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Say Hi To Your Hygiene Kit

19 April 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways people take care of themselves. Some people opted to stay at home to keep everybody safe while for others whose presence are needed or missed, a hygiene kit is what they need to prepare for the day.

A hygiene kit basically contains everything that you may need throughout the day for the sole purpose of disinfecting and even freshening up.

Do not know what to include in your hygiene kit right now? Well you are in luck because this article will show you some of the things that you may need throughout the day with a little extra in between.

But first, here are some of the things that you need to consider before saying hi to your new and improved hygiene kit.

Some of the things to ask yourself to create the perfect personal hygiene kit for your personality and active lifestyle;

  1. Where will you go?

  2. Is there an unlimited source of clean running water for you to wash your hands?

  3. Do you not mind bringing things that are made specially for one purpose or do you want an all-in-one product?

  4. How active are you in your day to day life?

Now that you have answered all of the aforementioned things above, it is time to look at some of the things you can bring with you to pick and consolidate your personal hygiene kit

Hand Sanitizers Are A Lifesaver

A sanitizer is a quick fix solution for the times when clean running water is out of the equation for you to wash your hands. To fully maximize the disinfecting effects of your hand sanitizer, the Center for Disease Control recommends using a 60% alcohol-based sanitizer to efficiently kill germs, bacteria, and viruses that you may have come in contact with throughout the day. 

If you are wondering if those fancy and scented sanitizers that you oh-so-love works just as well as those plain old sanitizers, well you are in luck because just as long as it has 60% alcohol, it shall do its job very well.

Suds Up

If you are lucky enough to have clean water at your disposal, the best thing you can bring is your personal soap to lather and rinse the icky germs away. No matter where you are, washing your hands is the most effective way to assure yourself that you and everyone you have come in contact with are safe. 

Consider cutting up your good old bar of soap whenever you go out to make it more portable. If cutting up soap is not your cup of tea, then the liquid hand soap is the next best thing for you next to sliced bread. However, when you are bringing a teeny tiny bag, paper soaps also exist to perfectly fit your lifestyle and it is just as effective as your regular bar of soap and liquid hand soap.

Don’t Ask, Just Mask it

Now that we are in the New Normal Era, it should be everyone’s priority to keep every person safe by following the rules about using masks. If for some reason you are still not convinced about wearing mask because of your reasons (e.g. health problems that make it hard for you to breathe under a mask, believing that it is your right to breathe fresh air, your body only follows your choice, ear mask loops hurt the back of your ears too much) maybe you have not found the perfect mask yet.

Below are some of the solutions you can do or ponder upon your reasons.

1. Health problems that make it hard for you to breathe under a mask.

We get it, okay? Having a mask on is not a pleasurable experience but, it is a necessity especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic is still going strong. If you are having difficulties breathing under your mask, then it is the wrong one for you.

If you find it hard to breathe under a fabric mask, consider switching to medical grade face masks because those are meant for professionals who need to be protected while still feeling comfortable.  If the medical face masks make everything hard for you, then switch to a cotton fabric mask that has filters and avoid cloth masks made from neoprene. Finding the perfect mask is really a trial and error experience. Remember, no two masks are alike but every health matters more than ever during this crisis that we are experiencing.

2.It is your right to breathe fresh air.

Yes, it is your right and our right. But with the pandemic going on around us, we are all withheld of this beautiful right and privilege. Also remember that it is everyone’s right to live. If you do not wish to be the cause of someone’s suffering or death, remember to mask it up for the betterment of our world.

3.Your body, your choice.

The COVID-19 virus does not have a choice because its sole job is to just infect you and compromise your life. Need we say more?

4.Ear mask loops hurt the back of your ears too much.

Consider buying ear savers which are like clips but for the face mask ear loops. These are cheap and fast solutions that come in a myriad of designs and colors. Buy a neutral and classic hue and you have yourself an ear saver that goes with any outfit or go and buy every color to suit your mood for the day.

These are just some of the things that prevent people from wearing masks. Do remember though, that masks are important as well as your life and the well-being of others. Be the better person and keep an extra mask or two in your personal hygiene kit so that you can protect yourself and the other people around you.

Stay Fresh

Now that you have the pandemic hygiene kit basics in your arsenal, it is time for the fun stuff! A better way to make your hygiene kit scream your personality more is to load it with things you personally use to freshen and liven yourself up.

For starters, your favorite toothpaste and portable toothbrush along with a pack of mints can be included in your hygiene kit for a quick brush when you have a date. Remember that just because you have a mask on it does not mean that you can neglect your oral hygiene. Wet wipes that are hypoallergenic and alcohol-free are also a great addition to your kit to promptly cool you down if cool, clean, and running water is out of the equation. Finally, you can decant your favorite scent in a little portable spray so you can spritz the bad vibes and mood away.


Even with the vaccine to help us through this pandemic, it is still best to take extra precaution on your day to day life. After all, your personal hygiene kit is tailored to fit your every need that is why there is no excuse not to have one. You can also attach an Under Desk Drawer S01 by FlexiSpot to have your hygiene kit even while working.

Now go and make the best out of your day outside because your hygiene kit has got your back.