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Second Hand Office Furniture? Know About These 6 Factors

31 August 2021

Furniture is now an essential part of office layout. It assists you in making your office more appealing. It also affects workplace guests because this is one of the first things people see when they walk into your office. As a result, you must pick furniture that complements the design of your business. Additionally, a typical office worker spends 40 hours per week sitting in a workstation. As a result, before you proceed, you should look for office furniture that is comfortable to work with and supports the body to avoid problems.

But of course, anything brand new could cost a lot more than the usual option to cut back on expenses, getting second-hand ones. If you are considering purchasing second-hand office furniture for your business, you should think again. The truth is that buying old office furniture can cost more than getting newer ones.

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While you may be able to discover used furniture in excellent shape, the likelihood of purchasing used furniture that is unclean, dented, or malfunctioning is considerable. Office furniture is subject to typical depreciation, and items such as mechanics and materials will wear out. If you purchase a used desk that is more than five years old, it may only last a few more years. If you get a new desk with a warranty, you may never need to purchase another desk again. Furthermore, second-hand office furniture is more likely to have concealed problems, which any form of guarantee will not cover, and you will most likely be unable to source replacement parts.


One of the most significant disadvantages of purchasing used office furniture is the absence of a vendor's warranty. Because used furniture is typically offered "as-is," there are no guarantees, premium services, or warranty coverage to rely on. Most warranties only cover the original purchaser. Any current warranties will be null and void if office furniture is resold to a third party. Although new office furniture with warranties is initially more costly, the value is unrivaled. The higher the price, the better the warranty and the more it will encompass. FlexiSpot, for example, provides a limited warranty on all of their furniture.


Old office furniture can range in age from 10 to 40 years, if not even more. This means that any gears, lighting elements, electrical connectors, or other parts may be old-fashioned, obsolete, or altogether defunct. Because most used furniture suppliers aren't authorized sellers of the furniture they sell, they won't have immediate access to factory replacement components. These merchants frequently employ essential parts of inferior quality and are not specially developed for any particular piece of furniture. You'll have to purchase more than you really need if you want quality components that actually fit.

For instance, if you need ten seats, you will most likely need to purchase five additional chairs to have all necessary parts on standby. This solution is not ideal because it would entail the purchase of furniture that you do not need. Furthermore, there is no assurance that the spare furniture will not have any missing or damaged parts. If you're concerned about obsolete or missing parts, you should choose modern furniture that comes with a warranty that includes free repairs or replacement.

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When you acquire used office furniture, it might be difficult to design a setting that you genuinely adore if you worry about the design and atmosphere of your company. Whether you require partitions or height-adjustable desks, your design options are usually always minimal because you simply wouldn't be able to get what you're looking for. Because most old office furniture is already outdated, you won't be able to produce the exact style of your workplace or be picky about design options. You will also be unable to select your own textiles or styles. In addition, you will not have accessibility to an interior designer who can help you through the whole decision-making phase, which is undoubtedly the most crucial component of renovating or outfitting your workspaces.


Even if you come across old office furniture that is promoted as free, it's not really. The indirect costs of buying and maintaining used office furniture can eventually outweigh the benefits of purchasing new furniture. Transport, installation and storage might be costly. Shipping can also be expensive because you will most likely be liable for gathering the furniture and transporting it to its destination. Furthermore, sellers are more likely to overpay for old furniture, and what it's actually worth, so you'll also have to include those fees. New office furniture from a high-quality brand may be more expensive at first, but you will save considerably more money in the long run.


The majority of used office furniture is sold "as-is." Unfortunately, some sellers sell used furniture that is no longer constructed in the way the manufacturer designed it. When dealers buy old furniture at steep prices, they occasionally end up with damaged furniture or lacking original elements, so when this occurs, dealerships may be pushed to construct hybrid solutions combining furniture from several brands to sell whatever they have to make some room for more.

Assume a dealer purchase a second-hand FlexiSpot desk frame that is without a tabletop. They may substitute the tabletop with something cheap from another brand, possibly used as well, or make a homemade one that resembles the same but does not really fit quite well. If you would like high-quality furniture with original pieces, avoid buying old office furniture by all means. Rather, go with new furniture that comes with a warranty.

Final Thought

The decision to buy used office furniture is influenced by your company's needs, the functions of your workplace, and your finances. Money is important, but an excellent design does not have to be expensive. The aim is to begin small, with one component at a time. Whether you might buy second-hand office furniture depends on the nature of the business you intend to start. Office furniture is an instrument that has the power to propel your company forward. When combined with clever design, the appropriate furniture has the capacity to invigorate, stimulate, and motivate employees to produce excellent work.