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Sewing Standing Table: A Pretty Gift Idea for Mom

06 May 2021

It's almost Mother's Day. Despite the pandemic, everyone does not forget this special day for all moms out there. Wherever country you may be from, you might be already planning for the best gift this Mother's Day. Small as it might be, your mom is going to be delighted with the gift that you have for her on that special day. But, what if your mom is a fan of dresses or designing and creating classy outfits? Have you already thought of the right give for a creative mom? This article today would help you decide on that. 

Today, we'll discuss the Sewing Standing Desk ES9W from Flexispot. One of the newest innovations of the company. If your mom is a master seamstress or a creative tailor, this one is the best for her. This newest product can give out ergonomic solutions as your mom sews wonderful creations by hand or by a machine. This is because ES9W offers an ideal height to:

a.reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain.

As we all know, tailors experience these examples of body pain when sitting on a chair for long hours. Whenever they sew clothes or fitting some fabric, or by just trying to put the thread in the needles or sewing machine, their eyes squint, and pressure around the forehead builds up

making them feel dizzy in the long run. At times, their work situation gets risky because the eye strain that they experience might lead to vision impairment over time. It is because the more we put pressure on the eyes it might lead to dryness, itching, and redness. There are instances too wherein the tailors or seamstress wash their faces immediately after work to get rid of the fabric fiber or dust. This irritates the eyes a lot which may cause severity or impairment as mentioned above.

a.ES9W can prevent the tailor or seamstress from having back pain 

It's because of its electric height adjustable frame. This could give the tailor an ergonomic sewing experience. This could give protection to the back. Most of the time tailors twitch, slouch or lean too much near the sewing machine or closer to the fabric and needle doing it by hands. Hence, it forces them to bend forward which gives them a humpback look. So, if you saw a seamstress or a tailor, their backs are broad and bulging near the spine area. This is considered a hazard especially to women because they are prone to marble bone disease so with the sewing standing machine, one does not need to worry about suffering from these illnesses. 

It's important to know that these activities could have a long-term effect. In a study conducted for the Bangladesh workers in a garment factory, 232 respondents ( from the 9 factories in Dhaka) had undergone this study. The result was among the 186 female respondents, 46 reported to be suffering lower back pain and 44 female workers said to endure neck pain while 10 out of 46 male respondents complained of their neck pain, .and 6 suffered from knee pain. 

As an evaluation. it was noted that these workers (from the garment factory where they all do improper posture and experience much pressure around the neck, knee, and back area) suffer from WRMD or Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorder and the risk of acquiring long-term illnesses around the areas mentioned above is possible hence ergonomic intervention and work-rest cycle are highly recommendable among these workers. 

Looking at the statistics above, it may be proven that the practice of improper posture could damage the important areas of the body such as the neck and back that are exposed to strains and numbness. In the same manner, tailors and seamstresses experience the same thing hence, the product that they would use would give them an ergonomic solution. There's nothing to worry about getting numb or getting in pain when standing or sitting while sewing clothes and dresses. It's going to be a fun experience.

b. ES9W has user-friendly features

With an easy-to-turn knob, in just five steps you can adjust the shelf depending on the height of the sewing machine and at your convenience. 

c. ES9W has a compact but spacious work surface: 

Another good news about the ES9W is it can also carry other office stuff such as a keyboard or documents. That's because this sewing standing desk has enough space that can maximize your storage area. One can also keep things they use for sewing – from the bobbins to the needles, one does not need to keep another box or storage for his sewing tools. 

d. It also has a height programmable panel:

One does not need to worry about clicking the desired height of the product. You just need to use the memory presets and you're to go. You could simply click the buttons and use the sewing standing desk based on your desired height. 

e. It has a powerful motor that has enhanced staged legs:

that is not wobbly and can ensure that the standing desk would be holding all objects and the sewing machine with ease making every transition smooth and free of noise. It is also made with high-grade steel that is rust-proof and is resistant to stain. Hence, even with long years of using this standing desk, one would not worry that the legs of it would get rusty and would cause a possible accident just like other equipment that is not made with high-grade steel. 

f. It could also be utilized by the kids:

Making sophisticated and classy-looking dresses would be more worthwhile for Mom with you and your siblings. That is possible with the sewing standing desk because, with its adjustable height feature, the desk could be lowered down; this could be enjoyed by your siblings too. It's a great way to bond with the whole family as you all enjoy learning a new life skill. 

With Flexispot's Sewing Standing Desk ES9W, you may enjoy creating dresses that will surely be loved by the whole family without breaking your bank. So, check the website now and purchase yours. 

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!