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Simple Standing Desk Exercises to Stay Healthy at the Office

19 April 2021

Sitting all day can have serious consequences on the workers’ health and productivity. There is scientific evidence showing that sitting too long is a major health hazard. The research found that prolonged sitting destabilizes metabolism, accelerates obesity, increases lifestyle-related disease, and can potentially shorten your life span.

That’s why more office workers are choosing to buy a versatile sitting to the standing desk like the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair, which gives a wide range of movement throughout the workday. Standing desks promotes better focus and increases productivity by the workers, as well as the chance to stay healthy and fit.

So, what are the effective and easy standing desk exercises that the employees can do throughout the workday at a stand-up desk?

Here are simple desk exercises and tips that can promote personal health for the employees.

Standing Desk Exercises:

These exercises with the standing desk can give the employee a speedy total body workout for the major muscle groups in the body. Exercising regular intervals of moving or standing while working helps to minimize the risk of disease, improve mood and productivity, and keeps the body performing well and feeling great without even having to leave the workstation.

Here are some healthy tips:

1. Extend Yourself: To start off your daily desk exercises while still seated with some leg extensions.

    Sitting upright, place your feet on the floor with your knees at a right angle

    Extend one leg at a time, until the leg is straight and the quads are contracted.

    Hold for 3 seconds, and then slowly lower.

    Repeat the exercise on each side 12-15 times, and repeat 3 sets.

2. Core Exercises: While sitting, it’s a good time to perform some abdominal exercises. An office chair with wheels will be suitable, it will allow you to work on the oblique abs with its swivel action.

    Hold lightly onto the edge of the desk with feet off the floor and swivel from side to side, controlling the movement with your abs.

    Do this 15 times for a stronger core.

3. Stay on Your Toes: Ante up the game by switching the sit/stand desk from the sitting position to the standing position. Then work on the circulation from the lower extremities by doing calf raises.

    With the feet hip-width apart, slowly lift your heels up off the floor. Balance on your toes for 3 seconds while contracting the calf muscle, then slowly lower.

    Perform 12-15 reps of this exercise and up to 3 sets.

    You can level up the exercise by performing the exercise on only one leg at a time.


  Standing Desk Height Recommendations:

    A good way to have proper standing desk posture and height is to keep the elbows at no less than a 90-degree angle and the computer screen at slightly below, eye level. Monitor arms specifically made for standing desks can help maintain proper standing desk posture by adjusting the computer monitor height separately from the keyboard height.

4.  Keeping the legs moving with a bend and point exercise.

    With legs slightly apart, bend the knees a little until the quads tighten up.

    Lift your right foot off the ground and extend it forward, pointing the toe.

    Hold for 3 seconds, then bring the right foot back in without letting it touch the ground, extend again out to the side.

    Repeat this process extending the foot to the back as well, then bring the foot back in and relax.

    Repeat the whole exercise on both legs from 3-5 times depending on how long the legs can take it.

5.  A leg raise is ideal. Strengthen the hamstrings and glutes by performing a standing leg curl at the standing desk by starting with legs close together but not touching.

    Slowly bend one leg at the knee and raise the heel, aiming to touch it to the back of the thigh. Once again, the aim here is to perform the exercise slowly for maximum benefit.

    Repeat this one 10-12 times, and perform 3 sets on each leg, taking a break between sets.

6. Lots of Squats: The glutes are the biggest and strongest muscles in the body, it’s important not to ignore them.

    Do a desk squat by keeping feet about shoulder-width apart and slowly bending your knees while pushing the buttocks backward.

    The is to keep the knees behind the toes, so take a quick look down to check on this.

    Perform 12-15 squats, take a break then repeat up to 3 times.

7. Put Your Hands in the Air: Put your hands up with a shoulder press.

Starting with hands at shoulder height, lift them above your head. Use a small weight or a water bottle to add a bit of resistance.

    Repeat 12-15 reps and complete it with 3 sets.

8. Give the arms a workout other than a keyboard with a bicep curl.

    Holding a water bottle or any heavy small item, place your arms by your side, palms forward.

    Slowly lift the item, bending your arm at the elbow, until your hand is about 5 inches from your shoulder.

    Slowly lower and repeat 12-15 times on both arms for 3 sets.

9.  Keep the biceps balanced with a tricep press for the back of the arms.

    While still holding the weight, lean forward slightly, and raise your hand so your elbow is bent with the hand resting at about your waist level.

    Slowly extend the hand backward, straightening the arm, then slowly return to the starting position.

    Perform 12-15 times on both arms for 3 sets.

10. With the muscles warmed up and strengthened, let’s do a bit of cardio with a stationary march.

    You can do it more intensely by jogging or jumping on the spot.

    The higher lifting the knees, the more calories are burned!

Now we were given a few tips for improving your health, it’s time to get up and do those workouts. It’ll improve your concentration and be more productive. 

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