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Showing Gratitude With Furniture: Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

10 May 2022

History Of Mother's Day In The United States

Mother's Day in the United States started with the activism of two women - Ann Reeves Jarvis and Julia Howe. They created maternal clubs whose duty was to foster peace amongst the Civil War soldiers.

Later, these women began to push for a day where we could appreciate mothers for the sacrifices made for their children.

In May 1908, Ann successfully organized the maiden edition of the event we've all come to love. By 1912, several states had adopted the celebration. And by the measure signed by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914, the holiday became official.

Every year on the second Sunday in May, Flexispot helps thousands of Americans celebrate their mums in grand style.

Why Furniture Would Make A Suitable Mother's Day Gift

Ever since the start of Mother's Day, flowers, pastries, and surprise outings have become the norm with gifts. While these conventional gifts convey maternal appreciation, nothing says "Thank You, Mom" better than furniture.

You're probably scrunching up your nose in disbelief, wondering what makes the furniture a better gift. As weird as it might seem, the reason is not far-fetched. Flowers, pastries, and fancy dinners are temporary. The memories may last a while, but not forever.

Furniture gifts, however, stay with your mum. When they're ergonomic, they provide her body with the much-needed relief. If you go for something classy, it adds beauty to her home. And for every positive compliment she gets about the furniture, her heart smiles in appreciation.

These gifts also hold the best of memories. She'll tell stories of all the fun experiences she had while using them. If it's super durable like the ones sold on the Flexispot online store, there's a very high possibility of becoming a family heirloom.

This is not to dissuade you from sending your mum flowers on Mother's Day. They can serve as compliments for furniture gifts, allowing your mum to enjoy a wholesome mother's day experience.

Furniture Ideas For A Mother's Day Gift

Having established furniture as the most thoughtful Mother's Day gift, our next stop is to bring you furniture ideas that'll best convey your appreciation. Take a look at these Mother's Day sensitive furniture gifts:

Premium Adjustable Bed Base

Premium Adjustable Bed Base

Remember nights when you had trouble sleeping, and your mum would rock you to bed? Here's a way to say thank you for all those nights. You might not be able to rock her to bed as she did, but this bed base gets the job done.

Flexispot's Adjustable Bed Base EB011 provides premium comfort for the young and the elderly. It is compatible with different mattresses, and it can fit perfectly into any frame. You can use it as a stand-alone system to provide support for your foam. There's also the option of placing it in a standard-size frame. The frame, though, has to be one without slats.

With this Flexispot bed base, your mum enjoys comfort in different positions. The room is made for maximum comfort by the 0°-60° head adjustment ranges. She can lie fully, sit halfway, or take an upright position at these angles. It affords her the luxury of sleeping, eating, reading, and watching TV in bed. If she's a working mom, the angles allow her to work with her devices from the comfort of her mattress.

Then there's the ergonomic relief this bed base offers. The frame reduces snoring and helps with better head positioning for people with respiratory issues like asthma. It also works on sleep apnea and reduces discomfort experienced during pregnancy.

Besides, the EB011 frame is the ultimate space saver. It's compact and has an under-storage facility that measures 15.8 cubic feet.

Cushioned Ergonomic Anti-fatigue Mat

Cushioned Ergonomic Anti-fatigue Mat

Age often comes with weariness, less physical activity, and a resulting tendency of the blood to clot easily. If not arrested on time, it can lead to stroke and other body damaging conditions. You can avoid this with the use of an Anti-fatigue Mat.

The DM1 Anti-fatigue Mat will prove useful to both working and stay-at-home moms. The mat constantly stimulates a foot massage for every standing exercise or activity they engage in. It has massage mounds that work whether one's shoes are on or off. And these massage mounds help with proper blood circulation, awaken tired feet, and enhance relaxation for the feet, body, and mind.

Due to the mat's anti-skid feature, you can place it on any surface; rugs, tiles, or carpet floors. It prevents the mat from slipping or skidding when standing. This design prevents the mat from moving with a single push.

Stylish Fabric Dresser (Statement Pieces)

Every woman needs some form of storage in her closet. After her clothes and jewelry, her wardrobe and dresser seem to be her next prized possession. Nothing beats the neatness and sense of organization a dresser affords.

Now imagine getting your mum not just any dresser but a statement piece for Mother's Day. She doesn't need another annual holiday to remind her how much you love and appreciate her. Every morning she sits at the dresser, she's instantly reminded of how much you value her.

If this feeling is what you intend to achieve this holiday, check out these affordable Flexispot statement pieces.

Fabric Dresser 022

Fabric Dresser 022

Here's one of those timeless pieces that end up as a family heirloom. You can place the dresser anywhere in the home; bedroom, nursery, living room, and hallway.

Flexispot's 022 dresser consists of six spacious foldable fabric drawers. It provides sufficient space to organize your blankets, clothes, socks, and other accessories. The structure is very sturdy as it's built from a steel frame. It also has a surface made from water-resistant wood. Together, these materials offer strong support and lifelong usage.

The base of the dresser features an anti-tipping system. Unlike bases with rollers or casters, this system perfectly ensures safety around your kids and pets. Its lightweight feature makes for easy movement across the house. And it allows for easy adjustment without scratching or ruining your floor.

Fabric Dresser 017

Fabric Dresser 017

The Fabric 017 Dresser is another storage statement piece. This one comes in a smaller form, though. It has two fabric dressers that are not just wide but also deep. The wooden surface is wide and strong enough to hold a lamp, mirror, books, alarm clocks, and other tiny accessories. Just ensure that the items placed on and in it do not exceed the 35 pounds' maximum carrying capacity.

The wooden top is easy to clean, adjustable feet do not ruin your floor, handles are easy to pull out, and the fabric is high-grade & water resistant.

Fitness Supplies

Health, they say, is wealth. Mothers can only be around for as long as they maintain their health. And while we encourage them to eat healthily and sleep adequately, we cannot leave out the place for exercise. It helps regulate body weight and cardiovascular activities. Exercise also provides strength and overall body fitness.

Under Desk Treadmill

Under Desk Treadmill

One way to encourage your mum to keep fit is to give her Flexispot's Under Desk Treadmill 13.

The treadmill has a whisper-quiet operation equipped for home and office use. One can walk or run on the running belt without causing a disturbance. The shock-absorbing base reduces the noise impact of the force of one's feet on the belt.

While working the treadmill, the non-slip running belt reduces the risk of your mum sustaining injuries. The surface is spacious, with a 15.8" x 41.3" running area. It has cushioned layers that provide safety and comfort for your knees and leg muscles.

Since the LED display keeps track of the speed, distance, calories, and time spent, you can easily keep track of your mum's progress at a glance. Also, note that you can use the treadmill in running and walking modes.

In walking mode, it's an under desk treadmill. While in the running mode, the hand bar will be raised, and there'll be more speed adjustment ranges. You can achieve these ranges with room control. Thus, the need to bend and adjust the LED display reduces drastically.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair Eco

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair Eco

The Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair Eco is another excellent fitness product from Flexispot. It's an ergonomic chair with cycling pedals at the base; thus, while the chair helps with proper spine posture, the pedals at the base help massage and exercise the legs.

The pedals feature right (8) resistance levels. It moves from easy to tough muscle activity. At the flick of the wrist, you can achieve any activity level of your choice. The pedaling system enables whisper cycling, and the breathable mesh fabric ensures comfort and stability.

Cozy Massage Recliners

Cozy Massage Recliners

Spa sessions, no doubt, offer the apex of massage relief. But there are times when one wants a massage badly but is just too tired to make it to the spa. Your mum isn't forced to put up with the ache in moments like this. Instead, she can sit in one of our massage recliners from the comfort of her living room.

The Pasadena YC8052 Massage Recliner allows her to enjoy a two-pin-point massage. It works on stiff muscles, anxiety, and pain and relieves tiredness.

Aesthetic Standing Centerpieces

Our aesthetic centerpieces are one of a kind. They are beautiful, durable, and super affordable. Unlike bedroom furniture, the beauty of these desks is appreciated by your mum and every person who sights them in a room. Our clients believe that our centerpiece furniture embodies the "living" in the word "living room."

Theodore Height Adjustable Coffee Table

Theodore Height Adjustable Coffee Table

Want furniture that combines elegance and new technological features? Then you should go for the Theodore Height Adjustable Coffee Table.

Here's a multi-functional coffee table with height adjustment settings. It's low enough to function as a center or coffee table and high enough to be used as a standing desk. You can pair it with an ergonomic chair or a desk bike chair. And installation is pretty easy. In three steps (contained in the manual), you put the desk together in no time.

Please be assured that sturdy, even legs hold up the Theodore desk. When the legs seem unstable, there are leveling glides at the bottom to help you achieve an even structure.

You should check out the desk's elegant designs. Reminds you of the classic furniture you'd find in old country homes. The beauty and splendor it adds to a living room are all your mum deserves on Mother's Day. Plus, it comes with a spacious storage drawer and a USB charging feature.


Like love languages, "Thank You Mum" is often expressed differently. And mothers tend to understand some more than others. Furniture, however, is a universal gift that every mother seems to understand. Not only does it show appreciation. It also shows that you're willing to hold onto her experiences revolving around that piece of furniture.

So why don't you show your mum how much you love her on Mother's Day with one of Flexispot's holiday-sensitive pieces. Go to the Flexispot online store and kickstart the journey to a lifelong maternal appreciation.