
  • Advanced keypad

These key features could help you ease your work as they

lessen your time in adjusting the height of your table. 

Final Thoughts:

Finding the right standing desk could sometimes be crucial because there are superb features that look so suitable for your needs. However, you just need to consider which one would fit your budget and pacing at work hence you must consider features like the memory presets aside from the materials these products are made from so you would be able to save time and effort while enjoying yourself at work.