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Say Goodbye to a Cluttered Desk

21 September 2020

It's an eyesore to work on a chaotic desk. But it does not stop there: A disorganized desk can also hamper productivity and performance at work according to this NBC article.

Not all agree with this, though. This certain article from INC. discussed that there are benefits of having a messy and disorganized desk. On the other side of the coin, some studies found out that those who have messier desks tend to be more creative and prone to think outside-the-box.

A messy desk is not really for everyone. A clean desk is not everyone's cup of tea, either. It all boils down to preferences and no one should apologize for acting on their inclinations. You do you.

But if you're on the side of the fence that values orderliness, this article is for you. Since you work remotely now, the cleaning extends to your home office. Read along to know the home office cleaning tips on how to keep your workstation tidy.

The cleaning starts now

Pat yourself on the back if you want to go all out in cleaning your desk. This activity might take hours, especially if you haven't cleared your desk for quite some time. Above all, you need to stay committed because organizing is a lifestyle according to organizational guru Jane Stoller or better known by her social media moniker, Organized Jane.

In any here is a list that you can refer to once you get things going:

1) Sort out the things on your desk -- Look at your desk. What do you see? Piles of paper or books? Or how about those months-old magazines? The best thing to do is to practice the Marie Kondo style of putting like things together. Categorize your items and corral them in boxes.

Put your files in one box, your books in another, and so forth. Label them so you would know what to shred, throw, keep, or donate.

2) Explore your desk drawer -- When was the last time you poked through your things there? Do you even remember the items you have in your desk drawer? It might be time to look at your desk drawer and keep an inventory of the supplies that you have. If you feel a little creative, you can also line your drawer with some cute decorative paper.

You can also do a mini-makeover where you put drawer dividers like baskets and boxes. This way each item has a house of its own and you don't get lost in a jungle of office supplies.

3) Add more storage -- If you use a height adjustable desk, chances are there are no desk drawers. But you can always buy an under desk drawer for more storage. Invest in a high-quality under desk drawer that provides ample space and one that can be locked to secure your belongings.

Want to move some of your office trinkets from your desk to a shelf? You can try to install floating shelves so you can keep everything within eyesight. Since the shelves are mounted on the walls, they won't take up any floor space.

Another idea is to set up a pegboard so you can just hang all your office supplies and decorations in one place. An efficient organizational tool, the pegboard also allows you to hang wire baskets and cup holders so you have more space that can hold your things.

Keep it easy

Step back and clean when you feel overwhelmed with the papers and documents on your home office desk. Remember that you have complete control over your desk and how it looks like at the end of the day.